A Major Daycation Giveaway From SOYJOY

Boy do I have a good way to start your Monday morning!


So if you’ve been following STSL for the past couple months, then it’s no secret that I have been busy, busy, BUSY. I’ve traveled to Baltimore, the Outer Banks, Virginia Beach and Wildwood. But when I haven’t been away, then Jay and I have been busy playing softball, celebrating birthdays, holidays, bridal showers, and spending time with friends.

No doubt, my social calendar has been full, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. But you know that saying, “I need a vacation from my vacation”?

Well, that’s exactly what Jay and I needed this weekend, so thanks to SOYJOY, we had some fun enjoying our own little “Daycation.” In case you’re curious, a daycation is a one-day getaway to a local destination that offers you the same perks of a vacation without the expense, time-off from work and other hassles that go into planning. So why not have one poolside, right?

Remember those killer sunglasses from yesterday? Well, they were courtesy of SOYJOY…along with some other pretty awesome swag to help us enjoy our Daycation even more.


Since most people would typically enjoy their Daycation on the road, SOYJOY’s package included some seriously fun activities that can be used in the car.


But I said, hey, why not use them by the pool?

Jay made good use of the dri-fit t-shirt while taking care of some pool maintenance.


And I made sure to put our float to good use while snacking on a SOYJOY bar. Winking smile


Included in our SOYJOY package was also this phenomenal cooler, which I packed up with some poolside snacks, including a couple of the new pineapple-flavored SOYJOY bars.


The new pineapple-flavored SOYJOY bar was really good. The flavor was great, and I’m really looking forward to trying it crumbled up in either a pineapple or plain Chobani. Deeeelish!


Throughout the afternoon, Jay and I had a few good laughs while floating on our floats and asking each other various “Would You Rather…” questions from our kit. I’ll tell ya, sometimes, the answers can lead to some pretty amusing and interesting discussions!



We also had a great time testing out our new camera…


YES, a new camera! My amazing SOYJOY Daycation package included an Olympus 14MP digital camera. Jay is totally psyched because now he’ll actually have a camera to use too…since you know, I sorta hog our other one.


NOW…I hope you don’t think that I would make you sit through all of this bragging about my new goods without giving a something in return…DID YOU?

C’mon, we’re closer than that. Winking smile

So now, to thank you all for being such amazing readers…

I’m going to give you an opportunity to win your own SOYJOY Daycation kit…valued at up to $250!!!


Some of the items in your SOYJOY Daycation kit will include:

  • A Digital Camera
  • $50 AmEx Gift Card
  • Sunblock
  • 2x Sunglasses
  • A copy of Lonely Planet’s USA Guide
  • Cooler bag for car trips
  • SOYJOY Backpack
  • 2x SOYJOY t-shirt
  • SOYJOY bars
  • 2x Reusable water bottles

How To Enter:

  1. (Mandatory) Leave a comment on this post telling me what you would do if you were to win the Daycation kit? (Where would you go, who would you bring, what would you see?)
  2. Follow me on Twitter, and leave a separate comment letting me know that you did (or already do). (Optional)
  3. Follow SOYJOY on Twitter and leave a separate comment letting me know that you did (or already do). (Optional)
  4. Tweet the following: “@SweetToothCourt is giving away a @SOYJOYUS Daycation Kit valued at up to $250! – http://bit.ly/p6hGjM” and leave a separate comment letting me know that you did. (Optional)

I will chose a winner, using the Random Integer Generator, on Thursday, July 21st, and announce the winner in my evening post.

As always, thank you SO MUCH for reading and GOOD LUCK! Smile


  1. Casey says

    I’d probably go on a road trip up to Central California (I live just south of LA) and I’d bring one of my good friends who’s pretty much the perfect travel buddy. There’s a couple beaches we want to check out and we’ve talked about renting an ATV to drive on the beach.

  2. says

    If I could take a daycation kit, I would go to the west side of Michigan. The lake is so beautiful and I feel fortunate to be able to drive there in just over two hours. It really feels like a vacation! I would take the hubs, Henry, a picnic an of course my bathing suit to enjoy the water. Yay, Soyjoy!

  3. says

    I’m in a desperate need of a vacation and because of our conflicting schedules, a day trip is really our only option. I’d pack up the car crazy early and head to the nearest beach (not even sure where that is since I refuse to swim in lakes… MA or CT somewhere? haha)

  4. Rebecca says

    I would take a Daycation with my roomies to a beach in Rhode Island to get some sun and play in the sand!

  5. says

    I would go to Virginia Beach – it is about an hour and a half drive.
    I would take my boyfriend, and if I had a dog I would take it too (I REALLY want a dog)!
    I would try and see all the “tourist” things and enjoy my visit. The last time we went, we did all organized and non-special events!


  6. Taylor Sutton says

    Daycation trip? Since I am in the Orlando area, I would probably go to a pool and lounge around…OR make my way over to the coast for a day at the beach with my boyfriend. There would have to be water of some sort because it is h-o-t hot here!

  7. says

    I would take my husband over to Columbus, Ohio for the day. I’d want to go shopping in Easton (an awesome outdoors shopping area), walk around the OSU campus a little, and have a nice dinner in downtown Columbus. :)

  8. says

    If I were to win the package, I would totally bring this along with me to Craig’s surprise birthday trip that we are taking in the beginning of September!!
    I can’t spill the details..just in case he might see this ;)..but I would take him with me 😀
    What an AWESOME giveaway & package that they sent you!! I love SoyJoy bars! The banana one is really good too.

