The Last Hurrah In Virginia Beach

Good morning! Happy Tuesday! How’s everyone doin’ today??

Well, as I alluded to last night, yesterday was another awesome day down here in Virginia Beach. We started off by spending a good portion of the morning and afternoon down by the beach, enjoying the sand between our toes and listening to the crash of the waves.


But to break up the afternoon, Jay and I decided to take a little walk down the beach and boardwalk…


for some fro yo. The 1+ mile walk was soooo worth it too.


On our way back from dinner at Tautog’s the other night, we happened to pass by a place called Sweet Frog. As soon as I saw it that night, I knew we had to come back.


Sweet Frog, which I had never heard of up until my vacation down here, is a self-serve frozen yogurt place which is set up just like the 16 Handles that I’ve grown rather fond of back up home.


I was obviously a very, very happy camper to have found it.


Both the fro yo AND the toppings could seriously give 16 Handles a run for their money. The fro yo was so smooth and creamy…and the toppings. Oh the toppings! I’ve never seen so many toppings in my life. Absolute heaven I tell you.


So it should really be no surprise that my fro yo cup looked kind of like a candy store exploded inside of it. I don’t really even remember everything that I added, but I’m pretty sure you get the picture here.


I want a Sweet Frog in New York…or better yet, right on my street. Winking smile


Then again, if my cup is going to look like this every time…well, maybe that’s not such a great idea.


After making our walk back and spending another couple hours at the beach, it was time to head back to the room and get ready for some dinner. After perusing a couple of menus online, we ended up heading to a restaurant called Chix Sea Grill & Bar.



Chix, which is located right along the boardwalk offered a pretty extensive menu of seafood, salads, and sandwiches. I was rather psyched to, once again, snag a great dining spot out along the boardwalk.


We even had some live music playing right next door throughout most of dinner, which was really nice.


Chix offers Happy Hour from 2-6pm every week day, and lucky for us, we were seated right at 6pm and were still able to snag a couple happy hour specials. Saweeet!

We ordered some Bar Nachos, which I enjoyed a few of (and I will let you all know that I did, in fact, try a jalapeno and have lived to tell you about it…phew!)


And a couple draft beer specials…CHEERS to fun dining partners!



Thanks to a coupon in the Visitors Guide, we were all able to have our choice of a free cup of soup or salad with our entrees. I decided to try the She-Crab soup, which was pretty tasty, but really heavy. I ate about half of it before passing it off to let mom and dad try.


For my entrée, I ordered the “King Neptune” which was shrimp, scallops, and a crab cake, broiled or fried.


I went with broiled, and holy moly, talk about a plate of food. The veggies and mashed potatoes were good, but pretty average. I ate all the veggies (since, umm, I’ve been neglecting them quite a bit the past few days…and hey, guess who’s stomach feels great?!?) and a few bites of potatoes.


I had to save room for the good stuff! Both the shrimp and the scallops were great; a nice hint of flavor to both of them and cooked perfectly.


The crab cake was really good too; definitely a lot better than my last encounter with crab cakes.


This one actually had some crab meat inside…and no shells either. Winking smile


After dinner, the four of us headed back to our hotel where we planned on spending the evening just relaxing on the balcony and packing up our things. However, as soon as we got back, we noticed that there was some really catchy live music playing right next door in King Neptune’s Park, so Jay and I decided to go check it out.


The band, Hey Hey Hooligan, was great! They’re an Irish Punk Rock band, who does both their own songs and covers as well.


Jay and I were pretty psyched to hear them play some of our favorite bands, including 311. I was *this close* to asking them to play “Love Song.” Winking smile


We snagged a good seat and just sat and enjoyed both the music and the people watching for a good hour and a half. It was so nice to just sit, relax, and listen to some good music without another care in the world.



Today, we’re actually packing it up and leaving Virginia for the next stop on our vacation: Wildwood, NJ. As sad as I am to say good-bye to VA Beach, Wildwood also holds some great memories for me, so I’m pretty excited to go back.

Virginia has definitely been great, and my one bummer is that I wasn’t ever able to get my hands on one of those “Orange Crush” drinks that so many of you suggested. Oh well…I guess I’ll just have to come back soon! Smile

For now, I’ve got some great guest posts lined up for you guys for the rest of the week, so be ready for one of those this afternoon. I’ll be back to check in from Wildwood later this evening!

Questions for the Morning:

Do you enjoy listening to live music? Any favorite local bands you want to give a shout out to?

What’s your favorite type of music?

Do you like using coupons when you go out to eat (either normally or when you’re on vacation)?


  1. Amy says

    Skinny dip, one location is in the hilltop area of Virginia beach, has great fro yo. Also, if you have a chance keep a look out for the Twisted Sisters cupcake truck. Their schedule is on Facebook and their cupcakes rock!

    • Courtney says

      Oh Sam…I’ve already been there about 3 times. I love it…but this place was actually better! We need one of these near us!!

  2. says

    I didnt have internet for almost two weeks, but when i finally logged on and updated myself on some of your blog entries, i could not believe you were in VB!! right as i leave/move away…
    hope you enjoy! i miss it!
    i have tons of good req’s too if you are down there for much longer!

  3. says

    So funny you were there, that place right by my house. 😀 Welcome! Go to luna sea!!! They have wild specials it’s super fun to eat at and sit outside!

  4. says

    Fro yo looks awesome, great idea to add pretzels. I’m all for coupons when I go out to eat–I use groupons a lot, and if I am traveling to another city, I check out their groupon deals too!

  5. says

    You know I’m a huge lover of coupons even for meals out! We actually have a date night we’re planning for this weekend that will revolve around a Groupon for dinner and a coupon for froyo. I hope I can make a froyo cup like yours. That looks like pure heaven right there!

  6. says

    You and your husband are so cute. And I love the top you were wearing at dinner! :)

    Do I spy cookie dough topping in that frozen yogurt?! Yum!! I think my mom and I are going to hit up this amazing custard stand in Sarasota night. They have the best peanut butter sundae ever!

  7. says

    All these vacation recaps are awesome! Never been to virginia beach, but feel I need to make that happen one day!

    Ok , there was pretzels for a topping?! I must go there! I have been dying to find a froyo place that offered pretzels for a topping, i brought my own to put on top of my froyo in maui!

  8. says

    ummm ook, this sweet frog place looks even better than 16 Handles. And I can’t stop staring at that picture of your frozen yogurt! It might be the tastiest concoction I’ve seen in a while. I literally want to drive to Virginia Beach right now!

    All of the food in this post looks delicious. I have food envy, big time 😉

  9. Lindsay says

    I absolutely looove “stocking up” on the wonderful Sweet Frog when I’m back home in VA visiting my parents. I wish I could go more often, but until then I’ll start a petition to get a Sweet Frog here in the Albany area. Will you sign as well? These New Yorkers don’t know what theyre missing!


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