Addicted To Working Out

You want to know what’s totally awesome?

When your friends read your blog enough to know of your extreme love for oats in a jar…and then they bring you their almost-empty peanut butter jar as a gift.


Last night when Joe & Kate stopped by, Kate was accompanied not only by Joe, but by her almost empty Plain Jane Creamy PB jar. She said that since the oats in a jar “isn’t really her thing,” (hey, it’s not for everyone) she figured I could make some use out of it.

Umm, can I EVER! So to all of my other friends out there who are reading, take note…

Assuming you don’t lick the inside of your PB jars, I will be more than happy to take them off of your hands. Actually, I could probably even overlook that as long as you don’t tell me.

I’m totally kidding. Sort of. Winking smile


So, thanks to Kate’s generous gift, I prepped some overnight OIAJ last night and had them ready and waiting for me this morning.


Today’s jar was almost filled to the brim! It was super voluminous, thanks to the addition of blueberries and raspberries both mixed in and on top.


In the rest of the jar:

  • < 1/3 cup oats (I ran out, so I topped off the rest with the creamy buckwheat)
  • 1/3 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1/2 mashed banana
  • 2 tsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • cinnamon
  • blueberries & raspberries



Enjoyed with a glass of iced coffee.


Thanks again for the jar, Kate. Winking smile


Before breakfast was consumed, of course, a trip to the gym took place. I took my usual Thursday morning BodyPump class which, for some reason, was rather challenging today. It was the same release we’ve been doing for a while now, so I’m attributing the extra fatigue to yesterday’s yoga sesh.

After class, I followed things up with some running on the treadmill, which looked like this…

Minutes Speed (mph)
0-5 4.0
5-8 6.0
8-9 8.5
9-12 6.0
12-13 8.5
13-16 6.0
16-17 8.5
17-20 6.0
20-25 4.0

It’s been quite a while since I did intervals like this, so it was nice to switch things up a bit. It definitely left me disgustingly sweaty.

Speaking of disgustingly sweaty and exercise…

This morning while I was eating breakfast, I happened to catch a segment on GMA about Extreme Exercisers. It talked about how celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal and Heidi Montag have admitted to being extreme exercisers, working out up to 14 hours a day. (For REAL?!?)

According to the segment, The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends 2 ½ hours of moderate aerobic activity a week for adults; but some people are exceeding this by up to 12 times.

Experts also warn that extreme exercise can lead to anorexia athletica – a condition in which someone exercises compulsively.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a good, sweaty workout session, but 14 hours a day just seems downright awful…and absolutely insane.

But enough about me…let’s hear what YOU think!

Questions for the Morning:

What do you think of “Extreme Exercisers?”

Do you think it’s possible to become addicted to working out?


  1. says

    I feel like maybe most “extreme exercisers” that I know (though none go for 14 hours a day, yeesh!) are more addicted to the results than they are to actually working out (the one exception being hardcore runners who claim they get that high and just can run forever…. I’ll never understand that!)

    But Heidi and Jake, let’s be honest, I bet they’re more addicted to their mega hot bodies than the actual process of working out. I’d love to know if they’d go that hard in the gym if, at the end of the week, they were guaranteed to have a body of an olympic weight lifter or something, and less of the sexy sleek bods they’ve got now!

  2. says

    I am TOTALLY addicted to working out. I get grumpy and a little panic-stricken if I have a conflict and can’t hit the gym.

    But don’t get me wrong…that addiction is usually satisfied after 60 minutes!

    I mean come on – 14 hours working out?! It’s summer people! 😉

  3. says

    If someone told me that I had to workout for 14 hours a day I would literally cry and maybe throw up. Nobody likes exercise THAT much.

  4. says

    Well in Jake G’s case it sure paid off (other than him getting injured) because while he was ‘cute’ in Bubble Boy, he was and is an extreme hottie now!
    *wiping droll from mouth*
    as far as extreme exercisers-used to be one…20 yrs ago (yep I’m THAT old)-I was a trainer at a gym so I had the keys to gym-would get there at 5 a.m hours before we opened and do my workouts, then train people, then run on beach, bike and workout more. I was in ‘training’ to do ‘something’ but never followed through, tried to get on the original American Gladiators but didnt have what it took :(
    life got in the way and I let myself go, gained A LOT of weight but am back in the game again-will i be extreme? no….probably because I dont have time to be totally extreme-though I ride my bike daily for 75-90 minutes, started running again, plyo and some weights but nothing extreme like 14 hrs a day!

  5. says

    14 hours a day is just absurd. However, exercise addiction is a huge problem and I think it goes beyond the amount of time that you spend working out, but the amount of time that you spend thinking about the need to work out. I fell into this category for a period of time, a time in which I was so stressed all I could think about was working out and weighing myself. I worked out my usual “amount” of time a day, but I worked out everyday and if I didn’t I felt terrible about myself and my mood was gone for the day. During that time I was also without a period, but its up in the air whether that was because of exercise or another GYN issue.

