Friday, June 17, 2011

So Hard To Say Goodbye…To The Outer Banks

by Courtney on June 17, 2011


Well, it certainly has been one heck of a great week. Today, we all tried to make the most of our last day by spending it both at the beach and poolside. We also tried to do our best at finishing off the rest of the food in the house, so there was an abundance […]


Guest Post: Mastering Your Closet

by Courtney on June 17, 2011


I was so glad that today’s guest poster was able to find time to post for me. I’ve long been a fan of Lisa’s blog. She has got to be one of the most real, honest, and compassionate people I know, which carries through with each and every one of her amazing blog posts. Lisa […]


An Evening Beach Stroll

by Courtney on June 17, 2011


Last night was such a great night! The evening started out with nice glass of vino out on the patio while the boys (and Randi!) played a little b-ball. Before I knew it, the sounds of the blender were whirling away in the kitchen and I was being handed a delicious strawberry margarita…made with fresh […]