Low Fat PB + Cutting Back On Veggies

I had every intention of staying out of trouble in the kitchen today. Honestly, I did.

But then I came across a recipe this morning on FitSugar for Low Fat Peanut Butter Raisin Spread.


Umm, hello loverrrrr.

I whipped up half a batch of the recipe, using Sunflower Seed Butter in place of the peanut butter (only because it’s what I happened to grab first) just to make sure that I liked it.

Well, I like it. A lot. It’s got somewhat of a chewy texture, it spreads smooth, and it carries the flavor of the nut butter and raisins fantastically. And it’s low fat. Woooo!

So far, I’ve determined that it’s deliciously enjoyed:


  • As a dip for carrots and celery


  • Off of a spoon or a knife
  • Off of a finger, or an elbow…but we won’t get into that. Smile

The pairing of the Wasa cracker and dippage with veggies came at today’s lunch.


In addition to those goodies, I also enjoyed one of my favorite Chobani combos:

Lemon CHO + blueberries + granola


There’s just something about the lemon + blueberries that I love. It’s awesome. Top that with the addition of more Sunflower Seed Butter Granola, and this bowl was off the charts.


Totally delish.



Where Are All The Veggies?

You may or may not have noticed (some of you guys are quite observant!) that I haven’t been eating as many veggies as usual lately.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you may have seen me tweet last week about my lack of stomach pain; when I say lack of, I mean pretty much zero stomach pain.

You guys probably already know that tummy pain is typically a daily occurrence for me, but I’ve just sort of learned to deal with it. However, while I was away last week, I couldn’t help but notice that my usual pains were practically non-existent…along with my intake of veggies. I felt great! (Especially for eating a boatload of carbs & ice cream. Winking smile)


The only veggies that made their way into my belly were in the form of a Mahi salad and some random carrot sticks or grilled zucchini here or there. That was it.

Usually, I’m downing a salad beast loaded with as many veggies as I can fit at least 2-3 times a week, on top of extra veggies to snack on.


What can I say…I like ‘em!

So with that being said, I’m now attempting to cut back a bit on them a bit. For the most part, I’ve still felt pretty good since I’m gotten back home, so we’ll see if it still makes any difference. I’ll still enjoy them, just in moderation, like everything else.

I guess maybe you CAN have too much of a good thing?

Questions for the Afternoon:

Do vegetables (or any other food groups) ever bother your stomach?

How many veggie servings (avg) do you try to get a day?


  1. says

    I’m really bad at not eating enough veggies… I get 2-3 servings per day.

    I find that sometimes I’m bloated after eating veggies… which is super lame! I try to eat healthy and i get a food baby as a reward? What?!

  2. says

    I can never figure out what gives me belly aches! I’m glad you were able to put your finger on it.

    Lemon chobani is my absolute favorite. So delicious! Have you ever tried to freeze it? Maybe with the blueberries mixed in!

    • Courtney says

      It’s be worth a try? I don’t know if the craisins would plump up like the raisins did, but I’ve never worked with dried blueberries, so maybe they would? Make half (or even a quarter) batch to test it out!

  3. says

    That spread sounds really good–I bet it would be delicious on toast!

    Veggies don’t bother my stomach but rich or fried foods do…things such as butter, french fries, etc. usually do a number on me. That and Chinese food as well! eek.

    I try to get 4-5 veggie servings each day…I definitely overdo it on the fruit servings–what can I say? It’s my favorite!

  4. says

    Veggies are a big stomach upsetter for me. I LOVE steamed broccoli, but I have to force myself to stop after the first serving. Also, things other than yogurt that are heavy in milk (possibly lactose) make me feel ill. I switched to almond milk earlier this year, and my life is so much nicer!

  5. says

    I always get a stomachache when I eat too many veggies too. In fact I just ate a huge thing of roasted veggies for dinner and my stomach hurts. I always try to have some carbs with a salad or a lot of veggies, it typically helps!

