Fashion Friday: Bendiful Watches (Giveaway!)

Happy Fashion Friday!! I’ve got a fun post for you all today, along with a pretty sweet perk at the end. Go check it out!

Today’s Topic: Bendiful Jewelry & Watches

Have you guys checked out this site yet?


Bendiful Jewelry & Watches began when Renee Benda, a designer from Central New York, wasn’t able to find a good watch to pair with her own fun, unique jewelry. Not long after, a Bendiful Watch was born.

Bendiful watches are available in a variety of colors and designs, and are even offered as customized items upon request. According to Renee herself,

“All of our watches are one of a kind hand made costume jewelry. They are really designed for people who want to wear a watch but want it to be more than a boring time piece. They are made with an elastic bands and our sizing is one size fits most, as they are more of a bracelet than a straight forward watch.”

Well a couple of weeks ago, Renee contacted me to see if I would be interested in personally checking out some of the watches from their site. Seeing as though I do love me some fashion, I was totally excited to see funky, colorful watches in person!


Renee generously sent me four watches to check out; two of them were favorites that I had previously spotted on her website, which she was happy to send along.


The classic black & silver combo will never get old for me. I just love it.


I also love the fact that these watches are, essentially, put together with safety pins. Talk about unique!

The other two watches she sent were two of her choosing, which I will say are totally adorable, right?



This one has so many colors incorporated into it that it’d be a cinch to match up with any outfit.


But unfortunately, I don’t think that wearing all four watches at the same time will ever work with any outfit.


So since I can really only wear one watch at a time, how about we give two of them away? Winking smile


That’s right! I am giving away the two beautiful watches pictures above to two very lucky readers.


Here’s How to Enter:

  1. (Mandatory) Leave a comment on this post telling whether or not you usually wear a watch and/or what colors you’d choose to have in your own custom made creation.
  2. (Extra) Follow Bendiful on Facebook and/or Twitter and leave a comment letting me know that you did.
  3. (Extra) Tweet the following: “@SweetToothCourt is having a Fashion Friday giveaway with @Bendiful! –”

I’ll choose a winner on Saturday, July 30th (tomorrow) because, ya know…it IS my half birthday and all. Winking smile

Good Luck!!


  1. says

    Super Cute Watches!! What a creative idea! I would choose the multi-colored watch – I feel like it would be very versatile and could be worn with just about anything. I only have one watch and it is a piece I wear on special occasions because it was expensive and looks too classy to wear on the daily 😛 So I would definitely get some use out of an everyday watch :)

  2. says

    OMG! I have, that I have made, a bracelet made from pins like this but never thought to put a watch face on one. These are gorgeous and while I was first enamored with the blue stones, I truly love the multi-colored watch.

  3. Lisa Brillon says

    Love Love Love them! The colors are great and it’s like two pieces of jewelry in one…bracelet and watch 😉

  4. Katie says

    Tweeted! The watches are really cute and could be worn with so many things. I feel lost without a watch on. I usually wear my black sport watch, but also have a white watch I wear. I would love to have a new watch to start the school year!!

  5. Ali says

    I usually wear a sports watch since I’m in PT school and we need the timers and such. I’d love a fun multicolor one to wear when I’m not working/at school though! These are so cute!

  6. Marion says

    Gorgeous watches! I am a nurse so I ALWAYS am wearing a watch at work… but nothing a pretty as this! I would love to have a “not work” watch to wear around! And the blue one is absolutely the colors I would pick!!

  7. Megan says

    I am generally not a fan of watches, but these are adorable. I have to wear one when I’m on clinical since I’m a nursing student and I would love one of those watches, a green one 😀

  8. says

    OMGosh those are so cute! I love the multicolor one!

    I wear a watch every day, I feel so weird without it! It’s just a simple white band with a cute silver/white faceplate tho. If I customized a Bendiful watch it would definitely be like the multicolored one. I love color, I try to incorporate color into all of my outfits, so the more colors the better!

  9. Ania says

    I wear watches often and would love to have one of these with various pink beads! How adorable! Although the one the turquoise one is really pretty!

  10. Sara says

    I always wear a watch because I’m a camp counselor and constantly need to know the time!! I would put either blue or pink in mine because that is what I wear the most :)

  11. Caitlin says

    I don’t wear a watch too often, but I would definitely love to try one of these out! I think I’d love to try one with blue and green beads if I had a custom one made.