  9. Chrissy Bruckner says

    My daycation would be lakeside with a good book and my family.. Other than my family and some good reads I would bring swimming gear, the soy joy daycation back and some yummy snacks along with the soy joy bars . :)

  10. Carmen says

    i would love a daycation with my husband that would involve hiking and going to a great restaurant for lunch and then a nap!

  11. says

    I’d bring this kit with me to NYC! I’m going in a few weeks and would love to capture the moment in the big apple with this soyjoy kit! xo

  12. Kelley says

    My best friend’s wedding is in 2 weeks, so I would share the SoyJoy staycation gift with her, and use it to get ready / relax the day before her wedding.

  13. says

    I would love to enter!

    I know that in Central Florida, a lot of people would daycation at Disney, but I’d much rather head north for a day trip and explore St Augustine! I’ve been twice but there’s so much to see – I’d love to go on a ghost tour, stay in a historic hotel and see the fountain of youth!

  14. Megan says

    If I won the daycation I would definitely take it with my boyfriend. Were doing the long distance college thing again in a few weeks so spending time with him is my top priority right now. There is an awesome park down from our town that has an amazing view, definitely a good spot :]

  15. says

    I would take it up to Niagara Falls. It’s a natural wonder, and we sort of take it for granted because we live so close.

    And I already follow you on twitter. Yay!

  16. Shan says

    I’m heading home to visit my mom in the Caribbean in a a few weeks so I would definitely take everything in this package with me!

  17. Maggie says

    I would take my wonderful boyfriend to Amelia Island, Florida and spend the day at the beach and just having fun :)

  18. Jill says

    I would go to the local Zoo with my hubs…I live in Memphis and our Zoo is constantly ranked among the top in the country!

  19. says

    I would enjoy summer in downtown Chicago – biking along the lakefront path, a trip to the Aquarium or Planetarium and a movie in the park.

  20. Suzanne says

    My husband and I are planning a road trip with my parents in 2 weeks so the Soyjoy daycation pack would be amazing for us!!

  21. Sam says

    Since we go to the local beach 3-4 times a week I would bring a picnic to the Fort Ticonderoga. I am local but it is always nice to go tour the fort and they have a great spot for picnics.
    The kit would also come in handy on our road trip this summer. We are planning on heading to NC so it would be perfect for the car ride!

  22. Colleen says

    Our stay-cation will be a drive to Annapolis! We would use the shades, the cooler…well, everything :) yay summer!

  23. says

    I would use the Daycation to take the kids to the zoo that is an hour and a half away from our house. They have been dying to go to the zoo this year and we haven’t made it yet.

  24. says

    That looks like a great daycation! I think I would take my hubby and drive to the mountains to do a day hike, and find a beautiful lake to have a picnic at :)

  25. says

    your pool idea sounds fantastic, but in new england summer style, i think i’d grab a friend and road trip to MAINE for the day :) all the goodies would be perfect for a few hours in the car :)

  26. Kaelin says

    I would head to the lake with husband for a day full of boating, floating, skiing, wakeboarding, and picnicking on the boat!

  27. Laura says

    How fun! I think I would take the daycation camping for the day! perhaps head out to Western Maryland – the snacks and cooler would definitely come in handy :)

  28. Erica says

    As a graduate student on a tight budget, I could REALLY use a daycation! If I won this giveaway, I would spend my daycation relaxing at a nearby beach with my boyfriend.

  29. sarah b. says

    i would stay home and sit by the pool and relax all day with my little family – it’s something that rarely happens if we don’t plan for it! ps – are you going to do another vlog soon? they were so awesome!

  30. Makenna says

    For my daycation, I would pack up a little picnic and head on over to my cousin’s pool. I have only been to a pool once this summer, and that would be a great break!

  31. Christina says

    I’d plan a day of doing nothing but relaxing on the beach with my boyfriend — I could use a daycation before my internship starts!

  32. says

    OOOOHH How fun!

    I would go to Block Island, RI. I’ve only been once and I’ve lived here my entire life! That prize pack would be perfect for a day spent lounging on the beach! The would you rather questions could keep me and friends entertained while we ride the ferry from the main land to the island!

  33. Caitlin says

    I would take my husband to the Cape! We have family there so we could stay for free, and it would be the perfect “vacation to our vacation!”

  34. says

    I would take the ~free~ ferry out to governor’s island, rent bikes, lay out, and tool around!

    Also, I already follow you on twitter!

  35. Amanda says

    If I were to take a daycation, my finace and I would go to Lake George for the day and just hang out on the beach! We have done this in the past and it is always fun! Then of course we would have to stop at Martha’s Dandee Creme b/c no daycation is complete without ending with some ice cream!

  36. Kathryn says

    If I could do a daycation, I’d either go up to the lake for the day or go a bit further north to Sedona, play around in Oak Creek (try to get away from these 110+ days we’re having). Either way, I’d don my bathing suit and get some sun and water.

  37. Jenna says

    On my daycation, I would take my husband and puppy to the park, for a full day of relaxing and picnicing. Great giveaway!

  38. says

    I would want to take my sister to the beach in Cape Cod, since I live in NYC and she lives in Boston, and we rarely get to see each other! She is my best friend, and we are super silly, so we’d definitely get a kick out of all of those games in the daycation package!

