Subtle Hints

It’s official…

BodyCombat has seriously combated me.

I am literally amazed at the amount of soreness that this class can afflict on my body. I mean, you guys know that exercise is no stranger to me, but there’s just something about that class that manages to effect my entire body.

That being said…I love every second of it (except, of course, for when I have to try sitting down. Oooof).

When trying to figure out this morning’s workout, I was feeling rather limited. Running, yoga, and Pilates were all out of the question due to my beyond-fatigued muscles, so I opted for an old standby: the 45 Minute Treadmill Walk. I managed to kick it up a few notches so even though it was walking, I still made sure to push it to the max.

After getting my walk on, I headed back upstairs, only to find my little man waiting for me.


I think he’s trying to tell me something…


I know bud, mommy’s gotta do the laundry. Thanks for the subtle hints…did dad put you up to this??


I’ll bet he did. Winking smile


Breakfast was a quick and easy one, since I need to scoot my sore boo-tay out the door in a few minutes. A cereal combo will always come through in a pinch!


Today’s combo: Fiber One 80 Calorie Honey Squares, Kashi Honey Sunshine (<—first time trying this one, but I really like it), skim milk, sliced banana, and chia seeds. Yes, I finally remembered the chia seeds.


I’m also bringing my iced coffee on the road with me this morning. I have to go and get some new tires for my car, so this will (hopefully) help beat the boredom along with my latest Emily Giffin book…


I finally finished my last Emily Giffin book on the way home from Wildwood last week, all while fighting off the car sickness from reading in the car. But it was definitely worth it because I LOVED the ending to that book! Hopefully this one is just as good. Smile

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Questions for the Morning (based from my “Would You Rather” game!)


  • Eat 20 cheeseburgers OR eat nothing for 3 days
  • Grow old and be happy OR stay young and be depressed
  • Poop your pants in public OR be pooped on (<—this one is hilarious!!!!)


  1. says

    haha great post girl :) i want to read “heart of the matter” and probably would be fighting off the sickness as well since i get horrible motion sickness in cars :( womp. happy tuesday! xo

  2. says

    Whenever someone says they are reading the Heart of the Matter, I always get confused because I always think they are reading the Graham Greene novel, and they are instead reading the Emily Griffin one. Since I’ve already read the first, maybe I should check out this one. :)

  3. says

    I would rather eat nothing for 3 days…twenty cheeseburgers would make me vom…and I hate nothing more than that!

    Grow old and be happy for sure!

    Poop my pants…at least I know what I ate…you never know what the other person has coming out…HAHA

  4. says

    1. I’d say eat nothing for 3 days – but I’d be the biggest bitch on Earth. So I’ll have to go with the 20 burgers :)
    2. Grow old and be happy!! Sometimes I think I’m a grandma living in a 23-year-old’s body anyway.
    3. Oh my gosh, be pooped on – but not by a human! Maybe a bird? That’s not so bad..But come on, wouldn’t you just die if you pooped your pants in public?! AHHH!!

  5. says

    Heart of the Matter is good, but really depressing. I’d rather not eat anything for three days and grow old while being happy. I don’t think I can answer the last one!

  6. says

    1. 20 cheeseburgers – no doubt! that actually sounds fantastic. 😉
    2. grow old, without a doubt. i am actually looking forward to it!
    3. be pooped on. so gross, but i would be beyond embarrassed if i was the crapper.

  7. says

    I love that last picture of Cody! ….. CUTE! :) …I’m getting into the Emily Giffin books! Just finished the first and now on to the second….

    I would rather not eat anything for 3 days, I don’t think I could benefit from eating 20 in any ways shape or form.
    Grow old happy, it’s the way it is supposed to be.
    Poop my pants, and hopefully not have to stay in public long… LOVE that game!

  8. says

    Eat nothing for three days – weird I know…but I don’t eat red meat so eating 20 cheeseburgers might kill me! haha
    Grow old & be happy for sure :)
    And for that last one, I am sure one day when I am a Mom I will be pooped on!