  12. Katie Bonk says

    I love these watches! I normally don’t wear one, but would absolutely wear one of these! I especially like the multi-colored one. And the turquoise one. And the blue one. (Do I have to choose just ONE?)

  13. says

    whenever I wear a watch I always set it about 5 minutes ahead–I tend to run late way too often so it helps kick me into gear :) these watches are so cute!

  14. KC says

    Wow – These are really great! I’m so torn, i love the multicolor but the blue is great too. the faces are great too – all the different shapes!

  15. says

    I always wear a watch, but, unfortunately, mine just died, so I’ve been wearing my heart rate monitor instead (which is less than gorgeous.) If I could choose any colors, I would probably choose blue and purple, because those are the colors I wear most…and they’re my favorite colors :)

  16. says

    I never win anything, but it is worth a shot. I do not normally wear a watch. I used to wear my fossil from the hubby all the time but somewhere along the way I stopped. The Bendiful watches are adorable and actually, I could really see my mom or my sister going ga-ga over them. So if I win, I will generously give it to one of them. Teal or multi would be the best colors for them.

  17. Christina says

    These are adorable!! I wear a watch every day and have since I was about 5 or so. I love the black and silver one!

  18. says

    i’m currently not wearing a watch because i’m so super picky about them (haven’t had one for more than a year because i can’t find one i like) but these are too cool!!! being the black lover that i am, i of course would do a black/silver combo if i was creating them with maybe a little dark purple splashed in here and there?? i have now connected with them on FB just to keep them in the front of my mind. hey, maybe by Christmas i’ll be wearing a watch again!!! happy friday!!!

  19. Katie M says

    At my previous job, I couldn’t wear a watch, so I got out of habit of wearing one. Now, I am transitioning to a new job, wear a watch would be a nice addition to my outfit, so I’d like to start wearing one again.

    In my own custom creation, I probably go with a blue theme OR a bright pink theme.

  20. Ilana says

    i have a watch but i never remember to wear it! i also think a classic silver/black or gold/black combo would be awesome, cause it could go with anything!

  21. Erica says

    I used to wear a watch all of the time, but my battery died and I have yet to replace it. These watches are so creative! I love the multi-colored one.

  22. says

    Fun! My mom would totally dig these funky watches. As for me, I’d probably go with green and blue in my watch, because those are the only colors teachers are allowed to wear at my school (dress code…woo!).

  23. Makenna says

    I don’t currently wear a watch everyday, but with hopes of a real “big girl” job soon, I will most definitely need to start wearing one! These are so cute and I would love to win one :)

  24. Lauren says

    I don’t usually wear watches but the reason is because I think most are so ugly and I’d rather wear pretty bracelets…these watches are awesome because they are so CUTE too!! I would actually totally wear these…if I could have my own colors put into one it would be pink, blue and purple. Most of my outfits are in these colors, some dresses I own combine all three! :)

  25. Nicole says

    When I was in middle school, I got one of those “Swatch” watches, and I’ve worn a watch ever since! These are pretty neat, I really like the one with the pink face on their website. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Michelle S says

    My favorite watch used to be this red bracelet watch but since the battery has died (can’t be replaced), I have yet to find one to replace it. These watches are super fun! I have to say blue is my favorite but there is something to a power red watch. :)

  27. says

    I wear a watch everyday. In fact when I forget it, I still find myself looking at my wrist to see what time it is and there is no watch there. I love the black and silver one. My favorite color combos together.

  28. Kristin says

    I LOVE watches! Wear one everyday–these watches are beautiful! Love the multicolored and the black one.

  29. Chrissy Bruckner says

    I have recently just started wearing watches again..I have been looking for one that i could wear daily, These are gorgeous – Not sure what colors i would pick out yet maybe black, cause i wear that most often but would love color. !!

  30. Courtney says

    I wear a watch every day, but it is a sportswatch with a heart rate monitor, not nearly as cute as the bendiful watches. I’d pick one that had different shades of PINK!

  31. nicole g says

    I used to wear watches all of the time until I got engaged-I have been looking for one that jibes with my ring(and now wedding band) for awhile now since I wear them on the same hand. These are super pretty and fancy-I love the multi color one. I also love bracelets and I think that is why these caught my eye is because they are fashiony and functiony!

  32. Jordan says

    I always wear a watch…..or I just feel sort of “naked.” I liked the black and silver watch, because like you said, it would go with just about anything! I think my favorite is the multi-colored watch though! I think with all those colors it would really be a nice statement piece of jewelry!