    I think it’s good to have gotten to the point where working out makes you happy, but that isn’t an addiction like it is for the people who feel extreme guilt and depression over not working out for 2 hours 7 days a week.

  6. says

    I know that it’s possible to become an exercise addict, since I went through that phase only a couple years ago. I never exercised 14 hours a day, but I did for at least 5 hours, and I was always thinking about exercise all the time.

    And yes, it also led to an eating disorder. Anything taken to the extreme is a disorder, and it’s really serious. But, thankfully, I got help and now enjoy a nice schweaty workout, but only as much as 2 hours a day MAX. Nowadays, I exercise because I love it, and love the way it makes me feel, but not because it’s a compulsion :)

    • Courtney says

      So glad to hear you’re on the “up and up,” Liv! It seems as though people who are prone to addictive personalities are those who could succumb to this type of extreme exercise, don’t you think?

  7. Paige says

    That is BANANAS. I understand if you’re an Olympic athlete in training or if an actor/actress is preparing for a role (so they’re only doing it for a limited time period)…but Heidi Montag for sure isn’t either of those things.

  8. says

    Absolutely! I know that if I don’t workout then my mood is off all day. I get quite moody! I don’t know how I feel about extreme exercisers though. I do love exercise but not enough to do it 14 hrs a day! I’m all about moderation :)

  9. says

    I think “extreme exercise” might be a problem if it isn’t called for based on an athletic competition that somebody is training for. Some people might call what marathoners or ironman triathletes do “extreme” but it’s necessary to prepare for their events.

    I also think that extreme exercise is not a widespread problem AT ALL. Extreme inactivity and potato-chip-eating, maybe, but not extreme exercise.

  10. says

    You really do have the best friends! I think it is definitely possible to become addicted to exercise, just like anything else! I do think that working out 14 hours a day is nutzo though. For me I think a definitely max of working out with be 4 hours, beyond that you are getting crazy (not that I have ever worked out for 4 hours in a day, but ya know).

  11. says

    I get pretty stressed if I don’t get a workout in during the day. My workouts are as intense as most bloggers… I just do walks, pilates, maybe run for 10 minutes here or there. Getting up and moving intentionally gives me some time to myself and time to think.

    How sweet of her to give you her jar!

  12. says

    14 hours a day?! That is a little insane! But on th other hand.. I think 2.5 hours a week is a little bit on the low end, as well.

    I think shows like the biggest loser can kind of lead people into over exercising too. I mean. those contestants work out .. all day..for months! However – only certain people can continue this excessiveness in real life (like if they are a celeberty and are not working…or don’t work at all).

  13. says

    14 hours is out of control. I love getting a quick sweaty work out and calling it a day!! 1 hour is my max~but I will be honest, I have exercise guilt. As much as I try NOT to, it still creeps up on me. Even when I skip a run and do a different form of exercise, I still feel guilty. That is something I would love to get rid of!!!!!

  14. says

    I think it’s possible to become addicted to working out but 14 hours is ridiculous! I’m not even sure I could physically do that! I think as far as working out goes, there is such a thing as a “healthy addiction”. 14 hours though is not what I’d call healthy!

  15. says

    I don’t even get how that is possible!! I remind myself a lot that I need to be relaxed about it. I don’t have to work out EVERYday. In fact, some of the times in my life where I have felt the best were when I was only getting in 2 to 3 workouts a week. Go figure!

  16. says

    It’s hard to believe it’s even possible to work out that much! I saw a show once where a lady had a treadmill in her living room and she was on that thing ALL day and her addiction to it ruled her life. Sad.

  17. says

    in rereading the article though they’re defining extreme exercisers as anyone who works out a few hours a day?! ummm wouldnt that make nearly all of us ‘extreme’ then if we count the time we run, plyo, bike, cardio, etc.?
    While 14 is much…. ‘a few hours a day” isn’t…yet the article is defining it as such. After I commented here, I actually re-read it and then went and blogged about it at because if you stop and think about their definition and not look at the Heidi factor most of us are ‘extreme’

  18. says

    I can see how exercise can be addicting, though not to that extreme. I do wish I had more time to be active during the week. Sometimes I feel so good that I could do a solid hour and a half, but don’t have time since I exercise before work. But I tend to be a little compulsive about it too and feel guilty when I skip a work out. I’m trying to find that balance and get rid of the guilt.

  19. says

    I absolutely think someone can be addicted to working out. It’s almost like any other addiction — people can’t get enough. I would consider someone who will forego any other plan with friends/family in order to workout a serious problem.

