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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, for all of your ideas and advice last night on how I can try to get rid of my little problem. I read through them all as soon as I got home from my softball game (at 10pm) last night, trying to figure out what I could do quickly.

While it appears that the wine in a cup trap will do the trick, I’m sorry, but I’m just not about to share my $7.99 bottle of Barefoot Pinot Grigio wine with those little pests. I.don’


So right before heading to bed, I added a squirt of dish soap to my apple cider vinegar and I think I may now have 6 fruit flies in there. Hey, at least we’re making progress.


This morning,it was BodyPump time. This was actually the first class I’ve taken in two weeks and I was excited to see that the instructor finally switched things up. I was getting pretty bored with the latest release, so today’s BodyPump 75 release was a welcomed change.

On a side note…would you believe that I’m still sore from Monday’s BodyCombat class? I can’t believe it. I even had to decrease my weight on a few of the tracks. Whew!

I followed up BodyPump with 20 minutes of these treadmill intervals before calling it a day and heading home for some breakfast.


I was craving Blizzard Butter in a bad way this morning, so I enjoyed some on top of a lightly toasted Thomas’ Honey Wheat English muffin with banana slices, chia seeds, cinnamon, and honey.


And since that just wasn’t enough, I enjoyed a little bit more on the rest of my ‘naner.


A sweaty glass of iced coffee is also currently being sipped on as a type.


Super delicious. Smile


Oky doky, it’s almost time for “Would You Rather,” but first, just a quick reminder…

***You only have until this evening to enter the SOYJOY Daycation Giveaway! Make sure you get all of those entries in!

And now…let’s get to those questions, shall we? I don’t know about you, but I am totally loving these.


  • Have a painful pimple on the inside of your nose for a week -OR- a bad cold sore for the same length of time? (P.S., pimples in the nose are THE WORST, no??)
  • Live in a house with no windows -OR- no doors?
  • Eat a cup of mayonnaise -OR- a cup of horseradish? (You MUST choose 1!)


  1. says

    oooh, those are easy ones! :)

    – painful pimple. those suckers can be covered up with less embarrassment, I think.
    – no doors. I’m limber.. I can get myself out a window. need that light!
    – is it bad that I could probably do either? I love horseradish.. but mayo would probably be easier.

  2. says

    Oh god haha.
    1. I would rather have a painful pimple because you can’t see it inside the nose
    2. Um…live in a house with no doors. I could use the windows as a door :). I’ll be creative as long as I can have some sunlight.
    3. Mayo for sure. I like mayo…no I’ve never eaten it straight up…but I think I could handle it.

  3. says

    These are BY FAR THE WORST questions you’ve asked haha
    ■ Pimple in my nose, cold sores are nasty lookin, at least you can hide the pimple
    ■ Live in a house with no windows, at least I can open the doors
    ■ This is horrifying, I HATE mayo & horseradish…..ugh, I guess the horseradish because mayo gives me the heebie-jeebies!

  4. says

    1. Pimple because it can be hidden.
    2. No doors because I could go out the window.
    3. Horseradish… I’m not a fan of mayo. I would just have to eat the horseradish really slooowwllyyy!! 😉

    I think a lot of people are probably going to answer #1 and 2 the same… I can see that the people who already commented said similar things to me haha!

  5. says

    Pimple – I have a canker sore on my tongue right now and I’m ready to bite it off I can’t take mouth things
    No doors – I can climb out a window and still get light
    Horseradish – Mayo makes me gag

  6. says

    im so glad I saw this post I missed the last one, were on fruit fly overload at my house too and I am desperate to get rid of them!

  7. says

    Pimple: it may hurt but if it isn’t your nose then it would be hidden from view

    No windows..without door you would have ZERO privacy and anyone could walk in.

    Horseradish: no question.

  8. says

    I’d definitely take the painful pimple (that no one can see haha)

    … live in a house with no windows (so no creatures could get in… and I think i would spend MORE time outside if I wasnt able to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from inside my house)

    …eat a cup of horseradish (i love it.. really).