  39. says

    oh my gooodness this is awesome! :) i would take my boyfriend to Denver for a full day of walking around, shopping, eating good food and maybe a Rockies game

  40. Shelby says

    Between wedding planning, full time school and a part time job, my fiance and I could totally use a daycation! I think we would go to the zoo and then spend the afternoon at the pool!

  41. Jamie says

    Like yourself Courtney I have been on the move ALL summer- jersey shore, san diego, san francisco, philadelphia, etc etc. So if I had a daycation I would stay right in my HOME of New York City. I would wake up to an amazing breakfast (best way to start the day!) of overnight oats in a peanut butter jar (obviously) and a large coffee. Then I would spend the day biking in Central Park with my number one man. We love being active together and we would enjoy biking together in the sun. Of course we’d have to stop for lunch with the picnic that we packed! After spending the whole day outside in the sun we would end the day eating at a seafood resturant somewhere on the river- ordering fish and of course a cold glass of chardonnay! We would have to end the “daycation” at sixteen handles- a frozen yogurt place with 16 different flavors and unlimited toppings…… including my favorite- raw cookie dough!

    Sounds like this day is already on my agenda for this Saturday :-)

  42. says

    I think it would be fun just to explore the city to places that I have never been for part of the day and then also relax at home or at the park. I wish we had a pool like you!

  43. says

    I think I’d use the daycation package to go to the beach with friends! Like you I’m busy with travel and my social calendar is out of control so a beach day sounds perfect!

  44. says

    I would go to the lake at my parents house with my daughter and some friends. There is nothing better than having a relaxing day surrounded by good people.

  45. says

    Oh fun! Looks like a great way to spend a day recovering from your vacations. :)

    Can I do my Daycation at your pool? Haha. Kidding. I’d prob head over to my friends house and get them on it a bit. They need a break and I like their pool. We’d have to share the sun glasses though. It’s ok. We’re good at sharing.

  46. says

    I don’t know why I bother entering because I never win things like this…but I still love you and want to support you so here we go. LOL

    I would probably go on a hike or to Chatanooga because its not too far from Atlanta and we’ve been dying to go with Makenzie. :)

  47. Megan says

    Daycations sound so fun and realistic- especially for those who want to get away but save some money! I am from Kentucky and would love to take a little daycation to somewhere in Tennessee! It’s so beautiful down there and there are some great areas to kind of get away from the city.

    I’d definitely bring along my mom of a friend, and plenty of snacks and goodies! If we could go somewhere in the mountains, lots of outdoor clothes and a camera to take awesome pics!!

  48. says

    My husband and I just had our first baby. If I won the package, I would probably use it for the three of us to get out of the house a little. We live on Lake Erie, so the beach would probably be a lot of fun with the package. Thanks for the opportunity!

  49. says

    This would actually be perfect for me because my husband and I are finally taking our honeymoon (married in Oct 2010) next month which is a road trip! We’re heading up to Canada- Montreal and then Nova Scotia where we’ll be kayaking and staying in a cottage on the water. Sunblock, camera, healthy snacks- yes, please!!

  50. says

    I would take this daycation giveaway to Devil’s Lake on my next day-trip with family! I would go to the nature conservancy and document the waterfalls, bridges, butterflies, etc.

    This daycation kit may also come with me to various internship opportunities/interviews!

  51. says

    For my daycation, I’d have to say that a day trip to the mountains in NC would be a total blast/treat!! I’ve only driven through en route to other destinations, and would love to hike a bit, take pictures, eat some GREAT NC BBQ, and enjoy the mountain air!!

  52. says

    I would go on a road trip with my family to go for a hike! Summer is the only time we are all home together and it would be so nice to play the Would You Rather game in the car like we did when we were younger :) We love to hike so hopefully our final destination would be a beautiful trail and picnic! Im sure the cooler and snacks would be put to great use!

  53. Michelle Gabela says

    Hey!I would love to take a daycation to Ocean City I would use all of those amazing products on the 3 1/2hr drive,and make use of everything else on the beach :) A fun day trip to the beach..YES PLEASE!!!!

  54. Michelle says

    I’d take my loot with me to Ocean City, MD – going there with a few of my girlfriends in August for my friend Tina’s bachelorette party!

  55. Ilana says

    also, i think if we got this awesome daycation package, my boyfriend & i would do a little day trip to the local mountain’s vineyard trail! wine tastings, fun car games, a cooler full of snacks…awesome.

  56. Caitlin P. says

    I keep saying I need a relaxing day from all the running around so far this summer. I would LOVE this daycation kit! I’d pack up all the goodies and head up to NH for some quality time and a hike with my boyfriend. That cooler would be perfect to picnic on top of a summit :)

  57. Jaime says

    I would pack up my boys and head to Old Mans Cave in Hocking Hills, OH. They have so much fun exploring the cave, climbing, and checking out the waterfall.

  58. says

    If I won this giveaway, I would do the follow:

    a) do a dance called the “I finally have a new camera and can stop stealing photos from my blends and using more than just my blackberry to document my life” dance.

    b) ROAD TRIP: Presidential Landmark sightseeing and picnic! duh 😉

  59. Jenna says

    I would enjoy my stay cation with my husband….. Were both teachers and on a tight budget, so this would be a great way for us to break up the summer!!!

