Early Morning Challenges

Can I just tell you how difficult it is to want to prepare yourself a healthy, nutritious breakfast when you’re surrounded by these


and these?


Talk about a challenge first thing in the morning!

This morning, I hit the gym bright and early for some cardio + BodyPump. Since I missed yesterday’s usual BodyCombat + upper weights, I figured I’d hit up the ‘pump today. I completed 15 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill before tackling what turned out to be quite a challenging class…but totally in a good way!

So as if that wasn’t already enough of a challenge this morning, I then come home and am faced with that challenge you see right up there. Man oh man.

If you’re wondering why in the world I’m baking cookies at 7am in the morning (not that that’s a bad thing) it’s because I’m getting ready to send out the goodies to the winning bidder from TGFA. In addition to a batch of my beloved Crackled Sugar Cookies, she will also be getting a batch of Jessica’s Puffy Peanut Butter Cookies with Chocolate Chips. Lucky gal!


You guys should be proud of me. Look at the healthy, nutritious breakfast I managed to make myself while those cookies were baking away in the oven.


As usual when I make the Crackled Sugar Cookies, I am always left with 3 unused egg whites. And since we all know that nothing goes to waste up in here, I put them to good use. However, the peanut butter cookies also left me with another egg white, so you know what that means folks…


A whopping 4 egg white veggie scramble! This bad boy was filled up with green pepper, onion, and some fresh cherry tomatoes. I also gave it a little sprinkle of dried basil, salt, and pepper…absolutely delish!


I paired my scramble with a piece of toast with raspberry jam and a glass of iced coffee.


And believe it or not, I’m actually not even tempted to go dig into those cookies right now.


But that’s also because I’m not currently in the same room as them either. Winking smile

Questions for the Morning:

WOULD YOU RATHER…(we’ve got a mix today!)

  • Eat peanut butter cookies -OR- sugar cookies? (Sugar- these are the bomb)
  • Be gossiped about -OR- never talked about at all? (be gossiped about…I dealt with it all through elementary/middle/high school, so I think I can handle it!)
  • Eat a handful of hair -OR- lick three public telephones? (<—isn’t that naaasty?!? I’ll have to go for the handful of hair…but it still makes me gag a little)


  1. says

    I’m not a savory person for breakfast but that would make an ideal lunch for me! As much as I love cooking, I’m yet to make a tasty plate of scrambled egg whites….I know it’s completely amateur to ask but any chance of a recipe?

    • Courtney says

      I usually add a splash of milk to my egg whites and whip them up a bit in a bowl (or mug) with a fork. Then I add in whatever veggies I’m adding, pour it into a skillet sprayed with nonstick spray, and then just keep on scramblin’ them up with a spatula. Easy peasy! :)

  2. says

    Eat peanut butter cookies -OR- sugar cookies? Is both an option? :)
    Be gossiped about~I’m sure people do it on a daily basis, I work with all girls!!
    Eat a handful of hair~I work at a salon, I’m sure I eat hair all day long!!

  3. says

    I always love your questions Courtney!

    PB Cookies all the way. Peanut butter and I have a deep love for each other! :)
    I would rather never be talked about at all. I HATE gossip, hate it.
    I would rather lick 3 public telephones. Both are equally gross, but at least licking is quick. Eating hair would take a long time to get down!

  4. says

    I’d have to choose peanut butter cookies over sugar, but it’s a close call. I have an undying love for peanut butter! :)

    I would say not talked about at all… I hate gossip.

    Lick three public telephones. Both make me want to gag though.

  5. says

    Great question lineup this morning!!

    Sugar cookies for me, just never really got into the PB craze….
    Gossip all the time. Keeps people on their toes, and they never know what exactly is true (what can I say? I’m a woman of mystery.)
    Lick the phones, absolutely.

    Trichophagia (the compulsive eating of hair) is muy muy disgusting to me. Then the hair can turn into a bezoar (yes, just like in Harry Potter!) and I just want nothing to do with it.

    (this comment brought to you by the overly interested in hair eaters association.)

  6. says

    I would pick the sugar cookies, perhaps with some M&M’s in ’em.
    The gossip stinks, but I certainly wouldn’t want to EVER be talked about.
    And both are GR-O-SS, but I’d say eat the hair too.

    We probably eat alot more in our lifetime than we think we do.

  7. says

    How do you come up with these would-you-rathers!? They’re fabulous!
    I’d go: PB cookies, be gossiped about (I’ve had it, and it sucks..but then it would suck more to be forgotten about and ignored!) annnd…ergh the last one is tough. I’d say public telephone, cos I could mouthwash after, but I’d have an awful stomach ache after a load of hair!

  8. says

    I’d have to go with the PB cookies.. anything with pb calls out to me
    Be gossiped about
    Lick three telephone poles.. as gross as that is, hair freaks me out!

  9. says

    Ahhhh I would be dying until I ate something! Ahaha I want that scramble, liiiike right now. Girl SUGAH cookies!! Definitely gossiped about — I’ve dealt with it so much that I’m so over it. And I would rather lick the public telephones!!!

