Wednesday Mash Up

Good Morning! How’s everyone doing this morning?

Phew, let me tell you…I just finished a great workout. Remember that whole love/hate relationship thing with Wednesday workouts? Well, today was definitely more on the “love” end of things.

Similar to last week’s choices, I ended up doing a mash up of four different workouts:

  • 2 mile run (18 mins)
  • Six-Pack Ab Burn (13 mins)
  • Leg Slimmer and Toner (10 mins)
  • 10lb. Slimdown Yoga (23 mins) (<—one of my favorite Workout DVD’s!)

    I feel awesome after that mix. Whew! I’m thinking about calling my Wednesday workouts the “Wednesday Mash Up.” Totally corny, yes, but I, too, and corny and I love it.


    Would you believe it’s been one full week since I last had a cereal combo bowl? ONE WEEK. That’s crazy talk!


    So this morning I broke the streak with a delicious Kashi Trifecta bowl:

    • Kashi Honey Squares
    • Kashi Go Lean Crunch
    • Kashi Golden Goodness
    • Blueberries
    • Unsweetened vanilla almond milk


    Deeeelicious! Especially when paired with a hot mug of coffee (which, btw, is the coffee I purchased yesterday from Target and I LOVE it).


    As a side note…you guys were quite funny when talking about the “Target Effect” – maybe we should start a group for ourselves? Targetaholics Anonymous? Winking smile


    I have got a ridiculously full to-do list for today, in preparations for this weekend’s Healthy Living Summit (I leave tomorrow!). I am so incredibly excited for this weekend, yet a little anxious at the same time…

    I can’t help it; whenever I get in situations where I’m around a bunch of people with so much going on, I get this overwhelming feeling that I have to do everything and see everyone. Top that with the fact that I will be partaking in my first-ever speaking appearance, and my nerves are definitely getting a workout.

    But nerves aside, there is just way too much to be excited about. I mean, this is going to be one great weekend! And thanks to my being apart of the amazing FitFluential Ambassador group, my trip to HLS this weekend is being sponsored by GNC.

    I have been speaking with GNC over the past couple of weeks, and it sounds like we are going to be doing some big things with them and FitFluential in 2012. I am so excited to be a part of this and am really looking forward at the big things that are to come! Eventually, I’ll be reaching out more to all of you to see what else you’d be interested in learning about from GNC; so if there’s ever anything you’re curious about, please feel free to contact me. I want my relationship with GNC to be beneficial for all of YOU as well! Open-mouthed smile

    Alright, this to-do list is not getting any shorter…gotta run!

    Questions for the Morning:

    WOULD YOU RATHER…(these are interesting today!)

    • Listen to nails scratching down a chalk board -OR- listen to an obnoxiously loud eater chewing his/her food?
    • Have your thumb and first finger glued together for life in the “OK” sign -OR- be forced to say “thank you” before every sentence?
    • That your S.O. has a huge crush & strong physical attraction to your best friend -OR- have them absolutely hate each other?


    1. says

      1. Nails on a chalkboard. I can’t stand loud eaters. I would rather not eat for the rest of my life than sit next to them.

      2. Fingers for sure.

      3. I’d rather they hate each other that way I won’t start to hate my friend! :)

    2. Brittany says

      Loud eater (as I read that I was munching on TJ’s Baked Lentil Chips and making quite a ruckus. They’re delicious by the way)
      Fingers glued
      Hate each other. Been there, done that.

      Also, your site started playing a noisy video for me this morning… I don’t know if you have any control over the ads on the sidebar but those always drive me crazy when they start playing on their own and talking to you. Thought you should know!

        • Brittany says

          I think it was for like Prilosec OTC or something. My speakers are turned down pretty low and all of a sudden I hear this little whisper. It kinda freaked me out. Haha!

    3. says

      I think blueberries are my favorite fruit to add to cereal bowls!
      Thought both drive me cuts, the loud chewer.
      Have my thumb and finger glued together.
      Hate each other for sure, we could work around it!
      Lindsey recently posted..I Can Save Lives!

    4. says

      loud eater, thank you, and hate eachother.

      we should create a group for targetaholics.
      wish i was going to HLS. I live in Philly and I am not going. I have a bridal shower in boston this weekend! a little jealous of all of you going.. HAVE FUN!
      Hannah recently posted..SHOES SHOES SHOES!

    5. says

      Congrats on your partnership with GNC! That’s amazing! After hearing so much about the HLS, I so wish I were going, it seems like it’s going to be such a fantastic event and I can’t wait to hear all about it next week!

      And for the record, noisy eating is my #1 biggest pet peeve. Mega double ew. I would take fingers on a chalk board, or any thing else, over that any day!
      Diana recently posted..I’m baaaack!

    6. CJ @ Http:// says

      I definitely need to be in target anonymous! They roped me in with their debit card and now I feel like all my purchases are justified haha do you do the 10 minute workouts on on demand exercise tv?!? I love those and the leg slimmer toner! Have an awesome Wednesday!!!

    7. says

      These are tough ones today!
      I would say loud chewer for sure!
      And probably say thank you before each sentence because I would definitely rather have full use of my hands
      And the last one is the hardest… probably hate eachother would be better.
      Andrea @ Andrea out loud! recently posted..Tweet Tweet

    8. says

      1. Nails on a chalkboard – loud chewers make me crazy!!
      2. I think say thank you. It would be annoying to not be able to use your finger and thumb!
      3. Definitely have them hate each other! I wouldn’t want to feel second best to my best friend in my s/o’s eyes!
      Jenny & Love Eat Run recently posted..Rowdie Morning

    9. says

      1. Someone chewing obnoxiously
      2. Say Thank you
      3. Have them hate each other
      Have a good time at HLS! I’m sure once you get there and start talking your nerves will vanish :)

    10. says

      Have a great weekend! I know exactly what you mean about the stress and anxiety leading up to an event/gathering etc. I know you’ll do great though and I’m sure you will make the best of your time! For all it’s worth, if I were speaking, I would be FREAKING out right now…looks like you’re better off than me! :)

      • Courtney says

        Hi Rosa!
        I went to my first conference last year, which was HLS. I was definitely nervous, but honestly, everyone is so nice and welcoming that it definitely put me much more at ease.
        I would say, if you’re new to blogging, try to start forming some relationships with fellow bloggers. Whether it’s by commenting on their blogs, talking over Twitter, or even shooting an email or two. Once I felt like I sort of “knew” some other bloggers, I felt much better about going and meeting so many people in once place. :)


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