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Tonight I have my last regular season softball game. I can’t believe it’s already coming to an end!

Since I pretty much crashed after today’s cupcake baking, I haven’t really done much with the ‘ol camera. So I thought that instead, I would share an older post that I pulled out of the archives for you all tonight. In case you’re looking for your next summer read, then maybe this will help you out!

Happy Friday!


Book Review: The End of Overeating by David Kessler

Back in April (yes, April) I picked up this book after hearing about it from a couple friends, and just finally finished it. Initially, I think I was drawn to the book in hopes that it would be a “quick fix,” to help me solve my sometimes overwhelming urges to want to eat sweets. However, that was not the intention of this book.

Kessler’s writing was a little bit on the “sciency” side for me, and I would sometimes catch my mind wandering while reading. However, he does actually go through quite a fascinating account of what leads us to overeat – a combination of brain chemistry, appetite, and manipulation by the food industry.

The book is divided into six different parts:

Part One: Sugar, Fat, Salt

Part Two: The Food Industry

Part Three: Conditioned Hypereating Emerges

Part Four: The Theory of Treatment

Part Five: Food Rehab

Part Six: The End of Overeating

A few main points from the book:

  • Each of these parts had its own interesting and informative points. The first section of the book mainly discusses what influences our eating habits, including how the food industry uses our own biological impulses to make food we like, whether it’s healthy or not. Also in this section were some very complex, detailed accounts focusing on how the brain works. Kessler often referred to our relationship with food as a hostage situation, with the brain requiring strong negotiating techniques to steer us past countless temptations. The problem is, we either don’t have those skills or don’t know how to use them effectively.
  • The concept of “eating promotes more eating,” is prominent throughout the book. Kessler explains that what drives us to eat too much is a combination of brain chemistry and the availability of food that has the perfect balance of sugar, fat, and salt. As Kessler says, “Chronic exposure to highly palatable foods changes our brains, conditioning us to seek continued stimulation. Over time, a powerful drive for a combination of sugar, fat, and salt competes with our conscious capacity to say no.”
  • Kessler also talked about ways to “Reverse the Habit” of overeating with four steps: Awareness, engaging in competing behaviors, formulating thoughts to compete with the old ones, and support.
  • The Food Rehab section of the book offered some very interesting insights into how we lose control of eating in the first place, and how we can use that knowledge to our advantage. Kessler goes through several steps that can help readers change their perception of food and how they eat. Some of these steps, such as learning to eat “just-right” meals and figuring out what foods keep you satisfied yet are still enjoyable, are nothing new. But he does focus on the need to let go of past actions and realize that it takes time to overcome such long-established habits.


  • Kessler does not offer any kinds of diet or meal plans in this book; instead, he offers advice on how to take control of food decisions by figuring out what leads to overeating, limiting your exposure to “trigger” foods, and using certain techniques for dealing with the urges.

My opinions on the book:

I found a lot of the information given in this book to be very interesting, and totally relatable. Some of the sections where Kessler talks with various food industry insiders were a total eye-opener, and actually a little disgusting at times.


But what I liked about the book is that Kessler acknowledges that most people already know how to eat healthfully. I would say that I tend to eat fairly healthy, with the occasional treats here and there; but I still struggle with urges when it comes to foods that are high in sugar, salt, and fat.

After reading the book, it finally started to make sense as to why I crave sweets immediately after dinner: it’s because I have hardwired my brain to expect a sweet treat after eating dinner. I can eat lunch without needing a sweet treat no problem. But once I’m finished with dinner, it’s like an immediate reaction… “Bring on the sweet stuff”!” This is where I could relate to Kessler’s advice on learning on how to deal with the cravings, temptations, and ingrained habits that cause us to overeat.

Question for the Night:

Do you think you would ever read this book? Did you find anything in this review interesting or useful?

Would You Believe…

Holy busy morning, Batman. WHEW!

This morning, I got up around 7:00am to fit my workout in for the day. I knew that if I didn’t finish it first thing, it wasn’t gonna be happening since I had LOTS to do. Today’s workout took place on the treadmill, completing 40 minutes of these treadmill intervals. It was awesome.

As soon as I finished, I poured myself a delicious cereal combo bowl.


Kashi Honey Sunshine, Fiber One 80 Calorie Honey Squares, banana slices, chia seeds, and almond milk.

I actually consumed my cereal bowl while writing up this morning’s 7 Links post, and as soon as I finished, I was headed out the door.


Had I not been a total space case and gotten all of the ingredients that I needed to make my frosting yesterday, I wouldn’t have HAD to make this special trip. But no, I am indeed a space case, so out I went for my one ingredient.

Don’t worry, I made it worth my while.