  9. says

    -A bad cold sore for a week, pimples on the inside of the nose are horrible!
    -No doors for sure…. I love windows and go crazy without them; I can exit through the windows thank you very much!
    -Ugh. Mayo, please make it light though. Be kind. HA!

  10. says

    Pimple, cold sores look worse and I would think feel worse too!

    No windows?! I don’t think I want strangers being able to walk into my house….unless you mean no doors as in exits?? I am confused on this one 😉 haha. I blame not having coffee yet!

    Horseradish – only cause I hate mayo!

  11. says

    I think I just threw up thinking about eating a cup of mayo.

    1. Def the pimple! Cold sores are awful.
    2. Ummm, no doors. I would hate not having natural light. It would feel like a cave.
    3. And obviously I’d eat the horseradish.

  12. says

    1. Definitely the pimple-because it wouldn’t be visible.
    2. No door-I’ve been threw a window or two before and would hate if there was no light.
    3. Horseradish- I like mayo but I couldn’t do a cup.

  13. says

    1. Pimple- at least no one would see it!
    2. No doors- I would get way too claustrophobic without windows!
    3. Horseradish- at least it has some flavoring…I’d feel like I was just eating a cup of fat if I were eating a cup of mayo!

  14. Jessie says

    Pimple inside the nose – at least then it wouldn’t be seen

    No doors – with windows you can still get in and out and have a view with them shut.

    Horseradish – I can’t stand mayonnaise!

  15. colleen says

    1. Painful pimple-I pick my lips when I have cold sores and it makes it even worse.
    2. I’d rather have a house with no windows. Doors=privacy!
    3. Mayonnaise for sure

  16. Kathryn says

    1) Definitely the pimple (never had a cold sore, wouldn’t want to start)
    2) Windows. Like everyone said, I can climb out the window.
    3) This is a really hard ( and gross) one. I think I’d have to go with the horseradish…so long as I could vomit after (blech)

  17. says

    Pimple, hands down. Cold sores suck.
    I’d rather have windows, as long as I’m allowed to crawl through them 😉 I love having natural light
    ….and even though I’m not a fan of either, I’d go with mayo. But I’m not saying I would enjoy it.

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  18. says

    These are easy today…thankfully…normally I have to jog my brain for a minute 😉
    1. Definitely pimple. Cold sores are just gross. Eek!
    2. No doors. I would just crawl thru a window 😉
    3. 1 cup of horse radish. I HATE mayo.

    Hope you catch more fruit flies today! Those things are such a pain!!!

  19. says

    I would rather

    1. Have a nose-zit; at least you can conceal it!

    2. House with no windows I guess; I’d have to get out…

    3.Mayo, gladly!

  20. says

    1 pimple in the nose.. its painful but hidden.
    2. no doors, i will climb out! I need some sunshine.!
    3. ew no way mayo it is so gross. not a fan of either but horse radish b/c the smell and consistency of mayo makes me gag!

  21. says

    Pimple in the nose (cold sores are painful and ugly)

    House with no doors – I go crazy without natural light.

    Horseradish – I’ve never had horseradish but mayo makes me gag!

  22. says

    1. pimple- I get cold sores…they are AWFUL, and very visible…plus everyone who doesn’t get them are more than willing to yell out that you have herpes (super!)

    2. doors…Then i could cheat the system and have wall-length windows (and possibly sliding glass doors(?)–not sure if those count as window or door)

    3. i have never had horseradish! So I am really not sure!

  23. says

    1. i have to go with the pimple in the nose. at least no one would see it!
    2. definitely no doors. i would just make sure to have a huge window that i could crawl out of 😉
    3. i actually LOVE horseradish so i’d choose that!

  24. says

    Nothing to do with fruit flies- although now I know what to do when I have that problem (happens every year!), but your blog has saved me money!! I LOVE iced coffee’s and was spending WAY too much money on them each week. I would go about 3-4 times a week to buy one at my local coffee shop. Since your blog I have begun to brew my own coffee, put it in the fridge and add fat free caramel and chocolate sauce to it. Much less fat and MUCH cheaper! Thanks! I love your blog, you’re lots of fun!

