Guest Post: Have You Unplugged Lately?

Today’s guest poster is one heck of a woman. I began reading Chelsey’s blog, actually, after seeing her frequent comments here on STSL. As soon as I checked out her site I was immediately hooked. Chelsey is not only a phenomenal writer, but she also provides such an uplifting, positive take on healthy living and eating.

Chelsey recently wrote about her weekend away with her family, and everything in the post totally resonated with me. I figured that it would hit home for many of you as well, so I asked her to chat about her revelations from her weekend away again here. I’m sure you’re all going to enjoy it!


Hi Sweet Tooth Lovers! My name is Chelsey, and I blog over at Clean Eating Chelsey.

And I cropped my husband’s face out of that picture because he looked like a freak.

You’re welcome.

Any who, when Courtney mentioned she was going out of town and asked me to write a guest post for her, I practically jumped through my computer to give her a hug. I have been reading Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life for the better part of a year now, and I must say, I love Courtney.

Courtney is away beaching it up for the next week or so and is taking the time to reconnect with her family and to unplug the best she can.

Over the fourth of July weekend, I had the opportunity to get away with my husband’s family for a long weekend in Michigan. I went with the things I could live without: my bikini, my cell phone, and my laptop. Seeing as we live in such a technology dependent society, it is very uncommon for anyone to leave home without their iPhone, iPad, or computer for more than a day.

Don’t even pretend like you don’t feel naked when you leave your cell phone at home – I know the feeling.

However, when I arrived with my Husband at his family’s cottage where we were staying, I got my laptop out on Saturday morning, ready to read some blogs while everyone else was still sleeping. I sat down with my morning bowl of oatmeal, a huge glass of water (a morning staple folks!), and signed on.

June 28, 2011 004

Only, the internet wasn’t working.

It took everything in me not to start whimpering or to go wake up the Husband’s cousin to find out how in the world we were supposed to get wireless internet for the next three days. It turns out the wireless doesn’t always work (that’s what you get for mooching off of the neighbors across the lake), and this weekend was one of those times.

Instead of crying about not being connected to my lovely friends (that’s you!), I instead turned around in my chair to (for the first time) actually take a look at what awaited me outside. It turned out there was the most gorgeous sunrise happening right before my very eyes, and I actually almost missed it because I was logging onto my computer.

July 4, 2011 175
For the rest of the weekend, I vowed not to turn on the computer. In fact, I’m pretty sure I didn’t glance at my cell phone more than once or twice either (not that we got reception there either). What made me kind of sad was that it took the fact that I absolutely could NOT get access to my phone or internet in order for me to unplug from technology.

As a blogger, I rely heavily on technology. While it is such a great tool and has helped me mold so many relationships and has created a plethora of opportunities for me, sometimes a girl’s just has to shut the computer and take a good look around her at the beauty that is right outside the window.

July 4, 2011 135

Whether it’s for five minutes in the morning right when I wake up or a quick walk with Charlie (my fur baby), I have been trying to be more aware of the surroundings outside and in the real world, rather than just on the computer screen as of late.

It seems foreign to me that at one point people did not have the technology we have today, but guess what – they still went on living, didn’t they?

I know it is near impossible not to rely on technology – I love technology. What I’m challenging you to do is to take a short break from it each and every day to truly appreciate your surroundings.

Thanks again to Courtney for letting me invade her section of the blogosphere today – I hope to see you over at Clean Eating Chelsey!

Questions from Courtney:

Do you rely heavily on technology? Too heavy?

When was the last time you really “unplugged” from your internet/iPhone/etc…?


  1. Megan says

    I love this! I also just went on a vacay for 4th of July, with my boyfriend and his family at their cottage in Michigan! (Where were you?! Theirs is on Lake Huron close to Port Austin…if I had a hand I would show you where it’s at like all other Michigan-ders do) I too only unplugged because we didn’t have access to the internet…unless we went down a few miles to his aunts house, which only happened 3 times in a matter of almost 10 days which is unheard of for me. I was able to receive and respond to emails over the phone- but like you said it was amazing to spend quality time with people you love and really dig in and appreciate your beautiful surroundings.

    We would run some mornings, and others we’d walk on the beach. Getting to spend a lot of time outdoors and not constantly be glued to a computer or phone was so exhilarating and relaxing to me. Perfect post! I’m heading over to check out your blog now :)

  2. says

    I do not unplug enough, this post just made me realize that. I try on weekends to get outside and do stuff, but I’m still always attached at the hip to my cell phone – and as most people have, it’s a smart phone.

