45 Minute “Kicked Up” Treadmill Routine

It’s been a while since I’ve given you guys a new workout to try, so how about I go ahead and give you one today?

This morning, I found myself searching through my plethora of treadmill routines, waiting to be inspired by something. I soon came across my 45 Minute Treadmill Routine, as I always do, but felt like I needed to “kick it up” a notch.

So I did…

45 minute kicked up treadmill run
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The 45 Minute “Kicked Up” Treadmill Routine was definitely more of a challenge than the original, but there were times where I knew I could have gone harder…I just wasn’t feelin’ it. I’m sure if you take these numbers and adjust them to wherever works for you, you’ll end up with a killer workout in the end!


Post workout, I was feeling hungry. Real hungry. And believe it or not, I actually got inspired to try something new out today…

I couple months ago, I was sent a huge jar of this Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil to try. I know I’ve told you all before that I love me some coconut in certain forms (Winking smile), but honestly, the idea of the coconut oil totally weirded me out.


So this morning, I happened to be reading Katie’s blog and came across her recipe for Coconut Banana Butter. I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to test out my coconut oil, so I went ahead and gave it a whirl.


Since I wasn’t sure how much I would like it, I served it alongside of (rather than slathered all over) a microwaved sweet potato, along with some carrots for snackage.


Well, it turns out I’m not a fanof the coconut oil, that is. I’m actually really excited to try out Katie’s original Banana Butter recipe, because I love the idea of incorporating the banana (<—by the way, Katie comes up with some genius recipe ideas!).

Unfortunately, it was the coconut oil that I just didn’t enjoy. It delivers quite an intense punch of coconut, which proved to be much too intense for me. I ended up swapping out the Coconut Banana Butter for my usual favorite toppings, and my sweet tater turned out perfect.


Quite the colorful lunch, right? Ehhh, you can’t be exciting all the time.

Now I’m just really hoping I can figure out another way to incorporate that coconut oil, because I’d hate for it to go to waste. Any ideas out there??

Post sweet tater and carrots, I also ended up snacking on a partially shriveled up peach and two Sunsweet ONES Prunes.


And now I’m currently stuck at my desk with the lap cat…


Who is totally lovin’ life right now. Winking smile


I’m so excited for the holiday weekend coming up…especially since it’s supposed to be so nice out!

Oh, and before I forget…Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends out there! Smile

Question for the Afternoon:

Where do you get most of your workout ideas? Magazines…online…blogs…?


  1. says

    I definitely get most of my workouts from magazines – Women’s Health, Fitness, Self, Shape. I’m always tearing them out and keeping them in a drawer so I can pick out one that I’m in the mood for – full body, abs, arms, legs, etc. But I definitely get some from blogs too- especially intervals! I actually did a HIIT workout on the treadmill this morning that I had printed out previously – I think from you!

  2. says

    The majority of my workouts are classes, but if I do anything else I just make it up myself. My dog, Maddux, does the same thing as Cody – he curls up in my lap while I’m working at my desk. I’m pretty sure it’s his favorite spot for a nap!

  3. says

    Oh my GOSH, you are so so sweet!! (You definitely have an appropriately-titled blog!)
    I’ve never actually tried the coconut banana butter with coconut oil… honestly I don’t think it sounds very good that way either! I edited the recipe, after some people said it worked, to say people could use oil in place of the butter. But maybe I should take that option out since I haven’t personally tried it. I just can’t imagine that it would be thick and fudgey, which is my favorite part about the recipe when it’s made with coconut BUTTER.
    In any case, your kitty photos are so cute!

    • Courtney says

      Hahaha, thanks Katie!
      Yes, it was not thick and fudgey…more like eating a bottle of suntan lotion. lol 😉

      But I already have a bunch of your other recipes bookmarked, so I’m sure those will go much better!!

  4. says

    Try coconut oil in baking! I love using it in oatmeal cookies! Most of my workouts come from blogs or magazines, although one thing that irks me is when mags suggest using ‘cans of beans’ or ‘water bottles instead of dumbbells…the exercise is pointless if you aren’t physically challenging yourself!