  60. Rowen says

    If I won the giveaway, I would take a day trip to Gananoque (near Thousand Islands, in Canada) and explore the town, relax in the water, and enjoy a picnic :)

  61. says

    Hi Courtney!

    I would bring it on a weekend beach trip my boyfriend and I were already planning. I may get a job 2 1/2 hours away, so this trip would be a much-needed stress reliever & some quality time together before we are apart!

  62. says

    oh sounds funnn! i would do a day trip to lake george or somewhere in the adiorndacks. have yet to go up there this summer!

  63. Rachel says

    Ohhhh I love this. I would probably go to one of the nice hotel pools with some girlfriends and have a nice staycation in the city but away from the normal places we go! :)

  64. says

    I would take my hubby on a cute little staycation to the red rocks here in vegas! the hikes are beautiful and we could take a pic nic with all the good soy joy stuff!

  65. Heather Mello says

    I would take Joe hiking. It is something he loves to do and he deserves something good right now. After losing his job this school year and going on a couple disappointing interviews…and working at a job he doesn’t really like, it would be fun to do something that would make him smile! =D

    PS I’d tweet what you wanted, but I don’t have twitter lol yes, I am out of the loop! haha

  66. Jenny P says

    I would take my Daycation kit to Door County in Northern WI and would take my husband and my puppy! So much fun!

  67. Kristen D says

    I would head up to stamford to spend my “daycation” with my boyfriend who due to our different schedules i only get to see on the weekends. We would head down to a local beach and soak up the sun and each other’s company…. put all the fun goodies to good use and then use the AMEX gift card to go to a waterfront dinner <3

  68. Melissa says

    If I could take the daycation kit, I would go to the Jersey Shore. The shoreis so beautiful and it is only an hour + drive away! It really feels like a vacation! I would take my new fiance , Matt , and pack a picnic and of course my bathing suit to enjoy the water. Awesome give-away

  69. Sam says

    For my daycation I’d go with my husband to stone mountain (A nice site in georgia)! I love it there so bringing along all these awesome things will only help (:

  70. says

    If I were to win the daycation giveaway, I would take my fiancee to see a movie-his choice! Then, we would enjoy dinner out of the house!

  71. says

    I would bring my friends and I to the beach… wtih a quick pit stop in Seaside to find the Situation… I bet he would love a Soy Joy bar!

  72. Kelly says

    For a daycation I would go to Victoria for the day! I haven’t been since grade 12 (almost 4 years ago) and its just one ferry ride away! I’d bring the boyfriend and we could explore the city, visit the museum and maybe I could even convince him to have tea at the Empress hotel! :)

  73. katie says

    head upstate to my grandmas for a weekend of relaxation and bring it to the jersey shore with me when me and my fam go in august!

  74. Whitney L. says

    I would probably take it camping or fishing! (Which we still need to do this summer so it would be really great to win!)

  75. Kellie says

    We live close to the beach so I would pack up the kids and we would head to the sand for the day. Nothing beats a long summer day at the beach.

  76. Brenda says

    I live in Rhode Island so my perfect daycation would be a day on either Block Island or Martha’s Vineyard. I would take the ferry over, enjoy some lunch, browse around the shops, and relax on the beach before taking the ferry back home.

  77. Sam says

    I’d probably go to Lake George for the day… it’s got the beach and some great places to eat. The BF has decided he really wants to go to Fort William Henry since he watches so much History channel. We’d probably go on a fireworks/dinner cruise afterward. :)

  78. Sara says

    Oh my gosh My husband and I do need a daycation!! We havent had a vacation all summer and it is summer time!! My favorite time of the year! I would love just one day dedicated to relaxation, photograph it, have a picnic, and enjoy each other’s company!

  79. Megan says

    Our apartment pool is okay, but for a “daycation” I would spend the $20 or so to hang out at the Ritz pool for the day :) Maybe start the morning with a fun bike ride and then just relax…

  80. Sara says

    I would take a daycation with my husband for our 6th anniversary to the beach. I love playing games in the car to make the time pass quicker. We’re on a tight budget so this would be great!

  81. Meredith says

    i would totally spend a day at the pool, soakin up the rays and reading my gossip magazines. sometimes a little water is all you need. thanks!

  82. Diana says

    My relatively new husband (5 months tomorrow!) and I would actually take a day off of work (WHAT?!) and head down to the Jersey Shore…you never know what fun and interesting things you’ll see creeping around there! :)

  83. says

    I would definitely check out the fredricksburg vineyards in austin with my man, take a billion pictures, i LOVE soyjoy products!! thanks so much for the giveaway!!!!! :) :)

  84. Brianne says

    I would take my husband and we would head out to the pool for the day…just to relax without the stress of work and what needs to be done around the house…we would even turn our cell phones off! =)

  85. says

    I am from San Diego and close to our place there’s a hotel that has an enormous pool that you can crash if you pay $5 dollars at the entrance. I would take my kit there with my fiancee and a picnic basket and spend the day in the pool like you guys did!

  86. Brittany L says

    If I were to win the daycation kit I would have a little mother-daughter time and go to the beach & lunch of some sort! Great giveaway :)

  87. colleen says

    I would go on a road trip through Chicago with my boyfriend! I live in the city, but I don’t always feel like I take advantage of the beauty of it.

