Excited and Not

I’m going to be honest with you all this morning. Breakfast just wasn’t that exciting.


Most days, I try to somehow put a spin on breakfast so that it sounds just slightly more enticing than it really is. But really…some days, a cereal combo and glass of iced coffee are just what they are.

Wait, scratch that. HALF of a glass of iced coffee. Thanks, Jay, for leaving that for me this morning. Winking smile


Now that’s not to say that my cereal wasn’t good this morning; it was actually quite delicious, except for the fact that my Fiber One 80 Calorie Honey Squares have finally bit the bullet and become stale. But the rest of my bowl? Super yum.


Alright, so breakfast wasn’t that exciting. Ehhh, it happens. BUT…do you know what I AM excited about????

The fact that Jersey Shore Season 4 started last night!


I am sorry. Please don’t think any less of me. I once was against the show whole-heartedly. However, I have since become a convert and have been waiting very impatiently for this season to finally arrive.

Now, do I think it’s a “good” show? Haha…absolutely NOT.

Do I think it’s a huge train wreck that I just can’t turn away from? Absolutely!

I also may sort of have a small crush on Pauly D…


And did you know that JWoww actually went to my high school in little suburban, upstate New York? She was either a year or two behind me. Small world, right?


Man, if I could only have like, a quarter the size of her boobs…

So anyways, yes…I am wicked excited that it’s back on and I’m already totally hooked.


I feel like I have a million and one things to do today, so it’s time for me to jet. In the meantime, don’t forget…you only have until this afternoon to enter my $50.00 iHerb.com Shopping Spree!

And now…it is time.


  • Be stuck in a car for 10 hours with Snooki -OR- Mike “The Situation?”
  • Travel to Italy -OR- travel to the Jersey Shore?
  • Watch a TV marathon of Jersey Shore -OR- Teen Mom?


  1. says

    I’m *trying* really hard not to watch this season. I really, really don’t want to watch them make a mockery of my native country. Butttt..I think that’s going to last until about 5pm this afternoon.

    Snooki – at least I’d laugh, Mike makes me want to poke my eyes out
    Travel to Italy duh
    Jersey Shore

  2. says

    JWoww looked so much better last season (before all the surgery), don’t you think? I think Vinny is my fav. My fiance’ and I used to just stare and laugh when we’d find a rerun of the show, but now I’m embarassed to say we make plans to see it – but we’re honeymooning in Italy so it’s really just for the scenery! :)

  3. says

    First of all, her boobs were bought, so envying them is silly. Envy someone like Holly Peers, Keely Hazel, or Rosie Jones. Those girls have MASSIVE moon balloons and they’re real! 😉 Crazy Brit models.

    I would rather jump off a cliff than be in the car with either of those two. And Italy >>> Jersey Shore. :)

  4. says

    Oh my gawd, hard questions today Courtney! I have NEVER seen an episode of “Jersey Shore” – I’m proud of myself! :)

    I think I’d rather be with “The Sitch” 😉 Snooki makes me want to punch her eyes out

    I’d definitely go to Italy!

    And, I guess, I’d rather watch the Jersey Shore. At least they’re just idiots acting like idiots instead of glorifying teen pregnancy.

  5. says

    I need to catch up! I missed it last night, but knew there would be like one bazillion reairings before next Thursday. I’m overexcited about it :)

    Snooki, definitely. The Situation ticks me off SO MUCH.
    Italy. Duh.
    I think Teen Mom. It’s such a guilty pleasure of mine. And I’m a Maci fan.

    Have a great Friday, Courtney!

  6. colleen says

    Alright I was sooo excited about last night’s premiere! I heart Pauly D as well and thought it was so cute when he kept saying cabs are here in italian!

    1. Snooks all the way!! She’s so entertaining and wouldn’t try to makeout with me like the situation probably would.
    2. Italy for sure
    3. Marathon of Jersey Shore-there’s always something new that I missed. I would get sick of Farrah too quickly.

  7. says

    So funny about JWOWW. Amazing the little connections people can have to Hollywood.

    I’d rather be stuck with Snooki in Italy (as long as she wasn’t driving). But I’d rather watch Teen Mom. Too much smooshing and guido language grates on my nerves after two hours.

  8. Courtney says

    1. Mike
    2. Italy
    3. Marathon of jersey shore
    I too refused to watch it when the first season aired hutvten istartrdvwatchinh the reruns and now I’m hooked!

  9. says

    haha jwows boobs are ENORMOUS! and her facework is not so good. it was actually pretty annoying! i think i might watch the rest of the episode on my dvr right now! gotta love those sweet summer fridays haha. and i HATE when people leave only a smidgen of iced coffee left in the pot!

  10. says

    ■ Be stuck in a car for 10 hours with Snooki~I would actually enjoy myself!
    ■ Travel to Italy!!
    ■ Watch a TV marathon of Jersey Shore~more drama, more excitement! Parrrtttyy’s heerree!

  11. says

    ahh haha my husband and i actually left a company function early last night to get home in time for JS! haha

    Be stuck in a car for 10 hours with Snooki -OR- Mike “The Situation?” – definitely snooki – mike creeps me out and has THE WIERDEST fingers i’ve ever seen. They frighten me.
    Travel to Italy -OR- travel to the Jersey Shore? Italy, definitely.
    Watch a TV marathon of Jersey Shore -OR- Teen Mom? ahh sooo tough. depends on the teen mom season. :)

  12. says

    I feel the same way about Jersey Shore… At first I didn’t get the appeal but now I’m hooked on the train wreck… I don’t like how the producers edit the show though, it is too choppy!

