The Crowd Kept Me Pumped

So…we need to backtrack to this morning!

I got a little long-winded talking about last night’s amazing dinner, so I figured I’d hold off on the rest ‘til now.

As usual for a Thursday, may day started off with an amazing BodyPump class. I don’t know what was going on, but today’s class was jam packed! Luckily, I didn’t have anyone invading my space, so I didn’t mind the extra company at all. If only the grunter was there…bahaha.

Actually, I really prefer a full class; it gets the energy levels in the room sky high and definitely keeps me more motivated. I even upped my weights in the tricep and lunge tracks today – the crowd really can get me “pumped” – who knew!

I followed up BodyPump with 20 minutes of running/walking on the treadmill before calling it a morning and heading home.



A yogurt bowl sounded right up my alley today, so I paired a pineapple flavored Chobani with a sliced banana and some Love Grown Foods granola. The pineapple CHO + banana has long been a favorite combo of mine, and adding the granola only made it better. Yum!


Of course, iced coffee (x2) was consumed.


While I was getting my yogurt bowl ready, I couldn’t help myself from digging into the container of donuts left from yesterday.

Blueberry donut with a little creeper? You betcha. Winking smile


I definitely like the donuts with the blueberries, but I wish I had made a glaze for them today. When they were fresh out of the oven yesterday, they definitely didn’t need it; but today, they could have used a little extra somethin’.

I’m actually still sort of on the fence with the recipe; I used the same one that came with the pan, but I don’t know if I love it yet. I think I’m going to have to try out a couple other variations/recipes before I share. I promise, I’ll continue experimenting ASAP.


So today, I’m actually headed somewhere really FUN with FUN people for the day…any guesses??


Okay, okay, I’ll give you all a hint…I met Bobbly Flay here last year. Winking smile


I’ll catch ya later, folks!

Questions for the Afternoon:

Have you ever met/encountered any celebrities?

Do you think the other people in an exercise class can effect your workout?


  1. says

    I used to work for People magazine so I’ve met and interviewed a few, and I always got sooo excited and nervous beforehand! It must be so cool to meet someone by chance…like just randomly run into a famous person while you’re out and about! I don’t think I would be brave enough to approach them, though, lol! Have a wonderful day! <3 xyx

  2. says

    Oh wait! I was on the same plane as Hayden Panatierre coming back from LA in April…she was in first class while I traipsed through into the normal-people-class, and went straight past her. Not really “meeting…but still…i was stoked 😉 xyx

  3. says

    Back in my party days, my best friend and I were visiting LA and stuck in horrible traffic on a Friday night on Sunset Blvd. The car stuck next to us had really tinted windows, but we could see rhinestones blinging from a do-rag on the occupants and started totally cracking jokes to each other. Next thing you know, they are rolling their window down to ask what is so funny and it’s Martin Lawerence! We chatted back and forth and then they invited us to go to the club they were going to and we hung out with him and his body guard for the evening. It was a fun random event!

  4. says

    Ohhh exciting! I love meeting celebrities (not that it happens too often). When you said Bobby Flay, my first thought was NYC :-) But then I clicked on your post and I see that’s not it. Darn!

    I have seen a couple of celebs at my gym including P Diddy and David Duchovny. Never talked to them though. I met Gavin Rossdale a couple of years ago and hung out with his band in the VIP booth…that is like the most out-of-character thing for me. I do not often hang out in the VIP booths of clubs :-)

    Yes, when an exercise class is too crowded, sometimes I find it hurts my concentration.

  5. says

    The people in workout classes dont necessarily effect my work out– but they can definitely be used as entertainment!

    The best are the people who make a lot of noise or talk to themselves (and if you’re one of those people– I don’t mean to offend you! haha 😉 )

  6. says

    One of the reasons I love Cross Fit workouts is because of the other people! It is really motivating to workout in that type of setting. If for no other reason than you never wanted to finish a Cross Fit workout last!

    I ran into Dave Matthews when I was running around Greenlake in Seattle!

  7. says

    I worked at a luxury resort so i’ve met a lot of celebs, but can’t act like they are who they are. Some of the nice ones I’ve encountered are nick lachey, Dave Matthews (who is super down to earth and started a conversation with me), Joey McIntyre, and Payton and Eli Manning. Heidi Klum is so beautiful in person and her kids are adorable!

  8. says

    I’ve met a few celebs…one of my favs was meeting Hayley Mills of Parent Trap fame. Saw her in an off-Broadway play and got a pic with her afterwards :)

    Yes, I def think other people in the class effect me. If I’m in a class with a super motivated person I will totally pump up my game to try and get to their level. And I find myself letting myself go slower when I’m in a class with less motivated people.

  9. says

    Since we live in San Francisco I’ve only met some 49ers, no celebrities :( So I’ve met Jerry Rice and Steve Young…does that count?!

    More people in an exercise class definitely effects my workout, in a good way! I love love it when my spinning classes are full b/c it gets me so much more pumped up than when it’s empty….I even like it when the gym itself is busy b/c I just love the energy that’s everywhere!

  10. says

    Have fun!! I’ve encountered a few celebs (including Kirk Cameron when I was a little kid and he was a teen heart-throb haha!), but my favorite that I’ve met was Sam Talbot from Top Chef. He and Lee Anne Wong did a cooking class at Publix when I was still living in Sarasota. He is SOOOOO cute, and we got to watch them cook and then eat their dishes. So fun! :)

  11. says

    I definitely think it’s more fun to take a class with more people, as long as I have enough space to workout in. Bumping into people is annoying.
    I worked at a summer camp for two summers where a few celebrities sent their children. I met the guy who played Michael in Lost (his daughter was in my group) and I saw George Lopez, but didn’t talk to him.

  12. says

    Hope you are having a BLAST today..and you remembered plastic containers 😉
    I CANNOT wait for the doughnut..or donut :) …recipe!! I have been eyeing that donut pan for a while on amazon, so I’m glad that you like it! I was hoping that it was a good non-stick pan.

  13. Heather says

    I met Jewel at one of her concerts, she seemed super shy and didn’t really look up while talkin to us but seemed sweet. I saw Gwen Stefani and her crew at LAX. She was totally unapproachable though because of the people surrounding her.

  14. says

    I can’t believe you met Bobby Flay before! My only celebrity sightings are Maria Shriver (in an airport last year) and Richard from the first Survivor (he was fully clothed).
    I use the recipe that came with the pan too, but add 1 Tbsp vanilla extract and 2 tsp butter extract. This tends to take the flavor up a notch. Oh, and the last time I made them, I added maple extract instead of the vanilla and it was so delicious!

  15. says

    Honestly, exercise classes really drive my workouts because I sort of compete with the other people there. Not really, but I look over and think “She’s doing that much, I can do that much too! Maybe ever more..” so I’ll give it a try.

    And yes! I met Duff Goldman last year!

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