  88. Crystal Coppel says

    I am new to the Chicago area and I really want to go up to Milwaukee and check it out! I know there are some great restaurants up there, and awesome zoo, breweries, a public market and the Brewers!!! I want to drive up there for the day with my fiance and check out the area and have fun all day and see as much as I can see! The camera couldf document my day, the cooler could hold all my road snacks (Im a HUGE road snack person!!) and the gift card could buy us dinner!!! Awesome give away! Thanks SOYJOY!!

  89. allison says

    This is an amazing giveaway!

    If I were to win, I’d head up to Elora Gorge, and conservation area near where I live in Ontario. I’d just relax, hike, and take amazing new photos with the new camera (!!!).

  90. Jordan says

    Wow that Daycation package looks awesome! I unfortunately don’t have a pool nearby or the ocean to go visit since I’m in the Rockies, but I do think that the package would be perfect for a camping trip to a nearby lake! The cooler, camera, sunblock and snacks are perfect for a day relaxing out it nature! :-)

  91. says

    I moved to Atlanta 8 months ago and my boyfriend and I have been looking for a weekend to drive to Nashville. Neither of us have been and I think it would be a fun little roadtrip – Soy Joy’s goodies would definitely help! Thanks Courtney :)

  92. Hillary says

    I am in desperate need of a vacation, but have been WAY too busy to actually take one, so a DAYCATION sounds like the perfect alternative. We would probably either go to the biggest water park in the Carolinas, Emerald Pointe, about 1.5 hours from us, or head back down to the beach, which we just moved away from! Who moves from the beach on Memorial Day weekend?!

  93. Nicki says

    Since I just moved to Annapolis recently, I would take my boyfriend down to the harbor area to spend the day people watching, trying out the many ice cream shoppes!, touring the Naval Base, and ending with a picnic (all while wearing the stellar sunglasses, of course!)

  94. Carly says

    I would love to win this and I think I would use it as you did, at the pool! My traveling is limited now as I am 36 weeks pregnant, so a daycation at the pool is definitely in order!

  95. Amanda says

    WOW, what a great package! If I won that, I would use it poolside – I need a vacation from work and home would be the best place to just relaxxxx

  96. says

    If I won the Daycation kit, I would bring it to hike Old Rag Mountain in Shenandoah National Park. My husband and I have been meaning to do this for awhile now, but just haven’t gotten around to it because we’ve been so busy with work, school, parenting, and life in general. The Daycation kit is the perfect motivation to make it happen. I would also bring it on our beach trip next month.

  97. Maeve Krueger says

    I would spend my daycation with some of my best friends on my soccer team at a fun rafting trip! We would picnic, raft on the water, and have an awesome time together, enjoying all of the awesome soy joy products! :)

  98. Nan says

    I would take my little brother to the amusement park for the day! I’m always so busy with school 400 miles away so I rarely get to see him, and this is one of the last summers I’ll be spending at home before I head off to med school so I’d love to spend some more time with him and be a kid again :)

  99. Monique Gagnon says

    WOW! What a FUN giveaway:) for my ‘staycation,’ I’d totally head north to ME to spend the day on the beach with my roommates… which would be made easy with the fun cooler!

  100. Nicole says

    How fun! And super generous!

    If I won, I would use it for a day trip to the vineyards! I live in western Long Island, and it takes about an hour and a half to get to the eastern part where all of the wineries are located. I’d round up some of my girlfriends (or hubby if he’s lucky!) and hit the road – a few stops at the local wineries for tours/tastings, a picnic lunch, and a special dinner before heading back home…

  101. Marcie says

    I would go to the Cape for a day with my husband. We could go to the beach, play some mini golf, and go out to dinner!

  102. Jessica says

    I’d go to Yosemite for a backpacking trip with my boyfriend! Then on the way home, we’d hit up a nice restaurant. I always like to pair roughing it with a little splurge!

  103. says

    great giveaway! I would probably go hang out in a park and have a picnic or use one of my friends who have an awesome pool and provide some baked goods :) Orrrr spend the day at the mall with that $50 Amex gift card hahaha

  104. says

    oh my gosh, this looks so cool, Courtney! I would for sure just take it all to the oceanfront with me. but those games are my FAVORITE… I’d probably bug every single one of my friends to play them with me all the time.

    maybe even my coworkers, too. yipes.

    aaand since I lost my camera recently, this would be faantastic to win.

  105. says

    How awesome!! I would take it all to my family’s lakehouse! My parents, brother & sis-in-law, and my boyfriend would all join me! We would have a relaxing day by the pool just like y’all did!! :)

  106. says

    If I were to win the Daycation I would go to South Haven, Michigan. It is a BEAUTIFUL beach on Lake Michigan! I would take my family with me. My 5 year old sister loves to play in the water and sand. I would take my stack of books and read the day away while taking breaks to get ice cream :)

  107. says

    I love your blog and already follow both you and Soyjoy on Twitter!

    If I had a a soyjoy daycation I would celebrate with some girlfriends and a great Hike in the Adirondacks! There is no better way to get in a great healthy work out and enjoy time with friends!

  108. Julie says

    I’d love to use it for a one day getaway to Point Reyes, a beautiful area on the California coast just north of San Francisco. I’ve lived in the Bay Area my entire life and have never made it up there! I’ve heard it has lots of great hiking trails and beaches.

  109. Joanna says

    I am in serious need of a daycation! If I won the kit I would go to the local reservoir with a good book & the doggie to just relax and have a quiet day to myself.

