We’re Home!



We’re home!


Back to reality. No more vacation.


Cody looks so happy to have us back, doesn’t he?


Either that or he’s just scared by how scary I look…

It’s ok…I’m pretending that he really missed us like crazy, no matter how scary I may look, and didn’t spend the entire time raiding the bar. Winking smile

Despite today being a whole lot of nothing except for sitting in a car, I’m actually feeling pretty wiped; and since I’ve got a super busy and FUN day ahead of me tomorrow, I think a quiet evening in is juuuust the ticket.

Question for the Evening:

What are you looking forward to this weekend?


  1. briana says

    I got to try on my wedding dress today and it fit perfect so that was exciting! Next up sunday my fiance are headed for a mini trip to steamboat springs colorado! Cody looks just like my cat does when we get home :)

  2. Rick says

    Tomorrow and Sunday Troy is having their pig out day. I think it starts at 11…… not sure if you knew or not

  3. says

    I’m excited to spend sometime with my Gramma tomorrow! And my brand new little nephew! You look nice and tan from your vacation:)

  4. says

    Most looking forward to spending time with my husband. 😉 We did a 7 mile run this morning and then went to the beach. Tonight we’re having dinner with my mom. Perfect day!!

    Welcome “home!” Hope you have a good weekend!

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