The Birthday Wrap Up

Talk about a nice little birthday present…Jay and the team got a big ‘ol “W” in the book last night!



And Jay even got his second “win” as a pitcher. WOOO! Happy Birthday to YOU, Jay!


As always, the somewhat loyal fans were there to support and cheer them on. You may also notice Creeper Mike in the background…remember him from my mom’s birthday party?


Apparently everyone was trying to creep in and photo bomb last night…thanks, mom!


After the game, we headed out for a little tailgating, which I have missed so much this year. If you were reading last summer, then you already know that tailgating after the games was pretty much my favorite thing to do. This year, it’s been pretty minimal. Sad smile


So I was pretty excited to be hanging out last night, even if it wasn’t my own softball game (that’s tonight). I enjoyed one piece of pizza, which I probably removed at least half of the cheese from. It’s been years since I last had Pizza Hut pizza but I don’t ever remember it being so cheesy??? Give me extra sauce and less cheese any day.


Of course, it was a birthday and all…


My in-laws generously provided both the pizza and the birthday cake to share with the team, and the cake was absolutely incredible. (For those of you who are local, it came from Zachary’s in East Greenbush- I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad cake from there!)

I savored every last bite of my piece in an effort to not go back for another. Winking smile


Overall, I think Jay had a pretty good birthday!


This morning, I woke up and headed down to the treadmill. I completed 38 minutes of an absolutely, crazy-intense workout which I will be sharing with you all later on after I type it up. Whew, it was a good one!



I was feeling savory this morning, so I toasted two pieces of whole wheat bread and topped them off with 2 egg whites, a slice of provolone cheese, and a couple tomato slices with some salt and pepper.

This breakfast really hit the spot!


Of course, you can’t forget about the ketchup under there too. Winking smile


For the past five minutes, I’ve actually been enjoying this breakfast while sitting at my computer and watching Cody decide whether or not he really wants to sit in the window…


Or just play with the cord from the blinds.


He just recently decided neither and is now laying, belly up, right next to me. What a ham!

Questions for the morning time!


  • Be 3 feet taller -OR- 3 feet shorter? (<—I’ll go taller…better views)
  • Eat a stick of butter -OR- a gallon of ice cream? (<—gimme ice cream, baby!)
  • Go without television -OR- junk food for the rest of your life? (tough one…I’ll say go without junk food. Chocolate isn’t junk food, right?)


  1. says

    3 feet taller, I’m already barely 5…so shorter would make me essentially my birth height
    ice cream any day…
    i thiiiiink i’d give up junk food…wait could i watch television on the computer if i gave that up?

  2. says

    3 feet taller too :)
    Gallon of ice cream, of course!
    Go without junk food, it would force me to be healthier. haha

    I go for Pizza Hut pizza about once a year, and after a couple pieces I am good for another year!

  3. says

    Ohh I hate those “would you rather” questions! Haha so difficult…I’d rather be 3 ft. taller, eat a gallon of ice cream and go without junk food. Don’t eat junk food anyway…unless desserts count as junk food, but I like to think they don’t 😉

  4. says

    Sauce > cheese in my mind! I know I’m in the minority tho!

    I’d rather be taller, eat ice cream, and go without TV (Not a huge TV watcher to begin with…well..except for The Bachelor/Keeping Up with the Kardashians..quality, right?)

  5. says

    1. 3 feet taller for sure. But I don’t mean “for sure” as in “that would be totally awesome.” Because it wouldn’t be.
    2. Oh my God, my stomach literally churns at the thought of eating a gallon of ice cream. Thanks a lot, Crohn’s. You ROCK. (sike)
    3. As much as I love watching the train wreck that is Teen Mom, I love eating french fries more.

  6. says

    Not gonna lie I didn’t read the post word for word today because I am in a bit of a hurry but I wanted to tell you that you are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! It takes natural beauty to look that good at a softball game girly, rock it!!

  7. colleen says

    1. 3 feet shorter (REALLY tall people scare me)
    2. Gallon of ice cream even though I don’t like either…
    3. Live without junk food…I can’t really eat it anyways so it wouldn’t be much of a loss.

  8. says

    The cake looks absolutely amazing! I CANNOT relate to “less cheese”. It’s my favorite food, so I’d say to double it! The sugar, I can pass on, though.Looks like a great birthday night!

    • Jen M. says

      Jodi – I agree! I’ve never eaten anything that had too much cheese – I’d almost ALWAYS add more! Love it!

  9. says

    Id have to go with taller, although 8’5″ sounds kinda scary, at least I could reach everything without a stepladder (I fall off of mine a lot – I’m a klutz).

    I do know someone that would maybe choose the stick of butter, but that person IS NOT ME!

    Okay, #3 is too hard. TOO hard. But like Gabriella said above, if I could watch TV shows on my computer, then I’d give the actual television!

    I”m the total opposite of you in the pizza department – just cover the crust in sauce, then PILE ON THE CHEESE PLEASE!

    Can’t wait to see the treadmill workout! Just did one of yours for the first time last week and I loved it!

  10. says

    Hmm…question answering time!

    1- shorter. If you’re too tall all hemlines are way too short. At least if you’re a little shrimp you can just bring hemlines up.

    2- Ice Cream. Definitely. The thought of eating an entire stick of butter makes me want to gag!

    3- Bye bye junk food. I can’t imagine life without television–which is probably a bad thing, lol.

    • Courtney says

      Oooooo, totally good point with the hemlines! I already have trouble finding pants that are long enough, and I’m 5’7″!

  11. says

    Since I barely hit 5 feet as it is I have to say taller.

    ICE CREAM… no explanation needed!

    I would go without tv easily. I could just read magazines, newspapers, BLOGS, books, etc. to keep me amused!

  12. says

    My red sauce obsession has hit a new high this summer.

    And my cheese ambivalence has remained the same. Hence why I can’t wait to make that veggie stack recipe you re-posted yesterday…RED SAUCE!!!!!!

    Pizza Hut is one of those “enjoy once a year” type foods. :)

  13. says

    I’d definitely rather be 3 feet taller, eat a gallon of ice cream and I could live without junk food for the rest of my life. TV is such a huge source of entertainment! I can’t live without Glee!

  14. says

    I haven’t had Pizza Hut pizza in forever! I, too, am a sauce > cheese girl. What kind of cake is that?! It looks heavenly. I’d rather be 3 feet taller, eat a gallon of ice cream (even eating one forkful of butter makes me want to gag) and live without junkfood. Chocolate is TOTALLY not a junk food – it has antioxidants for Heaven’s sake!

  15. Jen M. says

    Oh man, I’d take taller which means I can eat more without it affecting me so much, so I’d really enjoy a gallon of cookies n’ cream ice cream and give up TV – giving up TV doesn’t mean giving up renting movies, and most shows wind up on DVD anyway, and then when I’d watch them, no commercials or anything! Yep, I would totally keep the junk food that I could eat with abandon if I were 8 feet tall and just watch DVDs!

  16. says

    id rather be shorter! wait scratch that.. id be like 2 feet tall!
    and id rather go without junk food, and i wud deff eat a gallon of soy ice cream. mannn that stuff is nummy

  17. says

    Id go with taller too! Ive been tall my whole life so I couldnt imagine being super short!

    I would HAVE ro choose ice cream OBVIOUSLY

    and I could make it without junk food but I need my tv!!


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