He Was So Proud

My little man sure was making me laugh this morning!


You guys already know that Cody loves his milk jug tabs to play fetch with. It’s not uncommon for Jay and I to find the “toys” scattered sporadically throughout the house; behind comfortable soft cushions, under rugs, and inside of shoes. Lately, they’ve been making more of an appearance in his food dish when we get up in the morning…


But today he had them nicely rimmed right around the edge.


And he was so proud of it. Winking smile


This little scene was actually witnessed once I came back upstairs from the basement after completing a great, sweaty treadmill workout. When I woke up this morning, I was trying to rack by brain for some ideas because I didn’t have a plan.

But thanks to my girl, Julie, I completed this incline walking/running workout which was perfect for what I was looking for today. I followed things up with 3 sets of deadlifts (15 reps) using 2- 10lb weights before calling it a day.


About halfway through my workout this morning, I started thinking about breakfast (as I usually do) and immediately got a craving for some Protein Pancakes.


I used the same recipe as usual, but added in some sliced bananas to the batter and topped them with 2 big ‘ol tablespoons of PB2 and some maple syrup.


These babies were FILLING today. Wow!


You have noticed that there was a little something missing from breakfast today, and that’s because the horror of all horrors has occurred…

We’re completely out of coffee.

Not as in, “Ohh, I forgot to brew some last night” – we are fresh OUT. So you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be making a pit stop in the midst of my morning errands today. Winking smile

Questions for the Morning:


  • Eat pancakes with fruit topping -OR- maple syrup?
  • Be able to stop time -OR- fly?
  • Be stranded on an island alone -OR- with someone you REALLY dislike?


  1. says

    My cat is also obsessed with the milk jug tabs! She definitely prefers those to any type of actual cat toy that we’ve ever tried to buy her.

    I’d rather..
    Eat pancakes with a fruit topping
    Be able to stop time
    Be stranded on an island with someone I really dislike …because I feel like being stranded alone would be really scary/suck

  2. says

    No coffee in the house is a horror in my house too. Luckily there’s always DD iced coffee to make up for it. 😉

    I like my pancakes with maple syrup.
    I would want to stop time only if I could unfreeze other people when time was stopped otherwise I’d wanna fly.
    I think I’d rather be alone. I know you can go crazy from being alone for a long time, but someone who I dislike would probably drive me crazy even sooner.
    Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life recently posted..A Wonderful Weekend!

  3. says

    My favorite pancake topping is Greek yogurt and fruit – so fruit!
    Fly! I would feel more super woman like 😉
    Someone I dislike, At least it would be company! And I hate being alone.
    Lindsey recently posted..Library Date

  4. says

    Oh my goodness, Cody is SO cute! I love orange tabbys.

    I’d rather eat pancakes with maple syrup…I like fruit on top but there’s nothing like the ol’ fashioned way :)
    I’d rather stop time since I’m afraid of heights.
    And I’d actually rather be with someone I didn’t like…who knows, maybe we’d learn something from each other? Human interaction is important so I’d rather have someone to talk to than no one at all!
    Katie @ Plates and Paste recently posted..Shake It

  5. says

    Maple syrup–but if I really had my choice (which, I guess, is not in fact the point of Would You Rather), it would be cinnamon apples and tons of whipped cream! So I guess I kind of picked fruit then?

    Be able to stop time!!! I could get so much more done AND take naps!

    Be stranded with someone. We’d become friends, I think. We’d pretty much have to. :)
    Lisa recently posted..Sunny Seed Story #41: A Sunny Seed Car Wash

  6. says

    Yumm! I am a little obsessed with those protein pancakes! I saw them on here a couple weeks ago and have made them at leat four times since then! Sooo good with bananas, almond butter, and syrup on top!

    P.S. No coffee sounds like “Coffee Friday” should come on Tuesday this week!

  7. says

    He is so cute and clever!
    1. pancakes with syrup… and fruit inside!
    2. make time stop because doesn’t it already fly by?
    3. stranded on an island alone! preferably with my laptop or lots of books!

    Those pancakes look bomb!! I can’t wait to try and recreate them at home!
    Meg recently posted..Restaurants I Love: Wildfire

  8. says

    I keep seeing protein pancakes all over the food blogosphere – definitely need to try them out!
    I had a cat who would do something similar to Cody. Except Smokey’s love was for socks. Seriously, if you left a pair of rolled-up socks lying around, she would take them and carry them around the house and more often than not would drop them into the water dish.

    Fruit (especially if made into a sauce!), stop time, and alone.

  9. says

    Haha, your little Cody is too cute with his milk jug tabs!

    1. I’d rather top my pancakes with maple syrup (and peanut butter!). Syrup and PB is my favorite topping!
    2. I’d rather fly…that’d be so fun!
    3. I’d rather be stranded with someone I don’t like. I wouldn’t want to be lonely… And maybe we’d start to like each other??
    Ashley@MyFoodNFitnessDiaries recently posted..Firehouse Subs: Yay or Nay?