  25. says

    1. I would definitely rather have a painful pimple…I get so self-conscious with the look of cold sores
    2. I’d definitely rather have no doors…gotta get creative and climb through those windows!
    3. I love mayo…I think I could eat a cup of it!

  26. says

    1. pimple in the nose, for sure. No one sees it.
    2. I’d rather have windows, with screens, and big enough to climb in and out of.
    3. Does eating a cup of mayo count if you’re chowin’ on some potato salad? Cause some people I know probably use the whole jar.
    *and gross side note, when I was in middle school, my friends and I would buy “mayo rolls” from a local sub shop for 50 cents. It was straight up mayo on a toasted roll. Kinda skeeves me out now, to think I used to eat them.

  27. says

    What is blizzard butter?? It sounds ridiculously good!

    1. I’ve never had a cold sore so I don’t know how painful they are but I think I’d rather have something hidden.
    2. Can the window be low enough to the ground that I can jump out?
    3. Horseradish for sure!!!

    • Courtney says

      It is my absolute FAVORITE white-chocolate flavored peanut butter. If you click on the link, it will bring you to the site. It’s incredible!!

      And sure…we’ll say that the window can be jumped out of. 😉

  28. says

    1. Pimple – nobody else could see it!
    2. No doors – I need light and it would be fun to climb in and out! Security might be hard though – how do you lock a window from the outside?!
    3. Horseradish – mayo turns my stomach

  29. says

    1) Pimple in the nose — at least then no one can see it!

    2) No windows — I can make do with some artificial good-lighting

    3) Mayo –I’ve never ate it just plain, but I think I could do it under pressure.

  30. Brittany says

    Pimple–cold sores make you look diseased
    No doors–I’m obsessed with windows and natural light
    Horseradish–although I’m pretty sure I don’t like it, but the thought of even a tablespoon of mayo makes me gag—like a lot. I hate things in large quantities. Uck!

  31. says

    OMG I love this game :-)

    It is so hard for me to answer #1 – I’d go with the pimple because I can put makeup over it so no one can see. Cold sores are much more difficult to disguise. In the end, I’d rather suffer a little pain in silence 😉

    I’d rather live in a house with no DOORs. I could climb out the window DUH!

    I’d rather eat a cup of mayo. I don’t mind it, especially miracle whip 😉

    • Courtney says

      OMG, when I was in elementary school I used to eat miracle whip and cheese sandwiches on white bread ALL the time!

  32. Audrey says

    1. Pimple on the nose for a week. I’ve never had a cold sore and NEVER want to get one!
    2. House with no windows. When I want natural light, I could just open the door and go outside.
    3. NEITHER-I choose penalty over those, yuck!

  33. says

    Ahhh these are tough!

    1. I’d have to go with have a painful pimple on the inside of your nose for a week (though like you said they’re the worst, ouchie!) at least I could cover it with makeup. And a cold sore would be too hard and uncomfortable to kiss my hubby with!

    2. I’d live in a house with no windows. I’d want to get out of the house through a door instead of climbing out a window, ha! And if I needed sunlight I guess I could just open a door?!

    3. Eeewww yuck! This is a good one! I guess I’d eat a cup of mayonnaise. I absolutely cannot stand horseradish, but can somewhat tolerate mayo.

  34. says

    These questions are too funny! Here goes…

    1. Pimple in the nose, for sure. Even though these are the WORST.
    2. No doors. I can’t stand when all the blinds in the house are closed and it’s cave-like in the house. I like to see outside! Plus if I had to leave I could crawl out a window.
    3. Ew. I guess I would have to go with mayo, since I don’t like horseradish. But the thought of eating a cup of mayo seriously makes me want to gag. :)

  35. says

    Miss Court – It’s been so fun to watch STSL grow and GROW! Just curious, now that you’re currently not teaching, are you planning/wanting to make blogging your full-time job? What did you find helped your blog grow the most in recent months? Was it posting more and more? Happy Thursday! xoxo

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