Three Thoughts

Surprisingly, it didn’t take much effort…but my convincing paid off last night!


And I was so engrossed in my amazing cup of fro yo that the camera wasn’t even thought of until after I finished. Woops.


I will say, however, that it looked pretty darn similar to the cup I created at Sweet Frog’s in Virginia Beach. Mmmm mmmm.

After enjoying our fro yo, Jay and I headed next store to check out the store closing sale at Borders. I can’t believe they’re going out of business?!? So sad.


Even though I came across a couple of books that intrigued me,


I really just had fun goofing around in the store and ended up leaving empty handed.


I’m so mature. Winking smile


This morning, I woke up with three thoughts:

1) Today is going to be a rest day.

2) I want to bake.

3) I want iced coffee.

So, I made it all happen. First, I headed out to the kitchen in my PJ’s and took care of the baking. Next, I brewed up a batch of last minute iced coffee,


which I enjoyed while playing around with Cody.

Cody has a new fetch toy, thanks to Uncle Dan! I love that Uncle Dan thinks to save the pull tabs of his drink containers for his little nephew.


Since hubby is golfing again this morning, it’s just me and the little guy. But we don’t mind…the two of us know how to have a good time.


He loves spending some QT with his mama. Smile


Just as the Codester was starting to get tuckered out, I heard the oven timer begin to beep from the kitchen and was greeted with a delicious looking batch of goodies.


I was so anxious to dig in that I may have slightly burned a couple fingertips while trying to open one up. But it was totally worth it.


I’ll be sure to share the muffin recipe with you guys tomorrow, because I’m pretty sure it’s one you’re going to want!


Now, I think it’s time to go grab another one. Smile

Question for the Morning (a would you rather!):


  • muffins OR bread?
  • coffee OR tea?
  • chocolaty fro yo toppings OR fruity fro yo toppings?


  1. says

    I had 16 handles fro-yo when I went to florida last week….so awesome!! I think I would rather have muffins for breakfast and bread for any other time during the day haha. I would definitely rather have coffee. I’m not really a tea lover. Oh and definitely chocolatey fro-yo toppings. :)
    You should check out the strawberry orange muffins I made and posted about…they were soooo yummy! I was proud of myself too haha.

  2. says

    I woke up with 2 of those thoughts – iced coffee and baking! I might have had a coffee overload the last 2 days though, so I might have to pass on it :( Baking – because my Mom dropped off a huge bag of bananas that need to be used up stat! Now to find a recipe and a home for all the baking!
    I love muffins but banana bread and my Mom’s cinnamon loaf would win over muffins any day!
    I think I like coffee and tea equally! Depends on the day and weather.
    And fruit toppings :)

  3. says

    These are easy ones to answer for me! 😉
    1. Muffins.
    2. Coffee.
    3. Chocolately toppings… fo’ sho. 😉

    And it sounds like you’re a “golf widow” like me!! 😛 My husband golfed yesterday morning at a work event, and then all afternoon/evening with his brother and dad. In the summers, I know that he’ll be wanting to golf at least once a week! But he’s a good hubby… he balances it out with quality time with me haha!

    Have a great Sunday!

    • Courtney says

      Hahaha, yes, we’re golf widow buddies! Never thought of it that way.
      I don’t mind though…like you said, he’s a good hubby and deserves some time with boys and not me. 😉

  4. says

    Mmmmm those muffins look divine!
    1. That’s so tough. I neeeed bread on a (pretty) daily basis, but muffins are better, in my honest opinion.
    2. Tea for sures.
    3. I usually go for the fruity ones but who says there isn’t room for both??

  5. says

    I love these “would you rather” question!
    1. muffins, 2. coffee, 3. fruity toppings… no your making me crave fro yo! I may need to make a stop today. Those muffins look delicious… I really need to get into the kitchen asap and do some baking!

  6. says

    It really sucks that borders is closing.. but right now I’m really enjoying all the sales they are having… it’s called living in the moment, right? 😉

    and bread or muffins? Hmm . that depends. Is the bread smothered in nut butter and are the mufins loaded with chocolate?

  7. says

    Oh, these questions are so hard!!! Umm.. I think I’d have to say bread, because I can use it for everything! Surprisingly enough, I would have to say tea for the second Q… I LOVE my coffee, but tea has so many more varieties, and I can have it caffeinated, or some tea to help my sinuses, to make me sleepy, to rev me up… etc. etc.! Also, depending on the tea you drink, it doesn’t stain your teeth as much as coffee! :)

    The third question is super easy… chocolate fro yo toppings without a doubt! I don’t even look at the fruit… which is probably bad, but my boyfriend gets all fruit toppings, and I just steal his if I feel guilty. :)

    I can’t WAIT for the muffin recipe tomorrow!!

