Some Might Call Me A Quitter

Would you believe that I woke up this morning craving another savory breakfast? Seriously, what is UP with me?


Hey, whatever the reason, I’m just gonna roll with it, because this is two savory breakfasts in a row that were totally fantastic.


I whipped up an egg white omelet and filled it with some more grilled zucchini (a first for me, but I liked ‘em in the eggs), a slice of reduced fat provolone cheese, fresh basil, salt, pepper, and lots ‘o ketchup.


To give you an idea on the zucchini…I grilled up 4 of them last night (2 yellow, 2 green) so I have a lot of leftovers. Don’t be surprised if you see them making an appearance in my next 100 meals.

Along with the egg white omelet, I enjoyed a bowl of sweet, refreshing berries and an iced coffee.





Training Plan Update

I woke up this morning pretty hungry so I decided to eat first and hold off on my workout. Once this all settles, it’s time to get crack-a-lackin’ on some HIIT and a little yoga. Speaking of workouts…

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t exactly been following my initial training plan for the Boilermaker, and I’ve actually had a few of you ask me how it’s going. Well, as it turns out, after weighing the pros and cons of a few different situations, I’ve actually decided not to run the race.

Luckily, I didn’t lose out entirely on my race entry and was able to defer it to 2012. So come next year, I know that Tina and I will be ready to rock and roll!

It was a really difficult decision to make, as I was really working hard toward the beginning of my training. But to be perfectly honest, my biggest reason for deciding not to run the race is because I would have missed out on the first half of the vacation I’m set to go on this Friday.

Jay, my parents, and I are heading down to the beach Friday evening, and if I had decided to stay to run the race on Sunday, I would have a) had to drive down in a separate car, and b) missed out on half of a vacation that I am really looking forward to.

Some people might call me a quitter…and maybe in some ways I am. Call it what you wish. But I am totally, 100% okay with the decision I’ve made. As much as I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment that I felt after running my last 10K, I’ve never been overly excited to run a race. Sure, it’s fun, and I’m not opposed to them by any means; but it’s just not a huge passion of mine like it is for so many others.

Being a part of the healthy living community, I am surrounded by strong, athletic, and admirable women who are so completely passionate about running and racing. To those of you who fall into this category, I give you many props; running and training for a race is not easy (at least for me!).

Initially, I was worried that if I didn’t run the race, then it would make me less of a runner/person/athlete. But the more I thought about it, I realized just how silly I was being. What defines me as a runner/person/athlete is not what race I run (or don’t run, for that matter). It’s so much more than that…attitude, perseverance, and just trying to be the best I can be.

And I’m totally cool with that.

Questions for the Morning:

What’s your take on running races? Love ‘em? Hate ‘em? Just do ‘em for fun?

Have you ever opted out of a race (or any event) for personal reasons? Did you regret it or were you okay with your decision?


  1. says

    I find it incredibly admirable that you made a decision that works for you!
    I had planned to run a 5K and started the training plan and opted out of doing it. I found that running simply wasn’t for me. I focused instead on the fitness activities that I do love- spinning, yoga, Zumba, etc and am truly happy that I didn’t force myself into something that really wasn’t my thang!

  2. says

    You are not a quitter, girl! Look at all you have accomplished! (Delicious looking breakfast by the way)

    My take on races? I love them, but do not like the “hype” associated with them! I tend to do better when I am not in race mode.

    I have opted out of a race before because a) I had a wedding to go to and the race was downtown Chicago, wedding in Rockford b) I didn’t want to miss out on potential things I would regret missing more than running.

    I think we all need to find that healthy balance between fun, friends, family and staying committed! I think you made the right decision by choosing family and not riding down separate! :-) You are very reflective with decision making and I think that’s great!

  3. Chelsey Kight (@ckighttt) says

    NOT a runner! I think I may aspire to run a 5k or a 10k one day, but as for now, the only time I run is to do interval training… So much research has been done and that is the best type of cardio, so bye-bye to long distance!!

  4. says

    I kind of love that you decided not to run the race. Vacation + family time is definitely the better option. And it’s so true that you don’t have to run a race just because a lot of other people do it. I like the challenge that comes with training for a race, but I’m not one of those people that needs to have a race on their calendar all the time. I think the freedom that comes with doing whatever you want can make working out so much more fun and effective sometimes too!

  5. says

    I love road races. I’m not overly sure why, because I never place, but the experience is usually a lot of fun (especially at races held at the Dogfish Head brewery!) and I get a sense of accomplishment. Plus, having a goal to train for (instead of just doing it to do it) gives me a bit more motivation to get off my ass.

