Party On The Agenda

I think somebody must have gotten into the iced coffee…


because he has been WACKY all morning! Running around like a maniac, playing fetch in all areas of the house…


It’s certainly been some fun entertainment. Smile


He even kept it going the entire time I was working through my killer workout this morning:

A rest day definitely does pay off! Winking smile


Post-workout, it was time for breakfast.


You guys are probably getting really bored with my iced coffee, huh? Maybe I should stop photographing it…you can always assume it’s there.


Yesterday’s pineapple Chobani at lunch was so good that I just had to dig into my second one today. I love all the Chobani yogurts, but there’s just something about the thick, creaminess of the 2% varieties that is just delicious.


Today’s pineapple CHO got accompanied by half of a sliced banana and a generous helping of Sunflower Seed Butter Granola.


I’ve only got a small serving left of this stuff…so sad.


I guess I’ll just have to make some more? Winking smile


In other news, today is a VERY special day…

It’s my mom’s birthday!


Happy Birthday, Mom!! Open-mouthed smile

There’s actually a birthday/softball party at my parents’ house this evening, so we’ll be celebrating properly in no time. Because if anyone knows how to throw a good party, especially when the softball team is involved, it’s my parents…


Yep…we have our own lawn bowling game…with real pins and bowling balls!


See where I get my baking skills from? Mi madre makes a mean cake!


Hopefully the rain holds out, but either way, it should be a fun day!

Question for the Morning:

What skills/traits would you say you got from your Mom (or Dad)?


  1. says

    awww you and your Mamma are so beautiful! What did I learn/get from my mom??? Except a bit of the crazies!!! I got tenacity, determination, a lean physique, and some smarts! Also her affinity for drinking lots of water and eating veggies. What I didn’t get…sewing skills and car repair skills!

  2. says

    Happy Birthday to your momma! Her cake looks awesome! That lawn bowling set-up is pretty sweet!

    I got alot of things from my momma, like cooking/baking, a hate for ironing, my stubborn-ness, my looks….we’re kind of alot alike..

  3. says

    Happy birthday Mamma Sweet Tooth :)! You guys look so similar, i see where you get your good looks from! I definitely got my love for grocery shopping/discount hunting mindset from my madre and I am so glad!

  4. says

    Happy Birthday to your mum :) I got my love of holidays from my Mom, she goes nuts over every birthday, christmas, easter, anniversary…even saint patricks day!

  5. says

    Happy Birthday to your mom!!!! I’d definitely want to attend your family’s parties 😉

    Cody seems to still have a little bit of kitty inside him. My cat is getting to that age where he rarely does anything frisky anymore :(

  6. Kristen says

    Since reading your blog, I’ve definitely considered rekindling my iced coffee romance–I used to drink it exclusively when I first became a coffee drinker but have since switched to just plain ol’ hot black coffee. Your delicious pictures make me miss it!

    From my Dad I unfortunately inherited the inability to tell a story or even summarize a movie or book in a coherent fashion (I forget key details, the plot, etc.) From my mom I inherited my intuitiveness which I think is a great trait to have =)

  7. says

    That cake is adorable!! i definitely got my baking/ cooking skills from my mom, and my self discipline and commitment from my dad. The traits from both parents work REALLY well together in the kitchen 😉

  8. says

    Happy Birthday to your Momma! She can make a mean cake ! AWESOME! Tell her my birthday is in November and I’m not picky. Any cake would be great, thanks! hahaha!
    That picture of Cody is WAY FUNNY!
    I have my mom’s kind heart and my dad’s stubborn side.

  9. says

    That is so true, our cat is totally our source of entertainment! Don’t you love it when they race around the house for no reason! Crazy cats!
    Me and my Mom both love to bake that’s for sure! We also both love animals :)

    • Courtney says

      Hahaha, when I first read that comment quick, I thought you wrote that you’re “both party animals!” (Which would have been awesome!) 😉

  10. says

    Maybe there was something in the air because my cat was acting WHACKO this morning, too!! Starting at 2 AM howling and jumping all over the place. 😛

    Happy birthday to your mom! I love the backyard bowling..that’s pretty awesome!

  11. says

    I like to think that I got a perfect and somewhat even mix of the best traits from my mom and dad!

    From my dad: A dedication to hard work and school, a love of reading, and a dry sarcastic wit that keeps me laughing even when most others don’t quite “get it”.

    From my mommy dearest: Versatility to fit into any situation (I’d talk to a wall if it’d talk back!), a love of a good time, and a focus on family first.

    I’ll never be able to tell you how they hit it off, except maybe that it’s true and opposites attract! (she’s also 5’4″ and he’s 6’6″, so opposites in more ways than one.)

  12. says

    Happy birthday STSL mom! I’d say I got my mom’s fitness trait. She loves to workout and still does at 63! So I like to say I got my love for exercise from her and I hope to be just as active as her at that age :)


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