  20. says

    That seems seriously unhealthy. I LOVE working out, I feel great afterward, but I do an hour a day usually. Working out too much can have some serious health consequences, such as loss of fertility and irregular heart beat. No thank you!

  21. says

    Omg I read about Heidi Montag! That’s just freaking crazy!! I don’t usually workout for more than an hour- and generally it’s under and hour. The only time I understand working out for several hours a day is if you are a professional athlete or you are doing some serious training for an event. Your oats in a jar looks delicious :). Hope you have an awesome day!

  22. Helen says

    It is definitely not normal to workout that much. You have to give your body a rest every once and awhile

  23. says

    Extreme exercise is definitely a condition that should be put in the same category as anorexia nervosa. I can see how you would need to workout excessively to train for something as intense as a marathon or iron man, etc, but working out for several hours a day for your appearance seems unhealthy. I knew a girl in college who would go to the gym for 2.5 hours in the morning, and then 2.5 hours after class, and I just felt so bad for her. It really is a struggle for a lot of people!

  24. says

    Still looking forward to my first OIAJ – I’m almost there!

    All I know is that when I worked out too often, it led to fatigue and eventually injury. Once my ankle is back to 100% I’ll definitely be sure to take rest days!

  25. says

    i think it is totally possible to become addicted to exercise after all the adrenaline rush is definately a great feeling. However 14 hrs a day is a bit excessive, i feel like they have to be exagerating somehow, maybe it is not very intense, or I do not know .. but i dont know if that is possible. Heidi does not look good, and of course she is a little crazy..

  26. Amy says

    Assuming you use 8 hours a day for sleeping, that would leave you with about 2 hours left for other things (eating, showering, etc….haha?). Only a celeb would have time for that!

  27. Whitney says

    For some reason, (maybe I just have a sensitive stomach) but it kinda gives me the skeevies that you used your friend’s leftover peanut butter jar. I guess I’m just going off of the fact that when I make a peanut butter sandwich I am all the time licking the knife and putting it back in there.. maybe that’s just me??? To each their own I guess.

    On another note, I think it’s very easy to become addicted to working out. I for one enjoy having a hard workout every day. The way you feel afterwards is like none other and there are always worse things to be addicted too I suppose :)

    • Courtney says

      I’ll give that to ya, Whitney…it could definitely be looked at as skeevy! Haha…

      Hopefully Kate doesn’t abuse her PB jars like I do…but either way, it tasted awesome and I’m willing to look past it.

      If nothing else, then her and I just got a whole lot closer 😉

  28. Lauren says

    I work out a couple of hours a day, 6-7 days a week. It really is addicting and no wonder–it creates endorphins which are essentially a drug. I used to be horrible, where I couldn’t miss at all without being really upset, crying, working out super late or getting up super early just to get SOMETHING in…I’m definitely not that bad anymore but sometimes the tendancies are still there. I try to remind myself that being healthy is most important and to take a break when I feel like I need it. I eat a lot too so I never feel like I’m in danger of an eating disorder at least!

    14 hours a day though is ridiculous and I can’t imagine going that long or even having that kind of time…I guess if your body is your job? but STILL…just crazy!

  29. says

    It’s definitely possible! There’s people around my neighbourhood who never seem to stop jogging!

    I absolutely love the high of a tough workout, it’s so satisfying. However it’s also tiring and I listen to my body. I do some form of exercise everyday – I get antsy and grumpy if I don’t – but at least one day a week is yoga or a moderate walk.

  30. says

    I saw part of that GMA segment, too. I can’t imagine working out for that long. I know one woman who for a while was going to the gym for 6-7 hours a day. She was a heavier woman (had gained weight partially from thyroid issues), and she had watched a lot of “The Biggest Loser.” She figured that if they worked out for several hours a day, then that’s what she should do to lose weight. She eventually burned out and stopped working out altogether. :(

    Moderation is key in all areas of life, in my opinion. Eating, working out, alcohol, coffee, TV… everything can be perfectly healthy if practiced in moderation. But so often we as humans want more, more, more. And that’s when the problems come in to play…

  31. says

    14 HOURS?!!! But WHY!!! When do you eat?! LOL

    I couldn’t imagine. I think I’m “addicted” to working out in the sense that I don’t feel complete without it. But anything more than 1.5 hours total a day is extreme to me.

  32. says

    Wow 14 hours is a tad obsessive! I love to get my sweat on and have worked out every day this past week even though I’m on holiday but I’m talking 45 mins max and that too because nothing else was going on. O guess there’s a line between healthy and OTT!

  33. says

    Um first off, how nice of your friends to bring you their extra oats!! Now, that is what I call good friends :-) My birthday is coming up…maybe i should ask for PB jars instead of gifts?