  6. says

    I started running earlier this summer and signed up for my first race in October. I’m doing the Race for the Wild 5k which is hosted by the Wildlife Conservation Society to raise money for endangered turtles.

    I’m doing it just for fun and to show myself how far I’ve come in my training, from not being able to run around the track once. I’m also chose this race because I love turtles!

  7. says

    I feel the same way about races recently. I have fun when I’m doing them but I don’t look forward to them the same way most runners in this “community” do. I really enjoy my solo runs, running at whatever pace/distance I want and I find I’m able to still push myself enough without needing the race or training for the race hanging over my head. After completing my 1/2 marathon last year, most inspiration for racing has just disappeared and I’m cool with that. I’d have picked vacation over the race too :)

  8. says

    A.) Breakfast looks amazing!
    B.)Vacation! YES
    C.) I would have done the same thing! To me, running a race and running by myself is the same thing. I don’t see the need all that much, but it is a personal thing. You go girl for making a hard decision and *doing what is right for YOU!*

  9. Leslie says

    This just makes me love you more. You understand what is important in life. Races come and go but think of all the fun moments and activities you’d be missing out on to run it. I applaud you lady!

  10. says

    You’re not a quitter, races are optional things to participate in if it brings you something you want. I’m totally stoked (and scared) for my next race but the very first race I signed up for I didn’t go to BECAUSE I ended up getting scheduled to work right after the race finished and I didn’t want to stress out on my first race and be exhausted for work, so I didn’t go. I see it as a donation :) I’ve run 3 races since. I also realized too late that I signed up for my first half marathon and it happens to start exactly 12 hours before a 10k starts that I signed up for prior!! So I decided I’ll run the half and see how I feel. I will not feel bad if The Shape 10K turns out to be a donation because I’ll have just run my first 21K. However I might be needing a personal assistant if this is the kind of scheduling I do when left on my own!
    Have a great vacation with NO GUILT!!!

  11. says

    Don’t feel bad for choosing a vacation over a race! I think I would do the same thing! If you did stay for the race, you might feel bad the whole time, for not being with your family, so I think it’s good that you’re making the right decision for you. And it’s pretty cool that you didn’t have to lose your money!

  12. says

    You need to make the decision that is best for you, and clearly you have! And you deferred it for a year, too. It’s not like you chucked the race all together. Enjoy your vacation and don’t worry about missing it!

  13. says

    Although I personally L.O.V.E. running in races – a lil competition really gets me! – I definitely empathize with feeling the need to quit occasionally, in other areas of my life. Far from being “a quitter,” I feel that it takes courage to step down from something that you’re not truly passionate about or that gets in the way of your real priorities – in this case, your time with your family! So much of the time we can get caught up in saying “yes” to everything, it’s important to know when to say “no” and that saying no is okay!

  14. Sarah Elizabeth says

    No worries on opting out! I don’t blame you and would have done the same thing. Live it up on your vacation while you can! There will always be other races :)

  15. says

    I’ve only ran in one race so far, and I’m planning on doing 2 more before the year is up. But I just do them for fun and because they motivate me to keep running and training. I’m definitely not thinking I’m going to win any races, that’s for sure!! :)

  16. says

    Good for you, girl! No sense in running in a race when your heart’s not in it. Plus, why miss out on what seems like an awesome vacay??

    I’m somewhere in the middle with running and races. I love love the adrenaline rush I feel after running in a race, in addition to the sense of accomplishment. But I don’t have the drive and passion for running that I know many in this community do. For me, running is my time to prove to myself that I can be my best and gather my thoughts. It’s nice to mix in some races every now and then, but if my schedule doesn’t allow it, I don’t miss them too much :-)

    I was thinking of running in a race this weekend but I opted for sleeping in instead. I don’t feel bad about it AT all.

    Also, last year, I forced myself to run in a half marathon even though I wasn’t feeling well. I had to stop halfway through, so I definitely learned my lesson!

  17. says

    I think pairing savory with a little sweet makes you want to keep coming back. If there were no berries, however…

    Clearly, you are not a quitter. Enjoying your life to the max (even when it means vacation>race) is a great way to live.

  18. says

    I think races are fun once in a while but I am not addicted. I don’t think you will regret your decision, nor should you. Since races aren’t a HUGE deal for you, and I get the feeling being with family is, I think you made a fabulous choice!

    By the way… zuchini is omelets… interesting!

  19. says

    I have only run one race, and that was a half marathon on April 1st! I was extremely nervous but trained quite well all the way up until the day of the race. I pretty much did it to prove to myself that I could run 13 miles, which was a great feeling. Would I do it again–ehh, not sure. It was brutal (to me!) but I enjoy running always!