  33. Whitney L. says

    I just recently started wearing a watch again… all it took was a trip to the battery store :) If I were to choose my own custom watch I would probably get it in bright tropical colors!

  34. Kristen says

    I started wearing watches really recently… and love them! They are a great fashion accessory… which is why I could use a new one to go with different clothes! I love the multicolored one

  35. Kelly Davis says

    Yes, I wear a watch EVERYDAY. Just a habit. Some days I don’t even look at it. Just so used to having it there!

  36. Samantha says

    These watches are so cute! I usually only wear a watch to work but these definitely work as fun jewelry too! The black and silver coMbo would go with most of my wardrobe but I am loving the turquoise and silver one! I liked Bendiful on FB and tweeted! :)

  37. Kellie says

    I dont usually wear a watch, but these are so pretty. I love the one with the pink. It looks like you could wear it with anything.

  38. Brittany L says

    I LOVE watches! I’m always trying to find new ones. I usually like the black and silver combo as well but anything colorful is wonderful to switch it up when i’m wearing something to match!

  39. says

    I love to where watches when I get all dressed up! These are so cute and I love that they are so colorful but still can go with pretty much anything!

  40. says

    No watch = naked. Seriously! I always wear a watch! I have two. One is dressy (silver) and the other casual (white). When people ask me what time it is I respond, “Time for you to get a watch!” 😉

  41. says

    What cute watches! If I were to pick my own colors, I’d definitely go with turquiose. I wear a lot of turquoise jewelry…that or red…red would be nice too!

  42. Hali D says

    I wear a watch whenever I can. I love accessorizing with them! :)

    I would probably pick a watch that had a ton of colors, or one that was black and silver.

  43. susan says

    Can’t leave home without my watch. These watches are so cute. I wear the same watch every day. The multi and black/silver are my favorties. What a great giveaway gift.

  44. says

    I have started to wear a watch being in a work setting and on a time sensitive schedule. The watches are so unique and gorgeous! I would have to say the teal and silver watch looks like the exact watch for me, I’m a summer girl who loves the color teal and wearing bright colored accessories!

  45. Melissa says

    I usually wear a sporty watch, but if I could have one of those lovely ones I’d choose some sort of royal blue or turquoise colors!

  46. Vivian says

    These are beeeeeeeeeeautiful! I usually don’t wear a watch, but I would definitely wear any one of these! Turquoise or black is classic :)

  47. Candace says

    I tweeted and followed bendiful!! I usually do wear a watch! I would make a blue one. :) thanks for hosting

  48. Karinda Bacon says

    I do not currently wear a watch, although I have been looking for one recently. I stopped wearing them when I started carrying my cell phone everywhere…but now at work and other places where it isn’t appropriate to carry around my cell phone, I could really use the watch. I would want a custom made watch to have a lot of different colors so I could wear it with many different outfits! I especially love orange, green and yellow though!

  49. Susan Comer says

    I usually do not wear a watch but love colorful handmade jewelry. The watches are the perfect combo.

  50. Brenda says

    The watches are beautiful! I used to wear a watch all the time. But, it’s so hard for me to find a watch that looks good on my freakishly tiny wrists! Maybe these will work…

  51. Meredith says

    I have always been the girl with a watch on her arm since I was a little girl. I am the one that flips my wrist even if I don’t have a watch on to check the time. I love finding the unique watches to play with. My favorite color to wear is blue so a silver and blue one would be great!

  52. Christina says

    I don’t wear a watch normally but once I star wearing one, I find that I love it. If I won (fingers crossed) I think I’d go with black and white so I could wear it often. Thanks for the giveaway.

  53. Kara says

    I love love love the turquoise watch! I love that color of blue! I don’t usually wear a watch because I don’t have one hahaha.

  54. Megan says

    I usually wear a watch, I love my white ceramic one but I think the black and silver would be perfect too! It looks like it can dress up a casual outfit!

  55. Nan says

    I used to wear a watch every day but stopped after high school. I’ve been looking for a new one though!

  56. Erin says

    I ALWAYS wear a watch, I’m Type A like that. I love the multi color one because it would go with anything and everything!

  57. Leslie says

    I have never worn a watch before but lately I’ve been looking at them in stores! I really want to start wearing one but haven’t found an original design yet. These watches here look really good though so I want one =)

  58. tisha says

    I stopped wearing a watch a while ago because I had trouble finding one I liked. I think the colorful one is beautiful.