  110. Sarah Elizabeth says

    I would explore the beautiful White Mountains with my boyfriend, best friend, and her hubby! And I would take a million pictures with my new digital camera! 😉

  111. Karina says

    I would go on a long bike ride to a park near my house with my boyfriend. I’d love to just sit by the lake and relax with a picnic then rent kayaks!

  112. Megan says

    I would spend a daycation in sea isle city, nj! living outside of philadelphia makes getting to the beach for the day soo easy :)

  113. susan says

    I would (finally) go on our boat to enjoy all the beautiful sights on the southshore of Long Island and hopefully catch some fish. Of course it would be a romantic time with my husband.

  114. Erin says

    I just moved to Decatur, GA from your neck of the woods and haven’t had much time or cash to explore the area. The hubby and I would have a great time doing just that. Fun!

  115. says

    Hi Courtney! This is so fun!!! We have a few plans yet with the kiddos before the summer is over so we would definitely enjoy this amazing set of goodies!! And I Love the pic that shows Chobani!!! hahaha We LOVE Chobani and HM granola!! mmmm :) We would definitely split up the goodies among the 4 of us and have a good ole fashioned road trip!! :) GREAT connecting with you recently!

  116. says

    what a great package!
    I live in st louis so I would take my kiddo to the childrens museum, go to a cardinals game, and stay downtown for the night!

  117. Lisa says

    I would spend my Daycation with my husband on our low-key, low-budget honeymoon, taking a day trip to a nearby town for window shopping and mini-golf!

  118. Melanie says

    I would hike up Pikes Peak, a huge mountain near my home- I’ve always lived in Colorado but never got the guts to climb our beautiful mountains! It’s a day-long journey, but totally worth it :)

  119. FALLON says

    i would take a daycation to the beach with my best friend (who could REALLY use a fun day) where we could people watch, lay out, go in the water and enjoy our goody bag :)

  120. Theresa says

    I would take a daycation to Galveston (I’m live in Houston) with my boyfriend who just moved down here and has never been!

  121. stacey says

    i would definitely head to Yosemite for the day!! only a quick 2 hours from my house, and its SOOOO gorgeous there!!!!

  122. Leslie Luu says

    For a daycation, I’d love to bring my little cousins with me to an amusement park to see other happy families (and rides). =)

  123. Kathy says

    I would take a daycation with my boyfriend in central park! we live in nyc and have been trying to find fun alternative ways to spend our weekends without spending tons of $$ (which is easy to do in the city). It would be so nice to have a pack of fun questions and games and just relax in the park for a change!

  124. says

    I moved to Nashville last year, and I still haven’t really explored Tennessee…I think I would take a trip to Great Smokey Mountains National Park, which is supposed to be really beautiful!

  125. says

    I would take a daycation to the mountains we have here in town, to go on a hike! I would use the camera to take pictures from the top! I would bring some nutrition bars; like Luna, SoyJoy ;), etc. I would probably see the most beautiful landscape possible!!!

  126. says

    This is such a cute and fun giveaway! I’d sweep my guy off his feet, depart Baltimore and head down across the Bay Bridge over to the eastern shore of Maryland, and pretend we are on a getaway far far away. Nothing like mixing up your weekend routine like throwing in a little Daycation!

    Love your pictures from this adventure!

  127. Nicole says

    I would love to go on a Daycation to Palm Springs or the desert. We’d have to leave early early early in the morning (This is where SoyJoy would come in handy for a no-fuss breakfast) to get on the road before it heats up too much!

    Once in Palms Springs, we’d lather up with some sunscreen, pack some cool drinks, and some snacks before renting a pair of bicycles and hitting the road for a nice long ride. We’d stop along the road, taking pictures of the scenery before heading back to where we’d park. Hopefully (for the sake of our nostrils and those around us) we’d be able to find a shower to get cleaned up before heading out for a late lunch with some FroYo for dessert (hey – we earned a little treat, right)?

    Fully satisifed with a day full of sun, sweat, and sweet treats, we’d head back home.

    (Nice thoughts for a Monday morning!)

  128. Lynn says

    I get so excited about a good giveaway! I would go to a state park and bring my family. I love summer and I LOVE your blog!!!!

  129. Jen says

    If I won the daycation kit I would pack it up and bring it down the street to the community pool to relax with friends and lounge in the sun all day!

  130. Ali says

    If I won the Daycation giveaway, I’d do a day trip in Philly where my boyfriend is going to school now. We could go to the museums and walk around Penn’s campus with all the preparations we need for yummy snacks and entertainment!.. And a sweet camera to document it :)

  131. angela wilding says

    Since we just moved from NY to Florida I would take a much needed day and go to the beach all day with my family and relax.

  132. says

    I would go to the beach! My fiance and I live in SE Connecticut, right by the Rhode Island border, so we have tons of options. I’d want to relax and see a live band as well – there is always live music right on the beach in Misquamicut, where we like to go!

  133. Kate says

    I guess I’d have to take Joe (since he demanded I enter the contest lol) and we’d head up to Lake George for the day. Catch a little sun on the beach and definitely finish the day at Martha’s :)

  134. Ashlie says

    What an awesime giveaway!!! If I won, I’d like to take my man and my dog to the beach. Its all three of our favorite place to be :)

  135. Kalynn says

    I would take my mom on a wine tasting tour in the Texas Hill Country! She’s always wanted to do it, but we just never have!