    Thanks for writing this Chelsey – I’m definitely going to take your advice and try to do this every day for a little while (other than when I’m asleep).

  3. says

    Great post! I rely too much on technology for sure, the Internet, my lap top, cell phone – it is constantly around me and I know the feeling when you just need to put it away and enjoy that “unplugged” time. I need to do this A LOT more!!

  4. Patty says

    I try to minimize the amount I’m plugged into on weekends; especially during the summer. I don’t bother with emails or the computer on the weekends most things can wait til Monday. I enjoy the break and usually need it. I do still use my cell phone, but I don’t have a data plan so I keep it to calls and text messages. The only way Ive found to walk away from the phone is if I don’t find service.

  5. Brittany says

    I only use the computer when I’m at work. (Don’t judge, I still do my work. I’m an intern and half the time have to figure out how to entertain myself.) I haven’t turned on my laptop since the end of the year two months ago and I never really feel any need to be online. My phone is a different story. I do use it to occasionally check my fb & twitter but it really does limit the amount of time I waste on the internet because I get alerts to my phone and don’t check it otherwise.

    I rarely even use my phone on weekends or when I’m on vacation. I don’t really have anyone to talk to and I enjoy being in the moment.

  6. says

    I absolutely rely on technology. I think it’s just like the say, “the time they are a chanin'” but we need to remember to take breaks from it all!

    I just spend a weekend in the U.P. of Michigan and was the only one “lucky” enough to have cell phone reception…to my dismay made it hard for me to really unplug from it all.

    Looking back, I wish I would have unplugged a bit more actually! I think I know what tonight is going to be…unplug night!

  7. says

    First and foremost: I love that you call your dog your fur baby. I do the same with our little Rye-Guy.

    I am currently trying the “unplug” thing on weekends. I don’t blog. I check in on my phone only in the evening to see how far behind I am in Words With Friends, but for the most part I’ve been pretty successful with it. Not to mention, I realize just how much I’ve neglected my flower beds!!

    Good luck with future unpluggings. I’m going to have to check out your blog more often.

  8. says

    A year ago we went on our honeymoon in Mexico and we didn’t have cell service or internet. It was really nice to not check my facebook every hour and text people out of boredom. It gave me lots of time to get in tune with myself and my thoughts and my new hubby :)

  9. says

    Great post! I almost never unplug for no reason, but recently I was on a 7 day cruise. We didn’t get Internet and cell phone service, and I have to say it was glorious! I didn’t miss it at all. I really should unplug more often.

  10. says

    i rely much too heavily on technology.
    last week i had to get a new phone due to some warranty issues, and just the few hours that i didn’t have all my info on my phone, i was at a loss. no twitter? no facebook? no email and texting?!!?!?

    i really need to unplug.

  11. says

    I can totally relate to this. My reliance on technology and the internet is so bad that vacation, even if I’m on a relaxing beach, doesn’t feel like it anymore b/c I’m always so glued to the computer or phone. I now force myself to make Sunday’s a true “day of rest” until I write my own blog post at night. It’s hard on vacation b/c a whole week off can really backlog you! haha

  12. says

    I was unplugged from the blogging world for most of last week! I missed it but it’s good to take a break, of course catching up isn’t too easy though!

  13. says

    Great post and such an important point – extremely pertinent to us bloggers. I used to unplug every now and then but lately, I’m always plugged in! Even when I’m walking outside, I’m checking Twitter and listening to Pandora.

    I like your challenge and I will give it a shot!

  14. says

    I know it may not seem like much, but everyday when I go to the gym I leave my BlackBerry in my bag. Beginning to do this was kind of a big deal for me, considering that I used to be glued to my phone during my workouts. Now, I’ve come to enjoy this hour or so of being unplugged!

    • Courtney says

      It definitely is a big deal! I started doing the same thing…I used to bring it in with me so I could be glued to it while on the elliptical, etc….but I’ve since told myself to just leave it in the car. Nobody is really going to need me THAT urgently in that one hour, right? :)

  15. says

    I unplugged for about 24 hours this week… but only b/c I was visiting my mom in Florida and her cable and internet went out haha. As soon as the Verizon guy fixed it, I was right back on.

    I did a “no facebook for a week” thing before… and although it was hard, I thought that it was worthwhile. It definitely is good to unplug every now and then… especially when you find yourself focusing more on a computer screen than on your loved ones!

  16. says

    Great post! My family has a cabin in the North Carolina mountains, and for the longest time there was no phone reception or internet there. It was always a nice break to be so disconnected. Phone reception finally started working a year or so ago, and my cousins recently set-up internet, but I still like to stay disconnected while I’m there!

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