Want To Know Where I Am?

Alright, alright. I know…I’m a tease. So you want to know where I am this weekend?

WELL, I am headed out west…


To the beautiful La Tourelle Resort & Spa


For a fun-filled wine tour and Bachelorette Party weekend for my dear friend, Sarah!


The weekend is expected to be full of fun, including a wine tour and scavenger hunt on Saturday, followed by dinner, and a night out dancing. Later Sunday we’ll be heading back home, but only after we finish spending the morning relaxing at the spa.

Swedish massage, here I come!

I have been so incredibly excited about this weekend for weeks now (it’s been SO hard keeping the secret from Sarah!). I’ve never been on a true wine tour, I love being with good friends, and I never ever turn down the chance to indulge in a massage. Wheeeeee!


You know, all this thinking about a Bachelorette Party weekend really got me thinking about my own bachelorette party. Oh my gosh, was it a fun night! And since I definitely wasn’t blogging when that happened, I figured I’d share a little bit of it now.

We started the night out at our hotel room, enjoying a few drinks and a “special kind of party,” if you will. Winking smile





I really had NO idea what to expect for most of the night, and needless to say, my girlfriends definitely knew how to keep it interesting!


I think there were more laughs that night than any of us could count. It was by far a hilarious evening…and that was only the first half.

Because of course, we had to go out and get our “dance” on!


And ohhh, we sure did dance our faces off that night.


Boy, I’ll tell ya…being a bachelorette is definitely an experience like no other. Anyone else agree with me??


It was, by far, one of the most fun nights of my life. Winking smile


So now, even though the bachelorette parties aren’t for me anymore, I still love them just as much. Because not only do I still get to have an amazing time without the pressure of being the center of attention; but I get to see some of my best friends in the same situation, knowing that they’re probably feeling as “on top of the world” as I was.

I’ll catch ya’ll tomorrow and hopefully have lots of fun stuff to share!

Questions for the Afternoon:

Have you ever been a bachelorette? What was it like?

If not, what would your ideal bachelorette party be?


  1. says

    looks like so much fun!! i love going to bach parties :) I’ve been to about 3 or 4 and they are all so unique and exciting to be a part of! xo happy saturday!

  2. says

    Ah, I just threw my buddy’s bachelorette party and it was the first one I’ve ever been to, but TOO much fun!! It was a little stressful at first, feeling like I was in charge of other people’s fun…. but once I relaxed, I let loose with the bride to be and we all ran around, taking pictures with weirdy guys (mullets, guys who lived with their parents, guys who owned motorcycles, etc for a scavenger hunt!), and ending the night with some delicious nachos. Just perfect.

  3. says

    Yes I’ve been a Bachelorette! It was 3 years ago and we went to Vegas…it was crazy fun and I’ll never forget it…my sister and girlfriends/bridesmaids made it a fantastic, fun time :) Although I admit I really don’t like being the center of attention so I think I have more fun at other Bachelorette parties!

    I love your Bachelorette recap, looks like it was a blast and you look so happy, that’s awesome :)

    And have this fun weekend! Nothing is better than a wine tour…it’ll be a blast! :)

  4. says

    I have not been a bachelorette, but I think the parties are so much fun! Unless they are too stuffy and old fashioned…c’mon people, let loose! That cake (is it a cake? haha) at your party looks hysterical :). Have so much fun this weekend. It sounds like it’s going to be a great time!

  5. says

    I was surprised with.a trip to Asia SF– it’s a restaurant with Asain cross dressers who wait on you and dance on the tables… Quite an interesting night lol!!! It took me a few minutes to figure out our waitresses were actually men!!

  6. Ally says

    Don’t you think it’s really distasteful and trashy to have a male stripper? You’re not as classy as I thought you were.

  7. Ally says

    My feelings aside, I am sure someone looking for a teacher would not want to hear about you hanging around strippers. Just my two cents. You need to protect your reputation, even if you do not care about your morals.

    • says

      I’m really not sure where you got the idea that there was a male stripper at my party, seeing as thought I never said such a thing and you’re pretty much drawing your own conculsions. I’m actually totally appalled by male strippers, and they were not, in fact, at my bachelorette party at all.

  8. Ally says

    the way you responded that male strippers were not “in fact” at the party makes me think that there were female strippers. you were shady with how you were phrasing that. listen, it’s no skin off my back if a potential employer sees this and finds it distasteful.

    • says

      Haha, I’m not really sure why you’re so concerned with why I was blindfolded and/or what I did. But the reason I was blindfolded was because it was my friends’ way of tricking me into *thinking* that was happening, when in fact it was really just an adult toy party, which was a ton of fun and much better than any type of stripper…male OR female…would be.

  9. Ally says

    wow, i underestimated how bitchy and catty you can get. not to mention self-righteous. you’re so full of it.