  6. says

    Veggies definitely give me extra stomach pains since they have SO MUCH FIBER! But with lettuce and carrots, I’m usually fine. It’s always the broccoli that gets me! But if I’m feeling veggies, like a giant salad, I usually just go for my cravings and deal with the pain.

    That spread sounds so interesting! I’m sure it’d be awesome on a PB&J sandwich :)

  7. Carly says

    Oh my goodness this post SPOKE to me!! I have been getting serious bloat lately…after lunch on Tuesday my stomach was bloated until this morning. That day I ate a ton of veggies including a monster salad and way too many brussel sprouts at dinner. This is day two of trying to eat less veggies and I can’t believe how hard it is. It is actually nice to hear that others have the same issues…but what the heck!? Stomachaches from eating vegetables? Not fair!

  8. says

    I get stomach pains daily, even on non-veggie rich days. I don’t eat that much dairy either, or gluten, so it’s difficult for me to pinpoint what causes it. Probably too much fibre. I’m glad you’re not having stomach pains anymore! Maybe the carbs & ice cream diet is the way to go 😉 And I have to try that spread! I’d make it with almond butter, but I really want to try sunflower seed butter!

  9. says

    veggies don’t really bother me (although i don’t really eat a lot of it…*bad me*) but quinoa on the other hand….stomach ache city!!!

  10. says

    I’m pretty lucky in the tummy department – only mass amounts of junk food make me feel ill.

    I go in waves of getting enough versus not getting enough veggies. I am trying to make a more conscious effort on getting more – both fruits and veggies!

  11. says

    For sure! Some veggies are worse than others (broccoli and tomatoes) for me. I find that when I balance veggies and carbs they bother me less. Dairy also bothers me sometimes, so I am careful on how much I eat of it and when. I don’t really look to how many servings of veggies I eat but just that they are there. If my supper is going to lack them, I make sure to eat a huge salad for lunch or vice versa.

  12. says

    I dnt’ really TRY to get a certain number of servings but I am constantly wanting to be chewing on something which means LOTS of vegetables. But I DO know when I overdo it I wind up with some serious stomach pain…. and I think I’m typically a little more bloated than I need to be as a result of my massive veggie consumption.
    I also think that i wont’ be able to afford quite as many veggies when I’m not living at my parents house/on a school meal-plan next year so I’m hoping to cut back at least a little bit… but theyr’e just soooo good…

    and that peanut butter spread looks DIVINE. :)

  13. says

    Veggies don’t really bother my stomach but I know another thing that does! Bagels! It doesn’t always happen but I have had countless occasions where I had to deal with gastric acid and it’s not fun at all! Too bad I love bagels, I just hate that I never know when it will happen! I don’t overdo veggies and really try to not overdo anything but I do eat a side salad with lunch and dinner made with bunch of ingredients like, tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions, spinach, shredded carrots etc. I also keep grilled veggies (like zucchinis, eggplants, onions) on hand and use them to make grilled veggie sandwiches on days when I feel lazy to put together a normal lunch or dinner. Glad you feel better! :)

  14. says

    Yes! Well, not all vegies, but any that are very high in fiber. I get bloated and so gassy it’s embarassing, lol! I did notice that if I eat carbs with my fiber I’m less gassy/bloated, but its still there. Doesn’t seem to stop me though for some reason!

  15. Kara says

    Broccoli gives me the worst stomach ache! Along with power bars! The only granola-type bars I can eat are the clif-kid Zbars (I tried them because of you btw :))! Maybe it is a certain type of vegetable and not all of them but you think so because you are combining them? I work at a student health center and we have kids that are sensitive to specific vegetables like carrots, peas, or broccoli! Glad your stomach is better though! Stomachaches are the worst, you literally can’t do anything if you feel bad enough!

  16. says

    I get tummy pain quite often… usually it’s a piercing pain and I notice sometimes it comes from raw veggies! I cut back on the salads and I noticed a lot. Cooking veggies and eating oats and bread before I eat veggies has really helped as well. It’s a pain, but it just takes time to figure out what works best for you!