  136. Linda says

    I would pack up the kids and head to Niagara Falls (about 1 1/2 hours away) and we would have a blast!

  137. Danielle says

    I would take all my daycation supplies with me camping this weekend to Stillwater State Park in the Adirondacks. I would totally share it with my friends and my boyfriend.

  138. Michelle S says

    My daycation would be up the Rocky mountains (I live in Colorado) for the day to hike, have a picnic and then head to the back patio for some local brews and bqq with friends and family.

  139. says

    If I won the Daycation Kit, I would definitely bring my boyfriend, Dustin, along! We would go for a hike and enjoy some delicious snacks and take lots of fun pictures with the new camera. Then, later, I would invite a bunch of our friends over to play games! (especially Would You Rather!)

  140. Kaite says

    that sounds awesome! i would totally use it to hang out at the beach for a day! like you i need a vacation from all of my vacations!!

  141. says

    I am now a twitter follower! Also, if I were to get the daycation package, I would most definitely go up to Lake George and take the husband and our bikes and cruise around town take in the sites and enjoy each other’s company in the peaceful surroundings! :-) and of course take pictures with the new camera while eating the delicious bars stored in the cooler! Can’t forget some wine to cool down with post bike :-)

  142. says

    I cannot WAIT to take a day-cation to a winery with my sweet man and will take SOOOOOOOO MANY pictures to post just for you Courtney!!!! I am also following BOTH parties, have TWEETED both parties, and simply just really want to win!!!!

  143. Laura B. says

    I would rescue my hubby from work and spend the day @ Stone Mountain Park. We would climb the mountain, picnic by the lake and enjoy each others company. Team Soy Joy.

  144. Courtney says

    I just moved to San Francisco, so there are soooo many fun options that I could use the kit for! I think I’d take it on a bike ride across the Golden Gate bridge to Sausalito and then wander around before taking the ferry back!

  145. Jen M. says

    Ahhhh, I would love to win this!! I’ve been dying to do a daycation at the beach (I’m about 2 hours away), and all of these things would be PERFECT for grabbing a friend and finally going!!!

  146. Aria says

    Omg I would love to win this bc I’m watching everyone else go away and I’m so jealous I can’t! (I’m getting married in October so all my PTO will go for that). I am only about 2hrs from the jersey shore so I’d def go to the beach for the day. This is an awesome giveaway – thanks for offering it!! :)

  147. Danielle E. says

    If I won, I would go camping! I’ve been wanting to for a while now and since there are so many places locally I can pack up my SOYJOY package and hit the road! :)

  148. Kristen says

    I would spend my daycation at the beach! we leave in florida but about 30 minutes still from the beach. i love soyjoy!

  149. Meredith says

    I’d have my 4 best friends over, make your stars and strips cake and hang by the pool all day with the girls!

  150. Samantha says

    If I won the Daycation giveaway I would certainly save it for my upcoming 21st birthday and head to the beach with my friends for a day full of celebration & memories!

  151. Kalyn says

    I would definitely make a trip up to Sedona. I live in Phoenix now, but have never been to Sedona, and I think this package would help make the roadtrip with my besties more bearable!

  152. Julie K. says

    My fiance and I would definitely use that on our honeymoon in September! We are going to Key West and we both have never been =)

  153. Sara says

    I’m not as lucky as you to have my own pool, so I’d take all this stuff to the local pool with a bunch of friends! Great giveaway!

  154. Audrey says

    If I were to win….I’d go to this amazing waterpark with my younger brother, Mack, and my mom. We would go to the park, where my mom would lounge my the wave pool (totally awesome!) and read a book, while Mack and I rode as many rides as possible. We’d break for lunch, and talk about all the fun we’re having, then go out again. Then on the way home, we’d snack on a few Soyjoys, and talk about the day. Perhaps even end the night at the Drive-In theaters or regualt theaters (with a few Soyjoys hidden in my purse to share 😉 ).

  155. Rachelle says

    I would go to the beach with my best friend, my twin sister, and drive along the coast and just enjoy our time with each other

  156. Leilani says

    I would go just about anywhere – my hubby and I need a much well deserved break – we never got a honeymoon – we got married 7 years ago and went straight on a flight to a job. Now we have a little 4 year old – and we just need some alone time desperately – so I would not be picky – just hanging out with him is the best.

  157. Alaina Johnson says

    If I had my choice of a daycation it would be to leave Tallahassee, FL for a weekend and hit up a beach. See everyone thinks that every inch of Florida is shoreline but I go to FSU in the capital and the closest beach is like an hour away! Not too mention gas is crazy expensive and if I propose leaving Tallahassee, my mom guilts me into going back home! (hopefully my mom doesn’t see that my daycation does not include her :/ ) So I would take my boyfriend and our group of friends and go to a beach and just not worry about college, life, work, for a day. Okay maybe not so much not worry about college but more like not worry about becoming a big girl and reality hitting. I would spend the money on some food for the beach and then definitely a trip to fro-yo place on the way home for dinner. The boys of my group hate when I propose fro-yo for dinner but lets be real, ITS MY DAYACATION AND I WANT IT :)

  158. Jenn L says

    I’ve been meaning to take a daycation to Rehoboth Beach all summer. This package would be perfect!

  159. says

    I’m not sure where I would go. I would love to go somewhere on the Mainland (since we live in Hawaii) but a little beach daycation would amazing! I would take ma handsome hubby!

