Delayed Pancakes

You know that feeling when you’re really craving something, yet when it comes right down to it, you’re just not in the mood to make it?

I know that you all know what I’m talking about; otherwise, we’d all be eating gourmet breakfasts, lunches, and dinners every night of the week, right?

Well when it came down to making the protein pancakes that I declared a necessity earlier today, I just wasn’t in the mood to make them. Honestly, they take maybe 10 minutes, tops? But they just seemed like too much effort at the time.

Enter: another cereal combo bowl. It was the same combo as this one, just with banana slices instead of blueberries because I ran out and reeeeally need to get more.


I think I can honestly say that this may have been the least fulfilling cereal bowl that I can ever remember having. It tasted good, but it just totally was not what I wanted.

So by the time my tummy started grumbling for lunch, and I still had pancakes on the brain, I knew I only had one choice.


Make them! I followed the same recipe as the last time I enjoyed them, but skipped on the special sauce and went with an almond butter + banana slices + raspberry jam layered topping.


These bad boys were pretty darn awesome and I’m so glad I got off my lazy rear end to make them, even if it was slightly delayed. Smile


On a side note, I (once again) forgot to answer this morning’s Would You Rather questions, so here ya go:

  • I’d take 95 degrees over 25 degrees ANY day. I’m already dreading the cooler months, despite the fact that I’m sweating a little as a type this.
  • I’d totally go nakey for a day! Life’s too short to miss a whole year of it.
  • This one made me think, but I’ll have to say bionic hearing; there’s been so many times where I think, “Hmm, I wonder what they’re saying?” What can I say…I’m nosy!

Now I’m headed out the door to take care of a few things this afternoon. Hope everyone’s work week is off to a fantastic start!

Question for the Afternoon:

If you could choose ONE meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) to have gourmet meals made for you every day (you don’t have to make ‘em!), which meal would it be?

I’d choose dinner…I’m pretty happy with simple breakfasts and lunches, and even though I love nice dinners, they aren’t my favorite to make!


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    The pancakes look delish! I think I would choose dinner too, it’s the meal that I’m most hungry for and since it’s at the end of the day I’d have all day to look forward to it! Plus dinner is also the meal I get most tired cooking after a long day, so having someone cook it for me every day? YES PLEASE.

  2. says

    totally agree about dinner… i’m too in love with oatmeal (& how fancy can that get anyways?) and simple lunches don’t bother me one bit. my dinners are so random lately that I end up snacking like crazy so a solid dinner would be really nice!

    you’re out of blueberries, but have bananas.
    i’m out of bananas, but have blueberries.

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    I’d absolutely choose dinner too. I feel like lunch can be whatever, and I’m happy, and I feel like making a gourmet “feeling” breakfast is much easier than doing the same for dinner. Plus, dinner time is always after work fun time, so I’d rather have someone else take care of the cooking.

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    I would love a gourmet lunch everyday! I’m imaging all types of sandwiches, soups, and salads (like Panera). It would be fun to have them prepared for me daily. Maybe I could eat the leftovers for dinner? I’m lazy like that!

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    Those pancakes look delicious! I would have to say dinner! I would love to come home from work and have a gourmet meal ready for me. :)

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    “You know that feeling when you’re really craving something, yet when it comes right down to it, you’re just not in the mood to make it?”

    This happens to me all the time…I think I need a personal chef for those moments!

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    Hmmm..I really don’t know. I guess dinner? Except recently I’ve been liking dinner in small increments. Like, I eat right up until bedtime so I don’t wake up starving in the middle of the 5 small meals usually make up my dinner. 😛

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    Those pancakes look soooooo good!! I LOVE breakfast so I would never have someone make me gourmet breakfast. I would definetly have dinners made for me because I can never think of what to make and we never have anything in the house to actually eat. haha 😛

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    I’m so with you…I would definitely choose dinner! Hubby is always in charge of dinner b/c honestly, I really don’t like cooking dinner foods and he’s way better at it. But I can make a mean scrambled eggs for breakfast or yogurt bowl for lunch…ahh yeah 😉

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    It has been far too long since I have had pancakes! Those look so good! :) I would definitely choose someone cooking me a gourmet dinner every night! I love eating simple breakfasts and lunches though!

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    I’d choose dinner cos it would give me something to look forward to…although having lunch made for me would also be pretty fantastic, i hate packing lunches for work!


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