  8. says

    I made some of your last minute iced coffee this morning when I woke up and realized I was almost out. It worked perfectly and I’m sipping it right now.

    I’m so sad to see Borders closing–it was one of my favorite stores. Guess I’ll just have to resort to B&N from now on!

    Chocolatey fro yo toppings.

  9. Abby says

    I would much rather have muffins…more sugar=more yum 😛

    I dont drink coffee every day, but when it comes down to it, an iced coffee with creamer and flavoring cannot be beat!

    Chocolately fo yo toppings are the best! I always convince myself that it’s not “Bad” because it’s on fo yo….

  10. says

    First of all, I wanted to say that I love how in tune you are with yourself. Like this morning realizing its a rest day and an iced coffee is in order. You listen to what you want and follow your body’s lead. That is awesome! I never read about you binging or starving or feeling guilty etc. You don’t deprive yourself; its everything in moderation. It seems to me you have a great balance between sweets and healthy food, exercise and rest! Love it!

    Anyways, I would definitely rather have a muffin besides bread because there’s blueberries or other goodies inside!! And I am a coffee adict, although I do love a cup of green tea now and then. As for Fro-yo fruity toppings are best because the froyo is already so sweet!

    • Courtney says

      Thanks, Candice!
      I’ve definitely had my struggles in the past, but I’ve learned from it, which has helped me tremendously. :)

  11. says

    Those muffins look fab, I have been wanting to bake with blueberries so hopefully the recipe is healthy-ish :)

    muffins OR bread? hmm bread because I can always satisfy my muffin craving with zucchini or banana bread
    coffee OR tea? tea fo sho
    chocolaty fro yo toppings OR fruity fro yo toppings? That all depends on the base. Chocolaty toppings of natural fro yo and fruity topping on fro yo flavors which are more desserty!

  12. says

    1. Muffins in the morning but bread the rest of the day.
    2. Tea, but only the passion fruit iced tea from Starbucks.
    3. And I prefer neither the chocolately or fruit. I like the fruity pebbles, mochi, sprinkles and white chocolate chips :)

      • says

        It’s an asian (i think Japanese) jelly like ball. I first tried it at a sushi place with ice cream in the middle (i think you can buy them with ice cream at TJ), then I tried it in hawaiian shaved ice and now I put it in fro yo. Its a fun consistency with not a lot of flavor so it’s not overwhelming.

  13. says

    Ooo lucky girl you got your fro yo…however my night with S’Mores ice cream and Mud Pie ice cream was quite spectacular 😉

    I would rather…

    1. Bread – love doughy sourdough bread, my absolute fav!
    2. Definitely coffee! Never have been a real tea fan…
    3. Most definitely chocolaty fro yo toppings…love me some chocolate and I’ve never got on the fruit topping bandwagon… :)

  14. Sam says

    When I go to 16 Handles, I like to do 4 different flavors… a little dollop in each part of the bowl. I cover each one with an appropriate topping… like cookies and cream with oreo bits and then mango with strawberries and coffee with toffee and caramel. So it never really touches but I get a little of everything I want.

  15. says

    yes! cant wait til you post the recipe for those blueberry muffins! ive been on the look-out/waiting for a good one to pop up and those look perfect!

    i want to bake for my office at work too :] !

  16. says

    -muffins OR bread? hmmm can’t there been muffiny bread! i’d have to go out of the loop on this one and say like SCONES haha
    # coffee OR tea? cawfeee always.
    # chocolaty fro yo toppings OR fruity fro yo toppings — mmmm rainbow & chocolate sprinkles combined!

  17. says

    After reading this post this morning I just HAD to pick up a blueberry muffin with my dunkin’s iced coffee. I’m sure it wasn’t half as good as yours are — looking forward to the recipe!

  18. says

    I’d definitely rather have:

    -Muffins! Gotta have the sweets, baby!
    -Coffee all the way! I am in LOVE with iced coffee!
    -Um, how is this even a question? Chocolately toppings, FTW! Every time I get fro-yo, I fill my cup up to the brim with all of the chocolate options 😉

  19. Audrey says

    MUFFINS!!!(but not the cupcake type muffins. I’m talking whole wheat, bran, with fruit, Trader Joe style….I have wierd taste prefs 😉 )
    tea, because I love Celestial Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea so much that it is now the only tea I drink
    and fruit. I like combining plain Greek yogurt, with sugar free torani syrups (vanilla is my fav), and mixing it with berries :)


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