Walking Treadmill Intervals Workout

This morning, I waited in line at the post office for 28 minutes. Yes…twenty-eight. So, needless to say, a cup of my favorite iced coffee to keep me sane was much needed.


In an attempt to pass the time, I of course whipped out my phone and played around on there for a bit. Well as I was going through some emails, I noticed a comment from Ruthie on last night’s Sweaty Mess Incline Intervals Workout post:


Sometimes, I forget that not everyone is a runner. Heck, there are some days where the thought of running makes me cringe a little (like today).

After a quick look at my Workout page, I realized that I only had one walking interval routine. ONE! Although the 45 Minute Treadmill Walk is a favorite of mine, I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have more options.

Well that had to change immediately. I knew that the inclines on my latest routine were intense, so they would work just as well with a walking speed as they would a running speed. So with a couple quick tweaks of the numbers, I now present to you…


Is 4.6mph not a walking speed for you? No prob…just work within your comfort level (but don’t get *too comfortable…you really want to work it!) to find what works!


Now, it’s time to go make some lunch; I finally have blueberries again so I’m 99% sure that one of these will be enjoyed. Yum!

FYI: Don’t forget to get your entries in for the iHerb.com Shopping Spree!

Questions for the Afternoon:

WOULD YOU RATHER… (you didn’t think I forgot, did you?) Winking smile

  • Have a beautiful house and ugly car -OR- an ugly house and beautiful car?
  • Make headlines for saving somebody’s life -OR- winning a Nobel prize?
  • Be on top of a Ferris wheel during an earthquake –OR- during an electrical storm?


  1. says

    -Beautiful house for sure. I don’t even own a car, I couldn’t care less about them.
    -Saving someone’s life, unless the Nobel prize was for a cure or something that would save lots of people’s lives.
    -Earthquake – I’m totally scared of lightning.

  2. says

    Initially read that first one as Have a beautiful HORSE/ugly car. I was like…. how are those related? then I thought, “I guess no one wants an ugly horse. Car it is!”

    Even though it’s house, I definitely would still choose ugly car, a nobel prize, and a lightning storm. If I go down, I’d rather it be in a firework-like blaze of glory than an obnoxious shaking of the earth. Those are just tacky.

  3. Andrea says

    Ohh! I like to run but every once in a while when Im not feeling it I like to do a good walking interval. I’m gonna try this baby out!

  4. Jen M. says

    Beautiful home! I’ll just hide the ugly car in the garage 😉

    I like Cait’s response up there – I’d rather save someone’s life unless the Nobel was for finding a cure for a debilitating or deadly disease.

    I think I’d rather be on a ferris wheel in a lightning storm — you would never be the tallest point, so I think if lightning hit the wheel, you’d be okay? I could be wrong. It’d be super scary, but the thought of falling to the ground in an earthquake from the top of a ferris wheel sounds terrifying.

  5. says

    beautiful house, save someone’s life and I guess electrical storm. I’m going with the storm being less probability of an actual lightning strike than the earthquake bringing the ferris wheel down. That’s a tough one though!

  6. Rebecca says

    Wow, thanks for this! I’m not a runner myself, but I do like a good walking routine on the treadmill. Strange, though, is that my treadmill only goes up to a 10 incline (it is old school, I admit, but it gets the job done). I wonder at that!

  7. says

    Have a beautiful house and ugly car (I don’t drive :P)
    Make headlines for saving somebody’s life
    Be on top of a Ferris wheel during an electrical storm

  8. says

    That looks like a great walking workout! I usually don’t walk on the treadmill that much, but this looks like a challenge. And with my 5’1″ frame I will most certainly not be walking at a 4.6 😉

    beautiful house, ugly car
    saving someones life
    electrical storm

  9. says

    Oooh those 4.6’s will burn (in a good way!)

    -beautiful house, ugly car (mine’s a big mess right now anyways haha)
    -save someone’s life
    -earthquake ferris wheel

    I’m from California, I can ride earthquakes like ocean waves!

  10. Tracy says

    Would you rather…

    Have a beautiful house
    Make headlines for saving somebody’s life
    Be on top of a Ferris wheel during an earthquake

  11. says

    I love how you have a printable version of your workouts! Most of the time bloggers just list them and I end up writing it down on a piece of paper…but this makes it SO much easier.