  10. Nicole says

    I love the fact that you put peanut butter on your pancakes – pure genius! I just picked up my first jar of White Chocolate Wonderful from PB&Co… and I’ve been eating it non-stop! Definitely has the potential to be dangerous!!

  11. says

    1. Maple syrup for sure! I need something to dip the pancakes in!
    2. Stop time. How awesome would it be to be able to change things around while time was stopped? Like Zach used to do on Saved By the Bell :)
    3. I think I’d rather be alone. I’m pretty good at occupying myself and I don’t mind “me” time!
    Jenny & Love Eat Run recently posted..Hotdogs for Breakfast

  12. says

    Ooo that is mighty talented of Mr Cody 😉

    Maple syrup — I’m obsessed with all things maple
    Fly — I could fly when my shoes were starting to hurt..haha
    Alone — as long as I had books, I’d be happy
    Shanna, like Banana recently posted..Shoes-Day!

  13. says

    The other day, Pancake Saturday (a most holy of days in my household) we realized, only after we’d started stirring the batter….. we hadn’t a drop of syrup in the entire apartment. Well, after my beau picked me up off the ground (because I immediately fainted at the very idea), he rushed over to the grocery store to stock up. Hell hath no fury like me in the morning…. with pancakes…. and no syrup.

    So I guess my first answer is obvious.

    I’d choose to fly. Admittedly, stopping time would be cool, but I could save so much time flying myself (rather than waiting in the security line at the PHL airport…) And I could swoop down and pluck my own salmon from the river, a behavior I’ve always envied from osprey.

    I think that being on an island with someone you really dislike is just the intro of a sweet RomCom, kind of like One Fine Day meets Castaway. So definitely that one.
    Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers recently posted..Molto Bene: A Tale of Triumph

  14. says

    I maaaade protein pancakes this morning too…but I kinda just improvised. Totally have to try Gina’s next time!!! I would much rather have maple syrup on them, as long as it’s GOOD maple syrup.

    I’d wanna stop time. And be on an island alone…even though that one is tough because you would probably get to like the person you dislike if it were only the two of you haha. Good questions!!!
    Char recently posted..power up protein pancakes + running

  15. says

    Ugh–I didn’t have a plan this morning and haven’t worked out yet. I want to do something I feel excited about, but nothing seems to be doing it for me.

    Maple syrup.
    Stop time (as long as I can start it again!)
    Alone fo sho! I have lots of experience with alone, and I’m sure I can do it better than dealing with someone I can’t stand!
    Melissa recently posted..Union Station

  16. Jordan says

    I keep meaning to make these protein pancakes! They look so yummy and nutritious. What kind of protein powder do you use? And is PB2 really a powder first? Did you mix it?
    PS I love love love your blog!!

    • Courtney says

      Thanks, Jordan! :)

      I use vanilla Sun Warrior protein powder but I think any will do?
      And yes, PB2 is a powder at first, and you add water to it to make PB! :)

  17. says

    I am not a huge maple syrup fan so I would have to say a little maple syrup and some fruit :)

    I would like to be able to stop time, only as long as I’m not at work! 😉

    I would rather be stranded on an island with someone that I dislike because if you are with someone long enough, they might actually grow on you. I just wouldn’t want to be alone. Too lonely!
    Hope recently posted..Creamy Taco Mac…

  18. says

    Cody is so funny! I have never heard of a cat playing with milk tabs.. I guess its kind of like how my babies like to play with empty water bottles? Money saver for sure. ha!
    to answer your questions.
    1. fresh fruit! but whip cream has to be piled on top too!
    2. stop time! my babies are growing to fast and i love them in this stage and i’m content where my life is right now.
    3. id like to be alone.. boring but then I wouldn’t have the constant headache of having to deal with someone I can’t stand.. ha!
    candice recently posted..vanilla almond granola

  19. Amy says

    Yum those pancakes look amazing I’m going to have to make those this week. I’m def a fruit girl over maple syrup although in the winter I may say maple syrup on a cold day when all I want is comfort food.

  20. says

    Hey Courtney!
    Ummm definitely made some FiberOne pancakes right after I finished reading this post…! Good choice adding the PB. So, as much as I hate to admit it, I can never realllyyy get over the fact that PB has more calories than I’d like (I know, I’m trying to work on my old calorie-counting ways).

    But after reading about PB2 from your blog, I’m super excited — I was thinking of ordering either the original or the chocolate/cocoa pb2?? If you have any thoughts (is it even worth it??) I’d love to hear ’em!

    • Courtney says

      It is DEFINITELY worth it!!
      Here’s my honest opinion…
      -On a sandwich, PB2 is not my favorite. It’s still slightly different from what I’m used to with regular PB and just doesn’t quite work that way for me.
      -On top of oatmeal or pancakes (or mixed into yogurt) it is AWESOME! I love how you can adjust the thickness/thinness of it to suit what you want it to do (pour easily, etc.). Plus, I like to use a LOT of it when I use it as a topping, so the calorie/fat content of 2 whole tbsps is pretty fantastic.
      I say GO FOR IT! And if you order off of iHerb.com, use my coupon code SAZ564 to get $5.00 off your order!! :)

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