A made a quick stop at Dunkin’ Donuts to properly celebrate Coffee Friday with an iced coffee (we ran out yesterday). I also made the trip even more worth my while by picking up a couple of these little gems.


Any time I see blueberry cake munchkins I crumble. I just cannot turn them down. Better yet, I seem to have quite good luck when asking for these. Today, I asked the guy at the counter for two, but came home only to notice that he gave me four…AND he didn’t even charge me!


It may not have been as good of a deal as the last time I asked for some, but I’d still say I made out pretty good. Winking smile 

As soon as I returned home with my one lone ingredient and my goodies, I got to work in the kitchen. Would you believe that I used about 5-6 pounds of powdered sugar today???


Just in case you didn’t believe me…


Six dozen cupcakes…DONE!

Oreo Cream Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting


Citrus Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Filling & Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting (this is a new one!)


Neapolitan Cupcakes with Ice Cream Frosting (the ice cream was my ONE ingredient I needed this morning!)


Want to guess how many pounds of that powdered sugar made it into mah belly?

Nope, I really don’t want to know either.

What I DO know is that I feel like I’d like to lick the bottom of a pretzel bag right now…I am craving some salt BAD!


Well, I know today is supposed to be Fashion Friday, but I never really went ahead and planned a fun post for ya’ll. Sorry.

BUT, how about I take a cue from both Julie and Gabriela and give you a nice self-taken shot of how “fashionable” I look when I bake??


That would be un-showered Courtney with my only saving grace being the absolutely adorable apron that I received this past Christmas from the Blogger Holiday Gift Exchange. Isn’t it cute? (And by it, I definitely am not referring to anything except the apron).

Now, I’d say it’s about time to go shower…and grab some more salt.

Happy Friday!!

Question for the Afternoon:

How many trips (on average) would you say you make to the grocery store in one week?

My 7 Links

Yesterday, Tina nominated me to do the “7 Links Post” that’s been making its way around blog land. I’m not going to lie; I was secretly hoping that somebody would nominate me, even though I really had no idea about my answers. But hey, here goes nothin’!

Most Beautiful

Alright, I guess it’s not “technically” a post, but I’m going to have to say that my Wedding Page is, in my eyes, the most beautiful. Everything about that day was just…perfect.


Most Popular

Not surprisingly, most of my more popular posts are baking and/or food related (the top two being Chicken, Bacon, & Ranch Mac & Cheese and Strawberry-Filled Lemon Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting.)


But my most read posts are definitely “A Loaded Question” and “Opening Up” which are found in my “My Story” page and talk about my past struggles with disordered eating and how I overcame it.

Most Controversial

I’ve never had a controversial personality. I don’t enjoy controversy and I try to avoid it all costs. That being said, you probably aren’t going to find too many controversial posts here on STSL! If anyone else can think of a post that I’ve written, please let me know! Smile

Most Helpful

This was a tough one. Usually, I don’t really write posts that offer advice or instructions on anything. But after a little searching I realized that I guess I have gotten a little informative at times.

Such as when I injured my foot while in Vegas last August and offered tips for exercising with an injury. Or when I wrote this post on Tips for Exercising with Asthma which may be helpful if you’re a sufferer like me.


Surprise Success

Back in November, I posted about the Twinkie Diet after hearing about it from a co-worker. I found the article rather interesting, and apparently everyone else did too. My blog was still a blog at that point, and my post actually ended up getting “Freshly Pressed” which brought a whole lot of conversation to the topic. That was fun!

Not Enough Attention

I think I’m realizing while going through this 7 Links game that I really don’t write very many deep posts, haha! Honestly, any blog post I write that receives any sort of attention at all is enough for me. I can understand if someone else doesn’t get as excited about seeing another cereal combo bowl or pictures of Cody…well, maybe on Cody. He’ll always have my attention.


Most Proud

I’ll have to say my #1 would be when I ran my first 10K this past April.


But my #2 is definitely the “The Big Reveal: The New Sweet Tooth Kitchen.” We Jay worked so hard on our kitchen remodel and I was practically busting at the seams to be able to share the final, finished product with you all. I especially loved sharing the before and after shots…talk about a huge change!

Now, I nominate…

Molly @ Duchess of Fork

Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers

Meghann @ Meals and Miles

Jen @ Jen is Green

Holly @ Greek Yogurt and Apple Slices


Now, since it is morning and all, let’s go for another round of “Would You Rather Questions” because I’m loving them OH so much!



  • Be a psychic that can sense people’s dislikes -OR- a psychic that can sense people’s fears?
  • Have no kids -OR- twelve kids?
  • Run a marathon with sand in the seat of your shorts -OR- run a marathon while wearing men’s dress shoes?