  59. says

    I have 2 watches…white (MY FAVORITE) and a good silver dressy worky one. If I could create my own watch it would definitely pink, purple, black and maybe a little blue :) I like the idea of having a multi colored watch and these are beautiful!

  60. Jialin Zhang says

    I don’t usually wear a watch, but it’s only because I’ve been unable to find one that I really like. If I were to win, I’d love one in turquoise and silver! Classic colors! :)

  61. Michele says

    Ive been looking at watches lately because I really want one of those cute Michael Kors watches! I love these though and I love the one with the teal-ish stone. So cute!

  62. Lena says

    I feel naked without a watch. I owe quite a few and wear them based on outfit and mood. I have a watch similar to the ones you are giving away. The band is made out of the old school friendship pins (safety pins and small colored beads). I like the “more grown up” look of these. Thanks!

  63. says

    The watches are super cool! I have always wanted a watch, but I never remember to wear one. Since I work at a museum, we are suppose to “time” our tours so, my boss would love it if we all wore a watch!!! I never do, but oh well!


  64. Camille says

    I used to wear a watch, then the battery died and I’ve never replaced it… I love the classy black and silver. :)

  65. rebecca says

    I don’t really wear a watch since I don’t have a nice one, but I always need to know the time somehow!

  66. Jessica Gwyn says

    Although I don’t normally wear watches, they’re definately trending lately! I bought one in white yesterday and wouldn’t mind one in anyyyy color to add to my brand new collection :)

  67. says

    I’d choose to make one with pink because I’m a girly girl. I also love that you celebrate your half birthday. My mom always wishes me a Happy Half Birthday.

  68. Kim says

    Yes–a watch is always a necessity as well as a fashion essential! I’d love to own the black and silver one!

  69. Jessica P. says

    I don’t currently wear a watch because my nice one for everyday wear broke :( I don’t feel that my gym watch is appropriate for work… would be perfect to win this!

  70. elaine says

    Yes, I can’t live without a watch on my wrist! I’ve been wearing them since elementary school and I feel naked without one on, haha. I would have something with white – I LOVE white watches and they match with everything! :)

  71. Kaite says

    how fun! I love wearing a watch, unfortunately mine broke :( maybe I will win a sweet new one…in teal and silver!

  72. says

    I wear a watch just about every day and fell completely lost when I forget to put it on. I would choose black, white and silver so it would match almost anything! They are too cute!

  73. Pamela says

    These are such unique, cute watches! I always wear a watch, which I usually stick with my go-to silver Fossil. I would love to add some color with these watches – my favorite color is pink! :)

  74. Cindy says

    These are such cute watches. I don’t feel complete if I am not wearing a watch. Really more for fashion than function :)

  75. Andrea @ Running 4 Mama's Comeback says

    I hate to be the indecisive one but honestly I LOVE them both. I couldn’t chose! They are so cool and unique!

  76. Hd!momtothree says

    Not wearing a watch right now but these are just lovely. I would choose a multicolored one. So nice!

  77. Jill says

    I’m a teacher and I wear a watch during the school year but rarely in the summer. I’d go with a black and pink combination if I designed my own watch.

  78. Jennifer says

    I have been wanting a watch because I don’t have one. I’m not sure what colors I’d want… something that would match a lot of my clothes, so I could wear it all the time!

  79. Heather T says

    I don’t usually wear a watch (maybe because I don’t own one?). I would probably choose a pink one or a multicolored one. I need more color in my life!

  80. Sam says

    omg I’ll do anything for one! AHAJHFSLKJHDFLKJDSHJKLSHSDL I have a few watches but none are that colorful and cute!

  81. Janice says

    I wear a watch every day! I would probably chose a multi color or a turquoise watch because I like to accessorize with accent colors!

  82. Brooke says

    I wear a watch every day…and mine is getting all “foggy” and scratched up. I LOVE the Bendiful ones! They look so fashionable! I especially enjoy the blue/silver one…this way I don’t need to wear a watch and a bracelet…multitasking for apparel! 😉

  83. Jane says

    I kind of got out of the habit of wearing watches but would like to wear them again. I love the classic black and silver :)

  84. Audrey says

    I don’t wear a watch, only because I have yet to find the “one”. If I were to win, I really liked the midnight blue and silver watch that you pictured. :)


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