Let’s Make This A Regular Thing

Okay, you guys are seriously funny. I absolutely loved being able to read all of your responses to this morning’s “Would You Rather” questions while sitting at the tire place. They made the time flyyyy by…too bad they couldn’t make the bill for my tires fly away. Boooo.

But anyways, I’m thinking I may have to make the “Would You Rather” questions a regular morning thing. What do you think…three new questions each morning? This could get super fun, AND we’ll all get to learn a whole lot more about each other.


For example, now I know that Holly would rather poop her pants but Colleen would much rather get pooped on.

Oh yeah…we’re all getting a whole lot closer. Winking smile


Earlier today, I drank another V8 juice and I must say, I was really surprised by how many of you lovelies really do NOT like your veggie juice! Alright, alright, I’ll admit; it’s certainly no smoothie, but hey, to each their own, right?!

Not long after, I had to dig into lunch. I couldn’t wait any longer…I had been thinking about it ever since I put it together after last night’s dinner.


As amazing as last night’s tacos were, Jay and I actually weren’t huge fans of the corn tortillas. The brand I bought was pretty bland and they really didn’t taste like much of anything. So today, I decided to just go with the innards…which was the best part anyways!


I really don’t know why I don’t think to incorporate ingredients like avocado and black beans more often. They are just so freakin’ good.


I also enjoyed a lemon Chobani with lunch, along with a few slices of watermelon that didn’t last long enough to make it front of the camera. Woops.



I am really excited about this afternoon…I have some very special visitors who, I just realized, I hung out with on this same exact day last year, too. Who knew?

They should be arriving annnny minute now… Open-mouthed smile

Catch ya later!

Question for the Afternoon:

Do you have any idea what YOU were doing on July 19th last year?


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    hahaha I love the questions & no I have absolutely no idea, thats awesome though next year ill be able to look at my blog.

  2. says

    I was in Barcelona last July 19th..!

    I put avocado and black beans on pretty much everything. My husband and I have been eating a black bean avocado salad non stop for the past few weeks!!

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    Though I haven’t had a blog for a year (not even close, haha!), the program iPhoto on my Mac is really cool because you can view all your pictures from the “Last 12 Months.” The pictures at the top will be from approximately one year ago!

    Can I also say that we are total meal twins right now… I had tacos last night and then turned the innards into a meal for lunch today as well! Watermelon was also involved :)

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    That salad looks delish! I just had one yesterday with avocado and garbanzo beans and it was yummy creaminess :)

    I have absolutely no clue what I did last July 19th since I just started my blog…but now I will for next year 😉

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    Lemon chobani is one of the best! Even though my blog is only a few months old, I do unfortunately know what I was doing last July 19th b/c it’s the anniversary of a friend’s death when we were 12 and I was visiting the cemetary this day last year. Morbid I know, but funny that you asked that question today b/c it’s probably the only random day I could remember what I was doing on.

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    Last year, I have no idea. I think I may have just had one of my bridal showers the weekend before?? But the year before that, I had just gotten back from a mission trip in Guatemala. I was actually planning on blogging about it later today. Thinking about that trip brings back a lot of good memories!! :)

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    Too funny, just this morning I was groaning when I remembered I was at the OBX this very day last year !!! Oh well, I guess I can wait until August this time around… *sigh*

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    The only thing that would make your salad complete would be some peppers! I know you are not a fan of HEAT, but some mild garden salsa peppers would give it a little kick! I am from Dallas, so everything has a little spice here! :)

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    I just ate at the WholeFoods salad bar and had the most delicious blackbeans from the hot section! I need to remember to stock up on them!

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    Will you be sharing your “would you rather responses”? I don’t believe I know your answer to the poop question! HAHA 😉

    Ohhh I was probably working on wedding planning… & now the wedding planning is finally coming to a close a year later!

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    I love having a blog so I can look back at this stuff. Last July 19, I went to a welcome-home party for one of my friends who was in Kenya. I remember it being so fun, and I also remember eating homemade whipped cream off a spoon :)

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    Having the would you rather questions is such a fun idea! I love it! Your lunch mixture sounds fabulous! I have no idea what I was doing last year on July 19th. I hope it was something fun though! 😉

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    Hahahahah 😀 Thank you for the shout out about the pooping… I couldn’t think of a better shout out 😉
    So excited that this is a regular on the blog! SO much fun!

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