Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Little Spacy

by Courtney on August 17, 2011


My To-Do list is still not finished…but I’m making progress! The suitcase is 85% packed…and thank you so much to all of you for recommending the “rolling” of the clothing. I can definitely see where this makes more room. You guys rock. Dinner was totally eaten on the fly in the midst of my frantic […]


Tackling The To-Do’s

by Courtney on August 17, 2011


Busy Bee…that’s me today! Even though I’ve been working non-stop on this to-do list since I last chatted with you all, I still feel like there’s so much that still needs to be done. Eeeek! Nonetheless, I did make sure to get one very important task crossed off the list… I will just say this: […]


Wednesday Mash Up

by Courtney on August 17, 2011


Good Morning! How’s everyone doing this morning? Phew, let me tell you…I just finished a great workout. Remember that whole love/hate relationship thing with Wednesday workouts? Well, today was definitely more on the “love” end of things. Similar to last week’s choices, I ended up doing a mash up of four different workouts: 2 mile […]