  160. Kate says

    I would do some sight seeing here in VA. I’ve lived here for 4 years and still haven’t hit most of the major sites. I’d take my friends, Jenna, Neil and Teri becasue there would be LOTS of laughs! Love your blog!

  161. Robyn says

    Definately a daycation to the lake! It doesnt take much travel time so you can have more fun in the sun! (or with the soyjoy gift package … )

  162. says

    This is a great giveaway! If I won, I would take a “staycation” to my house in Charlotte (I’m at school right now) and share all of the goods with my mom, dad, and brother! I miss them so much while I’m at school and I’d love to be able to relax with them!

  163. Alexa says

    if i won the daycation kit, i would definitely go to the beach. that kit is full of amazing stuff to use!

  164. Katie says

    I’d take the Daycation kit to Fenwick Island in Delaware for more summer fun down at the beach. It’s quieter & more family oriented than the college/beach week scene in Ocean City Maryland but it’s still close enough to go out for a few drinks.

  165. says

    I would take a little car ride to Ocean City Maryland with my hubby since we don’t have weekends off together. He needs a little soyjoy in his life!

  166. Bri says

    For my daycation, I would spend a day on the lake near my house. For the past few months, I’ve been in NYC and been super busy so I definitely need a calm, relaxing day on the lake!

  167. Tisha says

    I would go to a campground/park near my home where they have hiking, picnic areas, and a beach with some family and friends. Just spend the whole day outdoors having fun!!

  168. says

    First off, you’re so tan, and I’m so jealous.

    Second, if I won the Staycation, I would make the three-hour drive up to the Cape (or maybe the shorter drive to Newport, RI) and head to the beach all day with my boyfriend. If we were in Newport, the mansions along the cliffs would be a must. For either destination, ice cream would be a must :)

  169. Lauren says

    I love soyjoys! I would use the kit and travel to the beach to see my family. My husband and I would enjoy the car games and the coolers for snacks on the way!

  170. Laura H says

    I’d probably go on a day trip to the beach. I live in Florida and the beach is nearby but life is so busy that I never get a chance to go!

  171. says

    I would probably go on a trip to Santa Barbara! It’s about 2 hours away, but I never get the chance to go! Wow this is such a great package.

  172. says

    My friends and I are planning a day trip out to Harper’s Ferry to go tubing down the river. The cooler would be perfect for packing snacks and the games would entertain us in the car. Oh and the camera would obviously take awesome pictures.

  173. says

    what a fun giveaway! i would totally take the day and go walk around this quaint town near me that has HUGE houses, spend the 50 bucks on a great lunch (and gas) haha

  174. Michelle says

    I would probably take the hubs to dinner & a movie. It’s been forever since we’ve been to the theater.

  175. Julie says

    I would head out to the lake (unfortunatly there is no ocean nearby) with my hubby and relax for the day!

  176. Katie says

    Holy smokes! Great giveaway! I’d probably daytrip to Baltimore–see an O’s game, eat some crabs, and take some pics of the fishies with my sweet new camera!!

  177. Allie says

    Ahh! I’d try and roadtrip out to the nearest national park for some hiking and swimming and of course picnicking!

  178. says

    If I won the Daycation kit I would go to Lake George (more specifically Bolton Landing) and I would bring a few of my best friends and their S/Os if they wanted to come too. I would probably do a little hiking and then relax on the beach in the afternoon. In the evening I would go to the arcade in Lake George village and play skee ball and then wrap up the day watching the fireworks over the lake!

  179. Elaina says

    Love it all! I would definetly bust it out when my long-distance boyfriend comes to visit next time! Love the question card game!

  180. says

    Oh my fun – this looks awesome! I would take a daycation to this little stream about 4 miles from our house. It has a teeny tiny beach that would only be big enough for the fiancee, the pup and me. We’d snack, swim, play fetch and float in the river all day. Reddick would definitely need his own camera to capture all of the day’s fun moments.

  181. Kait says

    After a summer of moving cross country, moving in with my boyfriend and preparing to start my PhD program in the fall, I would take my new roomie to our new community pool for a day of celebration and relaxation!!!

  182. says

    If I won the daycation, I would bring my Mom! She’s my best friend, and now that all her kids are grown, doesn’t seem to plan vacations anymore for lack of someone to go with. We always went to Maine as kids, so I’d bring her up there for the day!

  183. Laura @ Backstage Balance says

    What an awesome giveaway!
    My ‘Daycation’ would include a trip to a local State Park for a challenging hike and post-workout picnic.

  184. Deborah says

    If I were lucky enough to go on a daycation, I’d like to go somewhere where I could hang out with my poor dog, who spends most of her day in the house alone. Ideally, I’d love to take her out hiking or to the river where we both could get some exercise and fresh air.

  185. Karina says

    Ohmygoodness! I would go on an amazing adventure with my friends! The loot looks great, thatnks for hosting a giveaway, Courtney!

  186. says

    I am going to a country music festival in 2 weeks with 3 of my best girlfriends, and the daycation package would most definitely make the trip with me! Everything in that little package would prove useful… especially the water bottles and bars for hydration/nourishment, and the camera for catching every moment of the 3 days of debauchery!! 😉

  187. Belinda says

    I would take my little brother and sister on a day trip to a place of their choosing (provided in the tour book) in Washington or Idaho, within reason of course 😉 I do not get to spend much time with them during the year so it would be a great opportunity!