    I get horrible car sickness too! Yuck!

  9. says

    Love the ‘would you rather’ game!
    1. could they be soy burgers?! 😉 I don’t know if I could go three days with no food!
    2. grow old & be happy!! So excited about that one actually 😀
    3. I’d poop my pants. Bring. It. On! 😉 Hahahahah!

  10. says

    Haa I love that game!
    1) Eat cheeseburgers for sure.
    2) Grow old and happy!
    3) Poop my pants–there is some hope for discretion there!

  11. says

    I LOVE Emily’s books. I read all four and they are such great, fun reads. I hope you enjoy the last one!

    1. Eat nothing for 3 days. I am not sure that I could stomach 20 burgers. Ugh.

    2. Old and happy with my hubby :)

    3. Umm, if I HAD to choose. I guess I would say be pooped on since that is sure to happen one day when I have a baby.

  12. says

    Eat 20 cheeseburgers OR eat nothing for 3 days eat 20 cheeseburgers! I would just be walking on the treadmill while eating. :)

    Grow old and be happy OR stay young and be depressed Grow old and be happy! Happiness brings out true beauty, no matter what age.

    Poop your pants in public OR be pooped on (<—this one is hilarious!!!!) Be pooped on. I can wipe it off and still have some of my dignity left!

  13. Kathryn says

    1) Eat nothing
    2) Grow old and be happy!
    3) Be pooped on. I have 2 kids, I have already experienced this one, both in public and in private! Ah, the joys of parenthood.

  14. says

    I’d have to opt for the cheeseburgers…hell, I did the whole “eat nothing for days on end” bit and that shit ain’t messing around…old and happy…and poop my own pants. I’d rather be in my own funk than someone else’s!

  15. says

    1. Eat nothing– I’d be a bitch and a half, because I get really grouchy when I’m hungry, but ewww- 20 burgers a day for 3 days?! (Or 20 burgers IN three days?) Regardless, my answer is nothing haha

    2. Old and be happy- what’s the point of being young if you’re not even happy?

    3. Pooped on. I can tolerate poop. Vomit – not so much. Lol.

  16. Amanda says

    omg i am loving your ‘would you rather’ questions this morning!

    1. eat nothing for three days – 20 cheeseburgers? i probably couldn’t make it after two..
    2. old and happy. if i was depressed and young i wouldn’t be living it up like you should be when you’re young!
    3. now if i HAD to pick, i’d say pooped on – i’ll keep my dignity thanks =)

  17. says

    Omg haha…those questions are funny.
    1. I would rather eat 20 cheeseburgers. I start getting super hungry after several hours, so 3 days of no eating would be an ugly site.
    2. I would definitely rather get old and be happy.
    3. Um…I’m really not sure- these both sound awful. I guess I’d rather get pooped on because then at lease I don’t have to be embarrassed for something I did.

  18. says

    First off, just wanna say, good choice on the Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal. It’s my favvvvorite. Try it on greek yogurt sometime :)
    1. Eat nothing for 3 days
    2. Grow old and happy
    3. Poop my pants in public, haha

  19. says

    1. Burgers, yes. I would go cuckoo without food for three days! I wonder what my vegan sister would choose……
    2. Grow old and be happy <- isn't that everyone's goal??!
    3. HAHAHA well since I'm guilty of the first (SHH, it was in front of a close friend and a night of drinking, she understands), I'll choose that one. I don't want anyone's poo on me, but my own.

  20. says

    Great post! My Body Sculpt class that I take on Tuesdays has the exact same effect on me. Muscles I didn’t even know I had hurt to move the next day!

    * Eat nothing for 3-days. As much as I love cheeseburgers I don’t love them that much!
    * Old and happy!
    * I can’t even answer that… pleeease let me pick neither! :-)

  21. says

    I’d rather:
    – eat nothing for 3 days. Then again, if I ate 20 cheeseburgers, I’d probably not eat for 3 days anyways.
    – Grow old & happy. The young & miserable thing sucks. I’d rather enjoy life, no matter what age!
    – I’d rather get pooped on. It’s already happened to me in NYC (from a pigeon) when I was eating ice cream. It was disgusting, but I showered & survived. The humiliation from pooping your pants might cause me to lock myself away.