  20. says

    that breakfast looks amazing! I’ve ran one 5k and I lovvvved it. I signed up for another on memorial day, but opted out of it last minute because I decided I would rather spend the day with my family. I didn’t regret it :) Don’t feel guilty, there’s always tomorrow!!

  21. says

    I think that decision is totally admirable. I’ve run 3 1/2 marathons and a few 10-12K’s and while I’ve enjoyed them (ok I did not enjoy the half-marathons!) I’m like you and wouldn’t base my life around them. I love fitness and I love to run… but I love my family and friends more. There will be plenty of other races that you’ll do great in!

    In 5 years I bet you won’t look back regretting the one race you didn’t run, but you will remember a great vacation you took with your family/hubby! :-)

  22. says

    Good for you Courtney! You should never do something if you don’t want to- and by not participating in the race you are definitely not less of anything :). I don’t see you as a quitter at all. I’ve never participated in a race and I’m not sure I ever will. That just puts too much pressure on me and I want exercise/fitness to be fun.

  23. says

    I’m just getting into running, so I’ve actually never done a race before. I am signed up to do a mud run (which is a little more than a 5k) in a about 2 weeks though! That is technically a race, but I’m doing it for fun with friends.

  24. says

    I totally agree! It doesn’t matter what races you run, just that you run in general! Plus, running something that you don’t feel properly trained for can just result in injury (I’ve learned that the hard way), and that’s just not smart. I think you made a very smart and mature decision!

  25. says

    Great attitude which I agree with! Races intimidate me, I have never run one yet I still consider myself 100% a runner- it’s all about the mental attitude!

  26. says

    Like your style, Courtney – in similar fashion I am postponing my first visit back to the gym tonight to go out for Indian food with hubby! Just back from our holiday in St Lucia – was amazing just like you said – I gave myself a total rest for the week, even though I packed my gym stuff – my brain was ready to exercise but my body wasn’t having it! Good for you – enjoy your vacation :-)

  27. says

    I don’t think you’re a quitter at all! And I think it’s fantastic that you can defer to next year, AND that you get to run with Tina. When is it? I want in on this action!

    I LOVE racing. This year alone I’ve run 9 races – 3 half marathons and 6 5ks. I’m hooked, this Sunday I’m running my first marathon. Then another half, then another 5k, then another marathon. HAHA – Yeah, I love to race.

    But, it’s not for everyone and it most certainly does not make you any different – I’m glad you realized that right away and didn’t beat yourself up for opting out of the race until next year. Enjoy the beach vaca!

  28. says

    I used to love running races, but after too many years of training inappropriately, my tendonitis flares up each time I try to train for a new race. I’ve had to drop 2 races… a costly costly habit I’ve decided to just stop.

  29. says

    By no means are you less of anything for your decision…I commend you for choosing happiness over a race. I would have 110% done the same as you…life is too short to not have fun on your vacation and be with your family :)

    I’m not a big race person either, I just like to do fitness for fun and keep it that way b/c turning my exercise into something like racing, will just bring out the competitive side of me and then it won’t be fun anymore…I know my boundaries so I just stick to my spin classes and treadmill :)

  30. VanessaG says

    You def are not a quitter!! My take on races is I don’t ever register till the day of. I know you save a little preregistering, but ya never know how you feel the day of. I ran track,xc in hs, and then xc in college. College training was soooo hardcore and races were nerve racking that I do races more for fun and for my enjoyment. I still enjoy racing, but I will not put the pressure on myself like I did yrs ago. Family time is way better than running a race!! :)

  31. says

    I’m not a racer…um…at all. I’ve raced maybe 10 races in my life. It just isn’t fun for me because I always put too much pressure on myself and end up getting too nervous. It makes it not fun…so I don’t do them.

  32. says

    Don’t feel like a quitter! You definitely made the right decision. I dropped out of a half marathon a couple of years ago. I did all of the training and then decided not to run the actual race. I had a lot going on in my personal life and it stressed me out to think about running the race so I didn’t do it. I felt really guilty at first, but then I realized that was silly and I never regretted it! Enjoy the beach :)

  33. says

    I may have to do the same thing–not run a 10k race I am signed up for this Sunday. My health comes first and I have to keep telling myself that. I haven’t been feeling good this week and I doubt I will feel much better by Sunday. I also battled spraining my ankle a couple of weeks into my training, so that didn’t help! Not sure it was meant to be.

    I give you kuddos for making that decision and sticking to it! I am like you in that I like running, but I am not so obsessed with it.

  34. says

    you have to do what is best for you! I think the blogging community can only agree with that!
    Races make me so nervous, although I keep going back for more haha


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