Thursday, July 28, 2011

BBQ Chicken Garbage Bread

by Courtney on July 28, 2011


This afternoon, I was totally ahead of the game and took care of putting together tonight’s dinner. Ohhhh yes. We’ll get to that in a second. So because I was already ahead of the game with dinner, this meant that, rather then spend the evening in the kitchen, I was free to spend some QT […]


I Love Coupons

by Courtney on July 28, 2011


Yes, I love them. There’s just something about knowing that I either a) scored myself a major deal or, b)(even better) got something for free, that gets me all giddy with excitement. What can I say…I am definitely my father’s daughter when it comes to coupons and savings. Don’t worry, mom. You’re the reason I […]


Challenging Negative Self-Talk

by Courtney on July 28, 2011


Hey hey! How’s everyone doing on this lovely Thursday morning? I’m gonna whip right though breakfast because I’ve got more important things to talk about this morning. Today’s breakfast was a perfect combo of sweet and savory: a toasted Thomas’ Blueberry Bagel Thin topped with raspberry Polaner All-Fruit + 2 egg whites. I still had […]