I’ll Cheers To That

Today has been a day of two extremes: an extremely busy morning and early afternoon, followed by a relaxing, late afternoon spent poolside.


Having been so “on-the-go” lately, it felt so nice to be able to spend the latter part of today just relaxing at home. As soon as we got back from taking care of what needed to be done, we gathered our things and headed out to the pool.


Do you like our matching sunglasses? Pretty hot, right? Well, don’t knock ‘em too much…if you stay tuned tomorrow, I’ll explain the fashion statement a little more, along with some more info that you’re really, REALLY not gonna want to miss.


Annnnyways, it was a HOT one today! So most of my time was spent IN the pool, rather than in my usual lounge chair. I even had another little friend in there with me today…


Anyone remember when Jay and I got this for Christmas this past year? Today was our first opportunity to take it out and put it to use and I will say, it’s pretty awesome having a floating cooler with you in the pool. In case you’re interested, it’s on Amazon (just click here).

Once we had enough of the pool and sun, we headed back inside to our 89 degree house.


Don’t worry, we turned the AC on after that.

I suddenly ended up getting a surge of energy, so I headed downstairs, completed this treadmill workout, came back up, showered, and put together some dinner.

But since it was still pretty warm in the house at this point, we decided to move things in front of the big fan for a special little “picnic” dinner.


And because it was a special picnic dinner, I thought it was only fitting to pour a couple special glasses of wine to go with it.


Makes it more romantic, right? Winking smile


As for tonight’s dinner…let’s talk about easy peasy.


I heated up two Italian-style chicken sausages in one pan while cooking up a package of store-bought Spanish rice in another pot. Once the sausages were finished, I sautéed up three huge handfuls of spinach in the same pan.


Once the spinach was wilted, I added in that, the sliced chicken sausages, and one diced tomato in with the rice…BAM! An easy, delicious meal in less than 15 minutes.


I’ll “CHEERS” to that!


Jay and I are now planning on spending the rest of the evening just hanging out with our shedding favorite fur ball.


Like I said before, be sure to check back in tomorrow morning. I’ve got some goodies up my sleeve that I’m pretty positive you’re gonna want to get yours hands on!

Question for the Evening:

What’s your favorite poolside beverage?

For me, non-alcoholic = water / alcoholic = sangria!


  1. says

    1) I love your placemats! So cute.
    2) I’ve been wanting to try that treadmill workout but I’m too SCARED! I can’t imagine doing 10.0 for an ENTIRE MINUTE. You go girl.
    3) Can’t wait for the news tomorrow morning!
    4) Happy Sunday :)

  2. Brittany says

    My cat is shedding like it’s her job! She is still transitioning from colder Illinois to HOT Florida. When she comes inside, she sprawls herself on the hard wood floor!

  3. says

    That cooler-pod is hilarious. It would be perfect to take on tubing trips!
    I always crave really cold, carbonated drinks by the pool, even though they make me so bloated. Fresca is probably the number one pick.

  4. says

    Love that floating cooler!

    I love sparkling water with either a slice of lemon or lime… and an ice-cold beer if I’m in the mood for something alcoholic… preferably corona – also with lime. Apparently when I think of something refreshing it comes with lime! :)

  5. says

    PICNIC DINNER!! I LOVE IT!! That cooler thingee is amazing! I wish Billy would wear twiner glasses with me. I LOVE having busy mornings and laid back afternoons/evenings!

  6. says

    I’m curious what your “news” is! I know it’s not that you’re pregnant (isn’t that what people always assume when a young married woman has “news”??), because you were drinking wine!! 😉

    My favorite non-alcoholic poolside drink would be water… alcoholic would be a margarita on the rocks. Yum! :)


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