  17. says

    I am the same way — veggies kill my stomoch, but I still continue to eat them. I feel like I can’t really cut back anymore…I usually throw spinach in a smoothie in the morning so it’s broken down for me already, but if I east veggies for lunch, right after is when it always kicks in.So sad! :(

    • Courtney says

      Props to you for getting sorbet from Coldstone. I just want to drown myself in cake batter premium ice cream with every chocolate topping available when I go in to that place. 😉

  18. says

    I love the raison and chocolate combo. I may test the recipe out with the addition of a little cocoa powder. Thanks for sharing it!

    Also, I find if I eat a lot of RAW veggies I can get a bad tummy, but cook them and I am A-OK!

  19. says

    I’m in the same boat as you with the stomach pains. I’m still trying to figure out how exactly to eat to make my stomach happy, but I think gluten is definitely a culprit. I haven’t noticed if veggies affect me, but I don’t think they do. It’s definitely true that too much of a good isn’t a good thing anymore!

  20. Audrey says

    On average I get 4-6 servings of veggies a day, plus 5 servings of fruit. I love me fresh veggies and fruit, but not raw veggie ;).

  21. says

    I used to have stomach issues with veggies, but only certain ones. I am fine with baby carrots and tomatoes (even though technically a tomato is a fruit…but I still call it a vegetable!), but I don’t eat califlower or broccoli raw ever. Do you usually eat veggies on an empty stomach? That could maybe be an issue too. Maybe try adding a little more protein with your veggies? Good luck! Hope the tummy pain stay away! :-)

  22. says

    I never really monitor my intake of veggies, but I’m pretty sure I get WAY more than the daily recommended value. Sometimes I get stomach pain, which is probably because I have too many. I think my salads generally average about 4 of the bag’s “servings” and sometimes my tummy hates me for it!

  23. says

    I used to eat buckets of vegetables and I’d be so gassy oh my god! Btter don’t come in the room then haha, don’t say I didn’t warn ya 😉

    Since I’ve started to eat all the foodgroups in moderation.. I feel a lot better :)

  24. says

    I try to get at least half my lunch and about half my dinner to be veggies, with snacks in between on occasion (some good hummus and carrots to crunch on, you know the deal). That being said, when I first made the switch to lots of veggies in my diet, my body was sort of like, WHOAH THERE BUDDY what the heck is this? and did all sorts of craziness in my gastrointestinal region. Over time, I assume it has recovered, but the initial switch… let’s just say I was spending more time in restrooms than I had before, and not just to read the lovely graffiti…

  25. says

    I have the same issues. i love veggies- some days i eat more than others.
    for a couple days i did the Dukan Diet- during that time i did not eat any veggies or fruit- and I felt AMAZING!! weird.. how its supposed to be healthy- yet you get bloated!!!

  26. Lexie says

    Oh my gosh…so glad to hear so many people with stomach issues. Everyday around 4 or so, my stomach starts getting so much pressure in my lower stomach and sooo bloated! I eat a lot of vegetables, but I can’t go just stop eating them :( I am wanting to make a doctors appt to see if it is a certain food allergy.

    • Lexie says

      Have either of you thought about eliminating gluten? I keep reading about people with stomach issues that say once they did it helped tremendously. I am not sure what to do, but I know I get so frustrated with it.

      Courtney – mine last all night too once it starts! Mornings are my favorite b/c I feel so much better.

      • Courtney says

        I’ve thought about it, but I really can’t find a correlation between the two. I can have a huge bagel or snack on bread and I seem to be ok?

  27. says

    My boyfriend hates when I eat salad because he KNOWS I’ll complain about my stomach hurting later. I, too, have been trying to reel it in with the veg consumption. Side note, I’ve found that cooked veggies don’t cause as much pain (probably because the fiber has been broken down a bit)

  28. says

    I eat a LOT of vegetables but am trying to cut down because I think it’s causing me to miss out on so many other nutrients! I’m still stuck on that ‘weight loss mindset’ that veggies should be a big portion of your meals to limit your calorie intake!! It’s kinda hard for me to NOT go overboard because I genuinely love eating them!