    I would rather…have a beautiful house (don’t really care about cars as long as it works, I mean you LIVE in your house), win a Nobel prize (which I kind of feel bad about) anddd prob neither on the Ferris wheel…I’m terrified of heights so both would scare the heck out of me!

  12. says

    ■ Have a beautiful house and ugly car
    ■ Make headlines for saving somebody’s life
    ■ Be on top of a Ferris wheel during an earthquake

  13. says

    Sounds like a great walking workout! I would rather have a beautiful house and an ugly car, make headlines for saving somebody’s life, and be on top of a Ferris wheel during an electrical storm. Falling from the top of a Ferris wheel during an earthquake just seems super scary! lol.

  14. says

    I’ve temporarily gone off running so thanks for this! I’m 5’3 but want to attempt these speeds cos ya know, I’m bad ass like that 😉

  15. says

    Thanks for the walking version! I’m not a runner either (yet!!.. need to get on this goal). so this looks like a great heart rate inducer!

    Hmm I’d def rather have a beautiful house & ugly car- i dont really care about cars as long as they run! (And if you have a beautiful house you’d have a nice garage to hide it in right? ha)

    -Saving someone’s life.
    -Be on top of a Ferris wheel during an earthquake …as long as the ferris wheel doesnt fall over!!

  16. says

    Hmm…beautiful house, Nobel peace prize, and neither for that last one! Both sound pretty dangerous! But..if I had to choose I would probably go Electrical Storm. The odds of getting struck by lightening are pretty small right? Whereas an earthquake could easily throw off the balance of the ferris wheel, thus making it topple over. Annnddd, I am giving this WAY too much thought, lol. Clearly good questions this time!

  17. colleen says

    1. beautiful house with ugly car all the way!!!
    2. headlines for saving someone’s life.
    3. neither!!! I’d check the weather report before stepping on the giant killer of a ferris wheel. Duh!

  18. says

    Coffee always makes everything better :)

    Definitely have a beautiful house and ugly car…I’m a homebody!

    Make headlines for saving somebody’s life…I love being a good Samaritan…and what goes around comes around 😉

    Eek this one freaks me out! I guess be on top of a Ferris wheel during an earthquake…assuming it’s earthquake proof and couldn’t fall over! I would think that no matter what I’d get electrocuted during an electrical storm b/c of all it’s lights so I’d have to go with the earthquake?!

  19. says

    I’m so glad you posted this! I typically don’t work out on treadmills but do almost every time I’m traveling, which is pretty frequently lately. I can’t wait to try this out soon!

    And I’d rather have a beautiful house, make headlines for saving someone’s life, and I don’t want to be on ferris wheel during either! I guess I’d choose on top during an earthquake. AAH!

  20. says

    Ooo great workout! Thanks for posting it :). Love these questions haha.
    1. I would rather have a pretty house and an ugly car. You entertain others in your house, not your car (at least I don’t lol)
    2. I would rather make headlines for saving someone’s life- that would be awesome
    3. Um…neither! But if I have to pick, then I guess an electrical storm? I feel like if there was an earthquake then the thing would for sure fall over and we’d all die, but there is still a chance that it would get hit by lightening

  21. says

    oh, i think i want to try this interval workout! i don’t think i’ve ever walked at such high inclines though! lol.

    1. beautiful house!
    2. saving someone’s life
    3. lightning storm….i think. haha.

  22. says

    I just love doing treadmill walking workouts, some days I really miss them. I would want a beautiful house over a car. Making headlines for saving someone’s life! Electrical storm.

  23. says

    I would rather a beautiful house and ugly car, make headline for saving someones life, and be in the ferris wheel during an earthquake (but this last one is a tough one!)

  24. says

    Ooh! This looks great! I’m going to try this tomorrow! I did your 50 minute run/walk treadmill workout yesterday and it was a toughie…Do you think this one is a lower-intensity routine? oh and you should add this to your treadmill workout page..I don’t think I saw this one..or I might’ve missed it..hope you’re doing well!
    Min recently posted..Eat your Omega-3s!

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