    Be in a car with snooki (I would bring us a jar of pickles)
    Travel to ITALY!!
    JS marathon

  13. says

    My husband got SO mad at me last night because I didn’t remind him to set the DVR for the premiere while we were out. OOPS. Haha.

    I can’t get into the show – he watched all the seasons while he was deployed this last year and randomly quotes the show obsessively. Drives. Me. Nuts. Haha.

    I would rather travel to Italy fo sho

  14. says

    So I USED to think Pauly D was kinda cute too..until he started tonguing Deena last night- MAJOR EWWWWWWWWW!!!
    ■Be stuck in a car for 10 hours with Snooki -OR- Mike “The Situation?” Definitely Snooks 😀
    ■Travel to Italy -OR- travel to the Jersey Shore? Italy…BY FAR! Been to the shore already.
    ■Watch a TV marathon of Jersey Shore -OR- Teen Mom? Jersey!!

  15. says

    I refused to watch the first season of Jersey Shore on principle alone, but somehow I caught a few episodes during a marathon and I’ve been hooked ever since.

    Snooki, definitely Italy, and I’d much rather watch Jersey Shore.

  16. says

    Snooki– the situation can be a little creepster though, Snooki may annoy me a bit as well.
    Italy of course. Jersey Shore is well… the Jersey Shore
    Jersey shore never really got into teen mom..

  17. says

    I think all the partying and drinking has made JWow look so much older…I can’t believe she’s a year or two behind you??!! She looks 5 years older than you!

    And I admit I’m addicted to the Real Housewives so that’s just as bad 😉

    1. Ha I like this one! I’d rather be stuck in a car for 10 hours with Snooki…I think she’s too funny and I’m sure we could talk about anything for hours!

    2. Travel to Italy! That’s on my bucket list!

    3. Most definitely watch a TV marathon of Jersey Shore!

  18. says

    Jersey Shore <– I'm not ashamed to say that I love it!

    And I think it's really funny that JWow is actually younger than us. I mean, I know I'm not MTV's target audience anymore, so I don't know what that surprises me. But between you and me, she looks waaaay older. Shhh. Don't tell her. She probably can kick my butt.

  19. says

    I can’t watch those shows. No judgements on you for liking it..I mean, Twitter was going insane last night over everyone watching it!! But honestly, I want to slap them through the TV. And I’d imagine I would if I were stuck in the car with any of them for 10 hours, too! But like you said, I can see it being an addicting show to watch for the fact it’s just so bad. Like a car wreck you can’t look away from.

  20. Brittany says

    I’m torn here because I love the shore. No, not seaside. My boyfriend has a house in Avalon that is just gorgeous and its only two hours away–perfect for a weekend getaway. But obviously Italy is a dream vacation… I loved Rome when I went. NOT Venice. It was scary and yucky…. sooo… depends. I lose at WYR… clearly.
    Teen Mom. I can’t sit and watch Jersey Shore, it bores me to death.

  21. says

    I just can’t bring myself to watch Jersey Shore…maybe because I’m Italian and I don’t want to watch them act like that is how we are!

    1) Snooki so I could laugh at her
    2) Italy!!! Been once, but can’t wait to get back.
    3) Teen Mom…and there is my dirty little secret! I totally feel like this show glamorizes teen pregnancy, yet I can’t help but anxiously await the next week’s train wreck :)

    • Courtney says

      Haha, really? It was the only one I could find on the internet that was from season 4 so that’s probably why!

  22. says

    Stale cereal is a foreign concept to me as I always eat the entire thing before it has a chance to go stale – usually in 2 days. haha.

    And I am sooo excited for Jersey Shore. Can’t believe J Wow went to your high school! Last night’s episode was GOOD. Lots of drama brewing. Did you like Snooki’s workout?? She’s such a funny little pickle, that Snookers.

  23. says

    I watched Jersey Shore last night too. My lord I feel like my brain is rotting the entire time I am watching it but sometimes I just need a good laugh and it totally sucks you in. J Woww looks SOOO different. I would much rather be stuck in a car with Snookie. At least that way I would feel safe in the fact that I wouldn’t be getting hit on. lol. I would much rather travel to Italy. I have never really watched Teen Mom so I don’t feel like I could honestly answer the last question!

  24. says

    Sadly, I too, am hooked on Jersey Shore. I have the same story, thought it was bad, watched, and then got HOOKED!!! I have been soo excited for it to start again, too! Last night I couldn’t watch it but have it DVR’d. I can’t wait to hit play tonight!

  25. Julie says

    I’d rather be stuck in a car with Snooki. She seems pretty funny and The Situation kind of skeeves me out! I finally started watching JShore not too long ago and even though they are pretty ridiculous, its funny to see what trouble they can get themselves into. Sometimes you just need mindless entertainment!

  26. says

    Snooki, obviously, The Situation is the slimiest human alive…so yea, now you know I watch it too! 😉

    Umm…I’m going to have to go with ITALY over the jerz shore, lovely though I’m sure it is.

    And J shore over teen mom! Even more ridiculous than making celebs out of guido/ettes is making celebs about poor young girls in terrible positions!


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