    • says

      Ally, I really don’t think its fair of you to call me bitchy and catty when you’re the one calling me out. I’m just trying to give you the facts so you don’t have to make assumptions. Whether or not you still want to judge me based on thsoe facts is totally up to you. But I really don’t think I’d call that bitchy…I’m just trying to be honest. I’m sorry that you feel that way.

      • Ally says

        “I really dislike when people want to judge me but find it quite funny when their judgments are totally wrong” — I think that sounds a little snarky. I’m entitled to my opinion, just as you are.

  10. Ally says

    Wow, Courtney, someone accused you of having strippers at your party because you were (1) wearing a blindfold, (2) hands tied behind your back, and (3) said it was a “special kind of party”. You say it was a sex toy party? All sounds a little trashy to me. Now you complain about it on twitter? Life must be rough for you. Why don’t you go cry about it now? I guess I won’t be reading this website anymore! Thanks for letting me know what kind of person you are.

  11. Danielle says

    Hhahahaha this made me laugh Courtney! I am so excited for my party in November! BTW I hope nobody like Ally shows up at mine! Your only a bachelorette once ya know! 😉

  12. says

    Sounds like you had a great time! I have been to a few bachelorette parties before. Always a good time! Now I am the trying to help plan out my bachelorette party here in a few months, hopefully everything turns out 😉

  13. says

    I’ve been to several, and they are always fun! I’ve been to Key West, Orlando, Tampa, and Pittsburgh. For my own bachelorette night, we just had a party at a friend’s house … we did a bunch of games, and I was given some fun lingerie! 😉

  14. Erin says

    I used to travel to Ithaca all the time and my co-worker and I always stayed at La Tourelle – it is amazing! We loved when we got upgraded to the rooms with the fire places. That place just exudes relaxation. Hope you had fun!

  15. Heather says

    @ally…I’m sure Courtney is well aware of her readership and if she thought something was inappropriate she wouldn’t have posted. She’s a 20 something year old girl….she can have a liitle fun and have a stripper OR a sex toy party and thats totally fine…and normal! Believe it or not, some of the classiest people partake in such “trashy” fun. Live a little, sheesh.

    • Ally says

      classy people partake in strippers? your standards must be below the norm. you all are obviously small town trash, so you think it’s normal. well it is not classy fyi. some of the classiest people partake in strippers and sex toy parties? how come they dont have strip joints in beverly hills or greenwich, ct? it’s always in the “bad neighborhoods”, so what does that say? you are a dumbass and your “argument” is nonsense.

      • Heather says

        Look at you with the insults. I guess I shouldnt argue further on class seeing as though you have none. Not once did I throw an insult your way, so who’s classy now? By the way, they are called “escort services” in Beverly hills and CT. I feel bad for you, I really do. That is all.

      • Heather says

        Oh and I never said it was “classy” I just said some classy people (prince Harry for example) have taken part in such activities. I have never had a stripper, been to see one, or want to. I just don’t judge people who do.

        • Ally says

          hey dumbass. an escort service and strippers are two very different things. I said there were no strop joints in those towns and then you start talking about escort services. pay attention. all i am saying is i don’t think courtney needs to be advertising a situation where it may APPEAR or it may in fact BE a situation where there were some unsavory people/things happening. whether you like it or not, potential or current employers are going to look at this and not like it. if anything, i was being nice to courtney and reminding her that it’s best not to put this on her website. hey, if it’s that important to you all to showcase your love of sex toys at the expense of MAYBE a potential employer seeing this then hey girls go for it!

          • says

            ally if you’re so offended by this then don’t read her blog if its not your cup of tea. no one said you had to agree with anything. i’m sure we all would be better off without your comments or your insults seeing as if you have nothing ‘classy’ to say.

          • says

            completely agree with you, cait. ally… if you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say it at all. don’t read the blog if you don’t like it. all your words are doing is hurting unnecessarily.

          • Elena says

            It’s really nice and mature of you to call people bitches and dumbasses. Maybe you should check yourself before you post comments like that on someone else’s blog.

          • Heather says

            Seriously, why are you calling me a dumbass?! That’s SO not classy. I don’t think Courtney needs your input and I suggest stop reading her blog if you don’t agree with her or her “dumbass, trashy” readers. And please, let me know the name of your blog so I can go visit and offer unsolicited and rude comments.

  16. says

    That looks SO fun! I have never been a bachelorette, but cannot wait to be one!! I think my ideal bachelorette party would be in Chicago (the greatest city!) at a nice hotel. We would start out the day getting mani/pedis or have one of the girls do them for us. We could then do something active around town, check out a comedy show, do a girly dinner (martinis and appetizers), and then hit the town!! I am getting excited just thinking about the possibilities and games that will be played someday!

    By the way your bachelorette city looks fab! :-)

  17. says

    Being a bachelorette is definitely an experience – I had SO much fun at mine! Well I guess we kind of did two…

    The hubs and I and our wedding party did a joint bachelor/bachelorette party in Vegas for a weekend and then us girls did one on our own back in AZ!