  5. Laura says

    I use my coconut oil for stir fry or I sub it in for other oils in baking – especially when used with coconut flour, it gives a more subtle coconut flavor. I can imagine eating that much of it would be overwhelming!

  6. says

    I’m subscribed to Fitness, Self and Shape and they usually have some good workout. I also get a lot of my workouts from other blogs.

    If you have leftover coconut oil try it in your hair. It’s super moisturizing, better than any conditioner!

  7. says

    You should try coconut oil in baking (I often use it in granola) and for stir-fry (gives a very subtle coconut taste, and it is a good oil for high temps).

  8. says

    I use coconut oil when I make Coconut Curry Veggies that way I can use less coconut milk and cut some calories and fat out… I’ve heard that it is good for baking because it is a “high heat” oil or something

    I also have a second jar of coconut oil because it is really good for your skin. I used it on my tummy the whole time I was pregnant and I have no stretch marks (after baby number two!!) :)

  9. says

    Thanks for the Canada Day wishes! Inspired by your blog I decided cupcakes were the perfect way to celebrate:)!

    I am still too freaked out to use coconut oil! I love coconut and don’t want to ruin it for myself! I think the thought of it being a solid really throws me off. One day I will give it a go though!

  10. Jessica says

    All you had was the smallest sweet potato in the world and a couple carrot sticks for lunch? Girl, please. Get some help.

    • Courtney says

      Thank you for your concern, but the sweet potato (which was not, in fact, small) and carrots was not my only lunch. Not only did I have the peach and prunes, but if you’ve read my blog before, then you would also know that I break my lunch into 2 mini meals very often, without always blogging about the second.
      A few hours later, I also ate a Chobani topped with granola and some PB and celery.

      I never claim to blog about everything that I eat…I just often like to highlight most of the things that I do.

  11. says

    I like the workout. If I don’t push myself with intervals at least twice a week I don’t feel like I’m increasing my fitness – if that makes sense. When I do road work I usually increase my speed every quarter out of every mile. that puts me to sleep at night.

  12. says

    That was a very orange-y lunch you had… sweet potato, carrots, and a peach! :) Very healthy, though! And I don’t think I would have liked the coconut oil either… I’d feel like I was eating suntan lotion. :/

  13. says

    Coconut oil is really good in BAKING! You can’t taste the flavor much (if at all) and it makes baked goods super moist! Also, I’ve coated some veggies with it before. I used a tablespoon on an entire pain worth of brocoli, cauliflower, mushrooms and onions. Once salt and peppered, you can’t tell a difference at all. And it’s really good for you, too. So..added bonus!

    But you know what it’s REALLY good for? Dry skin! Ya, weird I know. I have a problem with dry cuticles and hang nails. Whenever my cuticles start getting dry (maybe from washing my hands too much, or from a cleaning product), I just take a dab or coconut oil and spread it on my fingers. They instantly soak up the oil and feel so much better. And heal faster.

    I think maybe the problem was using too much of the coconut butter in such a concentrated amount of food. If you spread it out, or just not use as much, it’s delicious.

  14. says

    If you’re looking for a non-cooking way to use it, I’ve heard putting in in your hair and washing it out in the morning helps strengthen and condition.

  15. says

    I’m going to do that treadmill workout. Looks awesome! I used to just make up most of my workouts, but I recently discovered this health blogging world, so I’m getting a lot of ideas from blogs now. It’s fun!

  16. says

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  17. Ariel says

    Coconut oil is really great for your skin (all over) and hair, and as many people already said, is good in baking since it mellows out the flavor and isn’t so raw anymore. It also is a natural antibacterial/probiotic and antifungal oil. Coconut oil can be used for pretty much anything. Well not any recipe because of the strength of flavor and the nature of the flavor, but you’ll find what it works for and what it doesn’t to your liking.


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