Will You Take Our Survey?

Good Morning! Is everyone as excited for the weekend as I am??

Well, I have VERY good reason to be excited, but I’ll share that with you all a little later this afternoon.

Oooooo I know, I know…I’m so sneaky and a total tease.

But in the meantime, I have a huge favor to ask of all of my blog friends out there.

Remember how I’m speaking at this year’s Healthy Living Summit? (I’m so totally psyched, I can’t even stand it.)

Well, our group has been working really hard on putting together a survey to help us with our panel discussion, and we could really use YOUR help!


We’re hoping that this survey, which is totally anonymous, will help us all get a better idea of how all of you deal with negativity in the blog world; specifically, negative comments and how you respond to them.

So below, you’ll find a link to a survey…see it down there? Smile


Well, if you click on that right there ^^^^, and just take 5 short minutes of your day to fill out our quick, ten question survey, we will all be forever grateful!

(Heather, Julie, and Brittany are all sharing the survey on their blogs this morning as well, so if you do fill it out, please only do so once.)

Thank you all SO MUCH in advance. I’m really looking forward to seeing all of your responses!


For now, I’ve got to run…but I’ll let you all know what I’m so excited about a little later today! Open-mouthed smile


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