  29. Jessica says

    Hey girl! I’ve had to many issues with this and saw many a fancy stomach doctor in NYC. Culturelle (probiotic) has helped me A LOT. I take it in the morning. Also, too many veggies for a lot of people can delay stomach emptying. Same goes for whole grain breads, brown rice etc. I cut out all those “healthy” foods for about a month and saw SERIOUS improvement. Right now I’m in the process of re-entering the harder to digest foods in small doses and it’s really helping me learn which vegetables give me the greatest amount of problems (i.e. GAS) Good luck! Patience is key. And if you’re craving fruits and veggies smoothies and pureed foods are much easier to digest.

  30. Annamaria says

    You should try boiled veggies! My Dad has Diverticulitis, which is inflamation of the lower intestine, and he can’t eat any raw veggies or leaves, nuts, basically all Fiber-filled foods. For him, not getting enough fiber creates a problem though, obviously, so he has gotten used to boiling everything until it is supperrrr soft and great on his intestines :) Some of my favs are boiled zucchini with lemon and olive oil, and cauliflower with olive oil and pepper! Btw eating veggies with olive oil aids in digestion when raw veggies by themselves can be hurtful. Still nutritious, easier to digest, and yummmmy!

      • Annamaria says

        Just chop up the veggie and put it in boiling water (salted water if you want more flavor) until it softens up! With frozen broccoli it only takes about 5 minutes, but with fresh veg like zucchini it could take up to 30 so try looking up the right times :)

  31. Maddy says

    Vegetables are always my favorite part of any meal. Often I’ll just snack on/make a meal out of raw vegetables, but I’m noticed since starting to read your blog that I, too, get very bad stomach pains after a veggie-binge (or even just a serving!). How unfair – I thought veggies and fruits were supposed to be nothing but good for you?! But I’ve read that, often, the intake of extra fiber along with the composition of raw vegetables can REALLY hurt the stomachs of some unlucky individuals like ourselves. Our stomachs apparently don’t create enough stomach acid to digest the vegetables? Something like that. Not. Cool. Hang in there!!

  32. says

    This is so ironic!
    After prepping for my last show, I had the EXACT same thing anytime I ate clean foods!!! It was so weird… I had eaten clean for 12 weeks to diet down for show day, then once I competed, I enjoyed many treats and desserts. Once I felt like I SHOULD start eating veggies again, I did. But I was ATTACKED my HORRIBLE stomach pains!!! I wasn’t craving good clean food either– I was making myself eat it because I knew it was the right thing to do. After trying this for a week with pain day in and day out, I said ‘F iT!’ and ate like absolute crap for 3 weeks straight. No stomach pain!! After 3 weeks, my body started CRAVING the good clean stuff again, so I hopped back on the wagon… SO SO SO strange, I know. But now I believe that your body even needs a break from ‘perfect’ sometimes!! It will pass! :)

  33. Amy says

    I’m going to get tested for food allergies I get stomach aches everyday. Dairy and wheat both really bother me. Since going gluten free its much better but I still get tummy aches daily. I’m worried that maybe I eat too many nuts and have diverticulitis.

  34. says

    I’ve been having terrible stomach issues lately but was in denial that it could be all the veggies I eat (probably 5-10 servings per day). Seeing your blog made me realize that maybe I need to cut back on the veg and give my digestive system a break for a while. Its so sad that the foods that are so good for us are the hardest to eat. Very unfair!

  35. Yaara says

    Hey Courtney!
    I just came across your blog. It’s great. Your work outs rock..I can’t wait to try them. I’m so glad I found someone else that gets “food babies” from too many veggies. I loooove veggies too and consume huge salads for most of my meals. I’d say 80-90% of my diet is veggies. But it’s really taken a toll on me-I seem to constantly be bloated. However–I do find that when I steam my veggies the bloating isn’t as bad. I hope it gets better for you!! :) Keep the workouts comin–they’re great!


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