She Asked Us…With Cupcakes


I have some truly amazing friends. End of story. Do you guys remember back in April when we all had our big afternoon champagne toast? Actually, I probably shouldn’t bring that up again, seeing as though we apparently broke the law. Woops…too late…moving on. So once my special visitors arrived this afternoon, I noticed that…

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Let’s Make This A Regular Thing


Okay, you guys are seriously funny. I absolutely loved being able to read all of your responses to this morning’s “Would You Rather” questions while sitting at the tire place. They made the time flyyyy by…too bad they couldn’t make the bill for my tires fly away. Boooo. But anyways, I’m thinking I may have…

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Subtle Hints


It’s official… BodyCombat has seriously combated me. I am literally amazed at the amount of soreness that this class can afflict on my body. I mean, you guys know that exercise is no stranger to me, but there’s just something about that class that manages to effect my entire body. That being said…I love every…

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