Family Lunch Date

Last night I got a call from my mom asking whether or not I was free for lunch today. Well, my calendar was free and clear, so this afternoon I headed out into the beautiful weather to meet up with the rest of the fam for some lunch.


Mom, Dad, Dan, and even Grandma were there for lunch today (Jay couldn’t make it…booo.)



The dining location of choice today was The Redfront which, if you’ve been reading for a while now, might recognize. It’s home of the COB pizza and definitely a family favorite.


Today’s family lunch date had to be quick, since my dad and Dan had lunch hour obligations, so my mom called ahead and had the pizzas ready for us when we arrived.

One cheese and one pepperoni…and you can bet your bottom dollar that I steered totally clear of the latter. Pepperoni on pizza? BLECH! Disappointed smile


Would you believe how proud I was when I saw my brother whip out his camera phone to take a picture of our pizza? Perhaps we have another food blogger on our hands??? Or perhaps he was just sending the picture to a friend of his to make him jealous… Winking smile


I enjoyed two slices of pizza for lunch today, and they tasted delicious as ever.


I’m telling you…there’s just something about this pizza that is like nothing else I’ve ever had. It’s amazing.


Now that my belly is full and satisfied, it’s time to get back to my to-do list for today.

But first…time for some questions!


  • Have basketball-sized kneecaps –OR- basketball-sized elbows?
  • Be perceived as intelligent –OR- street smart (but not both!)?
  • Always be itchy –OR- always feel like you have to pee?


  1. says

    OMG i wnt pizzaanoww!!
    Have basketball-sized kneecaps –OR- basketball-sized elbows? elbows!
    Be perceived as intelligent –OR- street smart (but not both!)? street smart!
    Always be itchy –OR- always feel like you have to pee? omggg stop… i always have to pee so i kno how much that sucks yet i HATE itching!! cant choose!

  2. says

    Sauce on top of pizza is a total game-changer. Or life-changer, depending on the slice.

    I’d rather have basketball-sized kneecaps, for all those times I fall down (more surface area = less severe fall. That’s just science right there.)
    Be perceived as intelligent (but secretly, I’m street smart. So I become a spy.)
    Always feel like I have to pee. If I’ve gotta deal with these chronic conditions, I’d like to handle mine in private, maybe with a tight leg cross, instead of itching left and right, up and down, grabbing forks and hairbrushes trying to reach those hard to scratch spots.

  3. says

    I’ve never seen a pizza like that before! gotta try that.

    I’d rather have basketball-sized elbows. cause my bony ones now are kinda freaky. and I’d rather be perceived as intelligent, I think. Street smarts can be learned, right? kinda? maybe? AAAAND I’m honestly better at holding in my pee than handling an itch. is that weird?

  4. says

    Pizza is always so good. I’ve never had it with the sauce on top though. That would be interesting to try.

    I’d choose always feeling like I have to pee. This is a normal occurence anyway since I drink so much water. The itching would be just torture!

  5. says

    I like my pizza like my men- saucy…ha ha ok that was lame but I love pizzas which are full of sauce! Now you got me craving pizza even though I should be going to bed right now!

  6. says

    that pizza looks SO GOOD!! i wonder if any places around me do cheese on the bottom… i’m going to have to find out because i definitely want some!

    and your grandma is TOO CUTE! i have such a soft spot for old people! especially grandmas! mine is going to be 94 in september, and i’m already planning her cupcakes!

  7. says

    These “Would You Rathers” are a little more challenging for me today!


    Have basketball sized knee caps.
    Street smart for sure!
    Always have to pee… I think… (This one is especially hard for me. Haha.)

    P.S. Awesome looking pizza! YUM.

  8. says

    I love your would you rathers!
    Probably basketball elbows, I feel like elbows are already ugly I wouldn’t want to have my knees be ugly too.
    I’d want to be intelligent
    aaand the third one is really hard but I’ll have to go with having to pee all the time because I feel like I pee every 5 seconds anyway.

  9. says

    Oooo that pizza looks delish, and I’ve never had it like that before with the sauce on the top!

    I’d rather have basketball-sized kneecaps

    Definitely street smart – I know many intelligent people who have no common sense and it’s very frustrating!!

    Definitely always be itchy – having symptoms similar to a UTI is horrendous, I know from experience!

  10. Colleen says

    Courtney – your grandma is so adorable! You are so lucky to be able to go to lunch with your family (minus the husband). Take advantage of those moments :)

  11. andrew says

    Red Front pizza is truly amazing.
    I used to go there all of the time as a kid.
    Do you remember the video games that used to be in the bar area?
    I live in Boston now (from Troy originally) and always bring one back when i visit home.

    fun post.

    • Courtney says

      Ahhh, I’m so glad there’s someone else who can attest to its awesomeness! I actually don’t remember the video games in the bar…I wasn’t usually allowed in there growing up 😉

      • andrew says

        AND…it’s even better the next day warmed in the oven.

        AND I think they still serve Diet Coke in pitchers too.

        One of my favorite places on earth. haha.

  12. says

    That pizza looks so amazingly good. I now want pizza for dinner tonight …

    I would rather…
    1) …have big ol’ knee caps. I could cover them with pants.
    2) …have street smarts. People with just intelligence only get so far.
    3) …always be itchy. Having to pee when there is not bathroom around (or when you’re on a super long conference call, like I usually am) is the WORST feeling in the world!

  13. says

    That pizza looks really good! Random questions are always fun. Wait, if my kneecaps are the size of basketballs does that mean they can just be leg muscles?? Intelligent or street smart-I have no street smarts so I opt for intelligence. I’ve volunteered at an outdoor camp most of the summer and 20,071 mosquito bites later I think its safe to say itching doesn’t bother me too much :)


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