  10. says

    breakfast looks yummy.
    i do not know how you don’t eat more of those cookies.
    look yummy.
    talked about
    ugh neither..i think lick telephone poles. hair.. ugh makes me gag.

  11. says

    1. Sugar cookies for sure!
    2. Be gossiped about for sure.
    3. Eat a handful of my own hair…if it had to be someone elses hair I may die!!

  12. says

    Wow do those cookies look delish!

    I’d eat peanut butter cookies…although if I tried your sugar cookies it may change my mind 😉

    Be gossiped about – I dealt with it all through my teens too so I think I could handle it as well.

    I’d lick three public telephones – very quickly!

  13. says

    I love the PB but, am not always a fan of the cookies (you know how they can be too dry?!), but sugar cookies are always good!
    Be gossiped about, I have survived much worse 😉
    Lick 2 phones, not even sure what to say here, haha

  14. says

    I hate when recipes call for just whites or just yolks b/c I inevitably end up throwing something out! Usually the dog gets the yolk if it calls for just whites. She likes those days :)
    Pb cookies (especially Jessica’s!), be gossiped about (I’d just throw down with the gossipers ;)) and lick the phones, I guess the worst that could happen would be getting sick right?

  15. says

    This is why I have to chew gum when I’m baking and for basically an hour after they are done. I would dominate those!

    WOULD YOU RATHER…(we’ve got a mix today!)

    Eat peanut butter cookies -OR- sugar cookies? PB FOREVER.

    Be gossiped about -OR- never talked about at all? probably be gossiped about. It means I’m doing something interesting!

    Eat a handful of hair -OR- lick three public telephones? this makes me want to throw up those peanut butter cookies. (I’ll go with phone, I can sanitize afterwards.)

  16. says

    I admire your restrain with those cookies. How is that possible? I’d eat them in a second over the egg whites :-)

    PS – I just got my first box of Fiber One 80 Calorie Cereal (I’ve seen you eat it a few times on here). I was sooo excited to finally find a box in NYC. And I succeeded and didn’t eat the whole box last night! Winner :-)

  17. says

    Ohmygosh those cookies look to die for. I’d rather eat PB ones (im a nut butter addict…) and lick the telephone pole (EW!), and be gossiped about. I’m also pretty used to it! 😛

  18. says

    How do you like Body Combat? I’ve never taken it but am thinking about becoming certified just so we can bring it to my gym. I used to take fitness kickboxing and LOVED it so I’m sure I’d love Body Combat, too.

    • Courtney says

      I really enjoy it! I like the kickboxing part of it, but sometimes I feel like “awkward” doing the tai chi parts of it. Overall though, it’s still a great workout and I still can’t believe how sore it leaves me!

  19. colleen says

    1. peanut butter! YUMMY!
    2. Never be talked about at all-I too went through being gossiped about in elementary/high school and unlike you Courtney I don’t think I could ever go through it again! You’re much stronger than I am! :)
    3. Yuck-neither. But if I had to choose hair at least I know where that comes from…

  20. says

    Good for you for resisting the cookies, I don’t know if I could be that strong!
    1. Peanut Butter Cookies -they are my favorite!
    2. Gossiped about definitely, I can handle it :)
    3. Ew both make me want to puke but I think I would lick the phone

  21. says

    Peanut butter cookies – my grandma’s recipe!

    I would rather be gossiped about – like you, I’m used to it! Haters gonna hate.

    That third one is so hard…I am a big texture person so the thought of putting hair in my mouth makes me want to die, but I also live in NYC and see some very grotesque public phones – my gag reflex is preventing me from answering this one!!

  22. says

    Oh my goodness…you have me seriously craving cookies! I would go with peanut butter cookies, being gossiped about, and eating a handful of hair. You never know what kind of diseases are on a phone. Germaphobe over here! 😛

  23. says

    I finally found another person who likes veggies for breakfast! green bell pepper strips in dippy eggs are my “go-to” as of now. I crave the crunch in the morning! and would much rather have my oatmeal for dinner or dessert 😉

    • Courtney says

      Hahaha, don’t let this breakfast fool you Sarah…I’d say 85% of the time I’m usually into the sweeter breakfasts 😉

      • says

        haha oh man I’m a new reader.. I shouldn’t have come to conclusions so quickly. but hence the blog name right? 😉
        Morning veggie lover or not, this one breakfast was enough convincing to make me a regular sweet tooth sweet life reader! :)

        • Courtney says

          SCORE! 😀
          Welcome to STSL, Sarah! Hope to see ya around…and I promise, I’ll try to include more veggie-filled breakfasts. I’ve been trying to anyways 😉

  24. says

    Those are my favorite kind of eggs to make! I usually add salsa and spinach too. Your picture made me hungry!

    PB Cookies
    Be gossiped about
    Lick the phone quickly! Hair in my mouth makes me gag! … well so does the licking the phone idea but it will take less time.

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