  22. says

    Haha! Cody is SO cute! 😀
    1) I would rather eat 20 cheeseburgers! I dont think i could handle 3 days! (although i’d be nice and thin by the end LOL)
    2) Grow old and be happy! who is picking the latter?
    3) ummm i think the first one LOL!

  23. says

    Okay, so here it goes…

    1. Eat 20 cheeseburgers OR eat nothing for 3 days – well, not eating for 3 days would drive me up the wall and make me a huge bitch, so I guess I am going with 20 cheeseburgers
    2. Grow old and be happy OR stay young and be depressed – obviously grow old and happy!!!! Happiness is better than anything :)
    3. Poop your pants in public OR be pooped on – um, I am not so sure about this one… I guess I would have to go with poop in my pants (even though I am not a fan of either)


  24. says

    I love would you rather!

    1) eat nothing for 3 days, the smell and htought of cheese makes me gag
    2) grow old and be happy
    3) poop my pants in public….as long as theyre not white pants, even still we’ll pretend its mud.

  25. says

    I love the would you rather…
    I would rather eat 20 cheeseburgers because I can’t go 3 minutes without eating much less three days
    I would rather grow old and happy. I love old people and will be happy to be one when the time comes.
    I would rather be pooped on. Atleast then, it’s not my fault that it happend. Everyone can stare at the crazy person that pooped on someone!

  26. Jen M. says

    1. Eat the 20 cheeseburgers
    3. Assuming you’re allowed some beverage to wash down those 20 cheeseburgers, I’d drink some strong [iced] coffee to flush them out and probably be poopin’ my pants by default! THAT’S A LOT OF FOOD! Oh so gross!!

  27. says

    Ha love this question fun!

    1. Definitely eat 20 cheeseburgers…or how about 100 cups of fro yo??!!

    2. Grow old and be happy – happiness definitely wins over youth :)

    3. Oh gosh I’ll have to say I’d rather be pooped on…I think that’s slightly less embarrassing then pooping your own pants!

  28. says

    3 whole days without food? 3 WHOLE DAYS? And I don’t even really like cheeseburgers. Maybe if it was 20 sliders it’d be easier? I’d still do that over skipping food.

    I would rather grow old and happy – being sad/depressed is no fun. I love happiness and laughter, and I love life, so why not live it for a long time and be happy about it?!

    Poop or be pooped on? Really? Who came up with these questions?! LOL! I’m going to have to go with pooping. I mean, I don’t even like using the pooper scooper to clean up after my dog, nevermind having poop actually ON ME. GACK!

  29. says

    *Most definitely eat 20 cheeseburgers (can they be from McDonald’s?)
    *Grow old and happy… depression sucks.
    *Be pooped on by a bird in publice (it’s happened before) rather than poop myself in public.

    That game sounds like our WTF game from Spencers.

  30. says

    I think I would skip eating for 3 days, I can’t imagine the way I would feel if I downed 20 cheeseburgers. Yikes! I would rather grow old and be happy. As for the poop question, I would much rather be pooped on I think.

  31. says

    1.i think if i ate 20 cheeseburgers i’d get sick and then just not eat anything for 3 days so let’s skip the middle man on that one..
    2. grow old, be happy!
    3. definitely get pooped on! If you poop your pants in public people would be so grossed out by if you got pooped on people would just feel bad for you ha

  32. says

    Haha love the questions! I’d rather grow old and happy! Maybe it’s because I’m only 23 but I don’t get why some people fear ageing! Remind me of these words in 10 years 😉

  33. says

    I read Heart of the Matter awhile ago…very good!

    I would…

    1. Eat 20 cheeseburgers (even though I dislike burgers, I wouldn’t want to starve)
    2. Grow old and be happy
    3. Get pooped on (it could just be from a bird, right?- that’s not as bad as the other option)


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