Wednesday Workouts

Part of the reason I have a love/hate relationship with my Wednesday workouts is because I have no plan. Unlike Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays when I usually have a BodyCombat or BodyPump class planned, Wednesdays are my “do whatever I’m feeling” day.

So on the one hand, it’s nice because I can switch things up and maybe try something new. But on the other hand, I’m such an indecisive person that it causes a bit more of a hassle then it really needs to.

This morning, my body was sore all over from yesterday’s pump class (I love it!) so I consulted my Exercise on Demand for a series of lighter workouts…

Despite it being a lighter workout, the series of three back to back still worked up a serious sweat and a serious appetite.


Nothing you haven’t seen before, folks!


Are you bored with my cereal combos yet? I’m sorry…but not really. Winking smile


Although, today’s combo did have a new cereal to the mix, so at least we’ve got a little variety, right? In addition to the Kashi Honey Squares, I finally opened up the box of Kashi Go Lean Crunch which, if you remember, was bought way back at the beginning of June!


My Kashi x2 was paired with some shriveled blueberries, unsweetened almond milk, a glass of iced coffee, and a special friend…


What you don’t see in this picture is his fetch toy right in front of him and a different fetch toy strategically dropped right at my feet. Somebody wanted to play this morning (especially in the middle of yoga)!

Gotta run…things to do, people to see, cookies to mail. Smile

Questions for the Morning:

WOULD YOU RATHER…(lots of randomness today!)

  • Run 15 miles in a sweat suit on a beach -OR- in a bikini through a jungle?
  • Workout at home -OR- at a gym?
  • Sweat moderately but constantly 24 hours a day all over your body – OR- have a metal pin in your jaw that constantly picks up talk radio stations?


  1. says

    UGH. 15 miles in a bikini through a jungle sounds better than in a sweatsuit ANYWHERE.

    Aaaand I am more productive at the gym.

    And I think I’d rather pick up radio stations than sweat moderately but constantly 24 hours a day all over your body. I’m already a sweatosaurus rex.

    Wednesdays are kinda my “free” day, too! Whooop!

  2. says

    15 miles in a bikini in the jungle, I would not want to ever run in a sweat suit!

    Home…I just need all the amenities the gym has 😉

    I guess the metal pin in my jaw? haha.

  3. says

    Looks yumm, glad you saved those shriveled bluebs (by eating them!)

    I’d rather:
    -run in the bikini, more likely to have a sexy jungle ranger see me and offer a ride.
    -work it at the gym, though neither of those options really result in a sexy jungle ranger and I hanging out…. drats.
    -get the radio stations, but mostly because I could finally live my dream of a true soundtrack to my life (though I guess it’d be at the DJs mercy. Hope they’re good!)

  4. says

    Run 15 miles in a bikini through a jungle!
    Workout at the gym~although I only do it twice a week. I’m a home body!
    Sweat moderately but constantly 24 hours a day all over your body~that’s better than sounding like Screech from Saved by the Bell with a radio coming from my head!! haha!

  5. says

    15 miles in a bikini through the jungle DEFINITELY.

    I’d rather workout at the gym, but I’ve had to make it work at home, and it has its pros for sure.

    Ugh sweating when I don’t want to drives me crazy. I’d go with the metal pin.

  6. says

    Oh 15 miles in a bikini through a jungle sounds way better!

    I would rather workout at a gym- there is so much more equipment and I’m more motivated by seeing other people exercising!

    I think I’d rather get radio stations. Hopefully they’d be good ones and then I could have a dance party whenever I feel like it :)

  7. says

    i think bikini..
    gym for sure. i dont have room at home and feel more motivated there.
    i hate sweating when i dont want to. but initially i was thinking that. then i read everyone elses comments and think i would rather have the pin. :)

    i really need to try to go to body combat but my class that i can go to is on sat ams and sometimes i just want to sleep in a little!

  8. says

    Funny questions.
    1. Definitely the bikini in the jungle. I hate wearing full body sweat suits when I do any form of cardio! I get way too hot.
    2. I would say working out from home, except that I definitely don’t feel that I get as good of a workout in – so gym it is.
    3. Definitely the sweat option.

  9. says

    That’s how my Tuesday workouts are. I usually am uninspired and just do the elliptical though. LOL

    Fun would you rather questions today!

