Friday, July 8, 2011

Bumpy and Smooth

by Courtney on July 8, 2011


So much for hoping for a totally smooth afternoon… Luckily, it wasn’t all bumps in the road. This afternoon, I got a surprise call from the hubby… Jay: “Hey! Have you eaten lunch yet?” Me: “Nooooo…why do you ask?” Jay: “Awesome. Want to meet for a lunch date?” Me: (shrieking into phone) “SUUUURE!!” (then realizing […]


Fashion Friday: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

by Courtney on July 8, 2011


Happy Fashion Friday, friends! Today, I have a guest post for you from the lovely Amy. She recently scored some great deals at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so we both thought it would be fun to share with you all on Fashion Friday…maybe you’ll even get some inspiration for your next day of shopping? The […]


Three Unsuccessful Stops

by Courtney on July 8, 2011

Iiiiiiit’s Friday! And I don’t know about you, but that makes me wanna DANCE! source This is seriously one of my favorite animated pictures ever, so I just had to bring it back from an older post. This morning I woke up knowing full well that I have a LOT on my to-do list today. […]