Bread Machine Successes and Failures

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am after tonight’s dinner…

I was finally able to get an amazing loaf of bread to come out of my bread machine!


Guys and gals, this is HUGE!

Ever since I received my bread machine last Christmas, my success/failure ratio has been a little leery…

Remember my first attempt? That was scary.

The next attempt a few days later was better, but still pretty hard and crusty on the outside.

Then there was the Rustic Italian Loaf which tasted great, but it barely rose and, again, was super crusty on the outside.

Oh yes, and let’s not forget this disaster. Good lord. I was about ready to throw in the towel after that one.

Thankfully, up until tonight, I have had my one stand-by recipe for French Bread, which has proven delicious on more than one occasion.

But now, I have TWO successful, delicious loaves of bread under my belt. Tonight’s load was a Pesto Bread recipe which came out of the book that came with the bread machine. I mean, not only did the bread have amazing pesto flavor, but it finally looked good too.

Just look at that! It’s light, fluffy, and actually looks like bread.


So what lovely dinner had the pleasure of accompanying tonight’s Pesto Bread?


Well that would be my Minestrone Soup.


This soup is not only super easy to make, but it’s ready within a half hour AND it tastes great. Hubby is on the fence with it because of the garbanzo beans, but I told him to get over it, just pick ‘em out, and send them my way. Winking smile


I started off with two slices of bread with dinner (but ended up adding a third), which worked out to be perfect for dipping, despite the fact that my soup was severely lacking in broth.


Jay ended up getting home later than I expected, so a bunch of the liquid ended up cooking off. But no worries; I just added a little extra for the leftovers.


I definitely foresee some of these leftovers in my future for tomorrow…no doubt about it!

Question for the Evening:

What are your favorite kinds of soup and/or homemade bread?


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    Minestrone soup is definitely in my top faves for homemade soups. (My stepmom’s is amazing!) I also love homemade chicken noodle soup. I’m not sure if I can consider chili a soup, but I LOVE turkey chili too.

    And I pretty much love any type of homemade, fluffy, soft bread. Yummm.

    Great job on your success with your bread! Looks delicious!
    Ashley@MyFoodNFitnessDiaries recently posted..Lotsa New Stuff!

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    Yum! :) I am so ready for fall and soup weather! My favorite homemade soup is definitely the tortellini-spinach soup from Ellie Krieger’s So Easy cookbook! It is to die for! I honestly haven’t really tried a whole lot of homemade bread other than quick breads like banana! I would love to try a good cinnamon or hearty whole grain bread!
    Abby @ Abz ‘n’ Oats recently posted..Orange Tofu Stir Fry

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    I will have to check this recipe out, Minestrone is one of my favs! I also love making roasted butternut squash and tomato soup.
    I don’t have a bread machine but have attempted bread once with my Vitamix and then just baking it, it was just okay 😉 I would like to make homemade cinnamon swirl bread though!
    Lindsey recently posted..Library Date

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    Great job on the bread! It looks delicious! Your minestrone soup looks so good! It looks better than the Olive Garden soup! I need to try making this in the fall! :) I think I might have to add a bread machine to our registry once we start one!
    Hope recently posted..One Year Exactly Till Mrs.!…

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    My boyfriend in college, his mom used to make the most amazing homemade white bread. I swear it was like heaven. I think I might have dated said boyfriend for longer than I should if only to get getting my bread supply! ha!
    Kelly recently posted..the little things

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    That bread look delicous! My mom has a bread maker she NEVER uses, and I have been thinking about taking it off her hands for her to put to good use! I love soup. Unfortunately Florida is too hot to eat it!

    As far as all your “ugly” bread batches go…just remember–it’s whats on the INSIDE that counts. 😉 If it tastes good…that is ALL that matters (unless you have company I suppose). hehe
    Taylor @ Crumbs Don’t Count recently posted..Breakfast for Dinner


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