    You look like you had a blast at yours!

  18. sarah says

    I usually do not react to this stuff because i think it only fuels fire and adds to this negative cyber non sense.but I planned Courtneys bachelorette and it was meant to be fun and different. no strippers of any kind were there. Courtney should be able to blog about her experiences as that is part of what makes everyone love her. You need to be careful on how u say things because your message did not come off as being nice or helpful to courtney. and if you were really interested in helping courtney you would not swear on her wall and leave it be.. you can disagree. but leave it be now.enough is enough. she is a great person and is nothing but always classy. love her maid of honor who planned a fun night for a sweet friend.

  19. Catherine says

    heres a little math equation for ya:

    43875045780455 supportive readers > 1 “negative nancy”

    you go girl :) keep your posts coming i love em!

  20. says

    I hope you have a great time at this bacherlorette party! Yours looked fun. I won’t be having one for a looooong time. 😛 (I’m a teenager haha)

  21. says

    I’ve never been a bachelorette, but I planned two bachelorette parties (both in Philly, one for my sister and one for one of my best friends) and both were a total blast. I’m not sure what I would want to do for mine. Part of me wants to go out dancing, but another part would love to tailgate and go to a Phillies game. I guess I have some time to decide, lol!

    PS – there was nothing “trashy” about your party at all. Some people need to get the stick out of their asses and realize that the world doesn’t live according to their rules and just because something might not be your cup of tea doesn’t make it okay to be blatantly rude. <3

    • Ally says

      wow, lovely way of phrasing that “stick” comment. you need to shave off like 1/4 of your huge nose. also, a little feminine makeup never did anyone any harm…

        • Ally says

          wow, not sure if that applies here but ok. are only positive comments kissing courtney’s ass allowed? that is not disclosed on the website. this mob mentality on here is really impressive i have to admit. Do you think everyone who writes what some may consider a “big meanie” comment on something such as cnn.com is liable for cyber bullying? it’s scary that you are getting a phd..

        • Ally says

          what did i do that was against the law? you all are engaging me in a conversation and i am replying, as have been all of these comments.

          • says

            There’s a huge difference between constructive criticism and downright attacking people. Examples: “hey dumbass” “it’s scary that you are getting a phd..” “you need to shave off like 1/4 of your huge nose.” ” i underestimated how bitchy and catty you can get”…

            Would you like more examples?

            Constructive criticism would be: “Hey Court, I’m concerned that your readers might be offended that you are a teacher. You might want to clarify what exactly happened with that mask.”

            Calling people names and making comments about their looks is harrassment. Tact is very important in both real life and in online practices.

  22. Ally says

    lee you sound like the real bully in the situation. i wouldnt expect anything less from a catty jappy b*tch. no wonder so many jewish guys love a blonde shiksa..

    • Courtney says

      I appreciate that some readers and friends are willing to stand to my defense, but I am requesting that we all put an end to this. I tried to walk away and let it go, and it’s obviously getting out of hand. It has seemed to spin out of control.

      It is true that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and those opinions have clearly been stated. Just as you all have the right to have and share one opinion or another about what I share on this blog, I have a right to my own opinion as well. I will continue to share my opinion, experiences, and stories on this blog as I see fit. This is my space to fill, and I am thankful for those of you who choose to join me here.

      Ally, I welcome all comments that are written tastefully, whether positive or negative. It is true that you can share a different opinion in a non-unkind, or attacking way.

      This blog is meant to be a place of positivity. If you, or any other commenter, can not respect this, then I’d please ask you to take your readership elsewhere.

      We are all humans, with emotions and feelings. We all deserve basic respect and kindness.

  23. says

    When I got married I didn’t have a bachelorette party. I had a lot of company in from out of town, so my (now-ex) husband and I decided to have a joint party, in the form of a large backyard bbq for all of our visitors. Then the guys stayed behind and drank beers and had a campfire, while the girls went out to the karaoke bar for a bit.

    If I get married again, I’d like to have a big time girly girl bachelorette party, they’re so fun!

  24. Ally says

    Courtney, well said. Personally, I really have enjoyed reading your website. You are very sweet and an overall very positive person and I held you in high regard. To be absolutely honest, when I saw the picture of you with your hands tied behind your back and a blindfold on, etc. I was a little shocked, disappointed, and thought it was very distasteful. It just seemed like a departure from the Courtney we see baking cupcakes all the time. As I said before it’s no skin off my back, but others who may be doing research on you as a person may not view it as a positive thing either. I’m sure you’ve read articles about HR seeing Facebook pictures of new college graduates getting seriously intoxicated and not hiring those individuals, etc. Once you put stuff out there on the internet you can never take it back. We are all entitled to our opinions and I think some of the comments were attacking at me with some sort of mob mentality and I defended myself in kind. This wasn’t so surprising since I know girls can be quite catty, but that’s a whole other issue.


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