    Extreme exercisers…I definitely think they exist and think its very unhealthy. There are times in my life when I’ve probably exercised a bit too much but never NEAR the extreme of 14 hours a day. With Heidi Montag, I get the vanity, and I’m not so surprised. But Jake Gyllenhall?? I never would have guessed! So disappointed – I always thought he was the “all american guy” But, I feel like the all american guy wouldn’t work out 14 hours a day!

  34. says

    First off your treadmill intervals seem awesome. I’ve been super into this recently, I may have to try yours out. Second of all, 14 hours a day is insane to me. I can’t even imagine spending 14 hours exercising. But I guess when you get paid based on how you look, you can sometimes go to the extreme. Craziness.

  35. says

    i don’t think my bf is an “extreme exerciser” to the point of that show, but he works out A LOT, sometimes making it seem like that’s his #1 priority over other things. i’ve started calling him a “gymorexic”.

  36. says

    It’s definitely possible to be addicted to exercising. In fact, I used to be. I’d go in the morning for spin, then go to class, then in the afternoon for some other intense workout, then do yoga once home..even going at 2 AM some days! So glad I’m not like that anymore.

  37. says

    I’m glad you brought this up– I DEFINITELY just overcame a huge addiction to exercise.
    I would work out every single day anywhere from 2-3 hours and my body wasn’t even reacting by dropping weight anymore. I sat at a stagnant 10 pounds above my healthy weight before I finally decided to cut back and make a change.
    I started working out with shorter interval workouts and dropped those 10 pounds within 3 months!
    It was a great change, and now I have so much more time on my hands 😀

  38. says

    Oh my gosh–what an awesome friend to bring you empty PB jars! I think it would be possible to get addicted to working out but certainly not for 14 hours a day. That sounds miserable.

  39. says

    I think it’s easy (for me) to become addicted to exercising. I have been known to choose exercising over a dinner date with my boyfriend, exercise when I’m sick and exercise when I’m injured. It’s not so much the length of time that I workout, but just the amount of days that I workout during the week. If I have to skip a day or two, I become antsy. Recently, because of a surgery and now sinus problems, I am letting myself relax. So what if I take two days off of working out? My body is craving rest, and I need to let it do its thing :)! My gym will be there when I’m better.

  40. says

    I used to be addicted to working out, but as soon as I started my own company my mind had to change. Business first so now I love my 12-15 minute workouts and it is all I need. Actually it great shape than I was I worked out for an hour or longer.

  41. says

    OK, I know I’m late to the party, but 14 hours is just nuts. I think I am somewhat “addicted” to working out, but in a healthy way. I like to get in some form of workout about 6 days a week, but it’s more for my health than to be skinny or something silly like that. I feel 10,000 times better when I get a workout in. If I don’t, I get cranky.

    That being said, I definitely don’t let it run my life. I had a friend who could hardly ever hang out because she favored her workouts over human interaction. That, in my opinion, is too much.

  42. says

    Yikes!! 14 hours a day?! I would pass out!! I used to be addicted to exercise in a sense that I would feel extreme guilt and anxiety if I skipped a day or took a day off. I still sometimes struggle with that, but not to the extent to what it was and now I can appreciate what rest does for my body…and in the end, I could never ever workout for more than at most 2 hours at a time!!

  43. Lily says

    Is it me or does the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommendation of 2 1/2 hours per week seem a little on the low side? I try to exersice 5-6 days per week for an hour or 45 mins…which puts me at 5 to 6 hours per week!

    And still I can’t imagine working out 14 hours a DAY! Craziness!

    • Courtney says

      I thought that was a little low for myself, but I figured that they’re probably trying to average in people of all ages and sizes. I’m sure some of the older folks probably don’t want to do much more than that! 😉

  44. says

    14 hours a day!!! I can barely find an hour a day to get my body moving! I dont know how that can be good for you. So do you eat while you workout or take breaks? haha

  45. says

    I’m totally addicted to OIAJ (I need to finish my latest PB stat… and I think PB Granola is the perfect solution to that!) and to the mental high and the endorphins I get from exercising! I love to workout, but I love how I feel after even more :)

    14 hours is nuts! I average about an hour a day? Sometimes a little more if it’s a class and then some cardio? However sometimes (like when I get lost in a book on the elliptical coughHungerGamescough and it’s been an hour and I haven’t even realized it, I have to tell myself it’s enough!)

  46. says

    my whole family and most of my friends make fun of me for being “addicted” to exercise – meaning I really like to exercise every day. However most of the time just being awake for 14 hours a day is enough to tire me out! lol! If Jake and Heidi have to work out that long each day to get the bodies they have they are doing something wrong. My ex was a model and stuntman. His diet was immaculate and he was very committed to his workout regime – which never lasted longer then 90 minutes. You don’t need all day to get killer results.

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