    I would rather…do the sweat suit because I’m assuming a sports bra would be involved and this chick needs support…workout at a gym…pick up talk radio because then maybe I will know more news. I’m sadly uninformed on current events half the time.

  10. says

    Is that the Yoga Sculpt from Exercise TV? Maura something or other does the video? If it’s the same one, I love that video. It’s a fave of mine for when my legs are particularly sore and tired, it makes them feel refreshed.

    1. I’d be a jungle bikini babe any day of the week. I try not to leave my house in sweats 😉

    2. I love to work out at home for things like yoga where I don’t need special equipment. But when it comes to weight training and of course the dreadmill I go to the gym. Oh if only I had a treadmill at home. So, really, I use them both equally. If I actually had to choose one for the rest of my life – it’d be the gym. Unless I hit the lottery and could buy a treadmill and a weight machine.

    3. I’d rather have talk radio. I love to sweat when I’m working out – but it ends there.

  11. says

    Cody is so cute!
    Would I rather??
    bikini in the jungle.. so i can pretend my name is jane.
    gym workout.. its harder to motivate and push myself at home.. I feed off energy of group fitness
    Sweat for sure.. I smell all day anyway.. and I like the excuse of being a hot mess;)

  12. Tracy says

    Run in a bikini through a jungle
    Workout at home
    Sweat moderately but constantly 24 hours a day all over your body

  13. Leslie says

    Ooooh definitely sweat suit, think of all the bug bites with the bikini!!
    At the gym, but gym must be close. If gym is far, home is ideal.
    And definitely pin in the jaw, I don’t think I’d enjoy sweating non-stop.

  14. says

    Sweat suit on the beach, at home unless there’s a class at the gym and prob talk radio since I sweat like a beast already 😉

    I am usually the same way on Wednesdays…I’m so motivated Mondays and Tuesday ans then Wednesday I’m not sure what to do…right now I’m debating on a boot camp class or staying at home and doing a yoga download.

  15. says

    I’d totally rather run through the jungle in a bikini..
    The gym because I get more done and feel more pumped to workout
    & sweat moderately since i’m already a sweaty beast and it would drive me nutss to hear a radio 24/7

  16. says

    I always love your cereal combos. PS – Still have the Fiber One cereal – haven’t eaten the whole box yet. That’s 3 days. Wahoooo!

    I’d rather…
    Run 15 miles in a sweat suit on a beach
    Workout at a gym
    uhhhh #3 is tough…both sound miserable. I guess the sweat thing. I sweat a lot anyway. it wouldn’t be too much of a shift.

  17. says

    You always have such a good workout variety. I bet your muscles are ALWAYS confused! That’s a great thing!!!!
    -The bikini in the jungle, hopefully NO ONE was around. At the gym, simply because there is isn’t one ANYWHERE near me like 45 miles to the nearest gym. The sweating I think?!? That one is HARD!

  18. says

    You are my savior! lol- thank you for posting the link to the Yoga video. That will most likely be done tonight because I am SO sore.

    I would rather run with a bikini on in the jungle (even though I’ve never worn a bikini, a sweat suit seems miserable! Plus, the sand makes it 10X harder to run!)
    Workout at home- definetly!
    Hmmm-last one is hard….I think I’d actually rather sweat continiously but moderatly the whole day. 😛

  19. says

    Yummmm i love kashi cereal!
    you should try strawberry fields. it’s like the special k strawberry cereal, except it has better ingredients and tastes crunchier and yummier to me! :)

  20. says

    I’m going to have to go with run 15 miles in a bikini through a jungle – anything’s better than running with a sticky sweat suit on you!

    Definitely workout at a gym – love the energy and all my gym buddies I get to see there everyday!

    Hmm this is a hard one but I”ll have to go with the sweating – maybe then I could finally not be so cold all the time!

  21. says

    I used to be a total gym rat, but gave up my membership about a year and a half ago. Using some key pieces of equipment, I set up my own gym in my garage and have everything I need there. I do miss the cardio machines at the gym, but maybe someday I’ll have the cash and space for an elliptical trainer.

  22. Kait says

    I would LOVE to win a signature tree print bc my anniversary with my fiancé is coming up and we just started renting a house! It’d make a great first piece of art!


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