Better Recipes, Please!

Slowly but surely, I’m getting through all of this information that I soaked right up this past weekend at the Healthy Living Summit. I’m telling you, I was like a sponge and there was no shortage of tips and tricks for me to absorb!

So if you remember me telling you all before, one of the sessions that I sat in on and really enjoyed was by Stepfanie Romine on “How to Write a Better Recipe.”


It’s no secret that I enjoy sharing the occasional recipe here on the ‘ol bloggy, so this session really peaked my interest.


Stepfanie did a great job of conveying the idea that while all bloggers have a unique and creative style, we should not allow that “creativity” to have a negative impact on any recipes we may be sharing with readers. Recipes should be concise and consistent, but also share a little personal creativity as well.

I was reminded that every recipe should include the following six elements:

  1. Title
  2. Headnote and tips
  3. Yield (serving size)
  4. Prep/Cook times
  5. Ingredient list
  6. Instructions


Stepfanie also recommended that when writing out the ingredients for a recipe, you should list them in the order that you use them. I’ve recently tried to start doing this more, because I also agree that it makes things so much easier when you’re in the midst of preparing the goods.

In case you’re interested in learning more about recipe development and writing, Stepfanie also recommended the following resources:

Will Write For Food: The Complete Guide to Writing Cookbooks, Restaurant Reviews, Articles, Memoir, Fiction and More, by Dianne Jacob


Recipes Into Type: A Handbook for Cookbook Writers and Editors



Workout + Lunch

Shortly after I finished up breakfast this morning, it was time to get my sweat on. I wasn’t in the mood for weights, I wasn’t in the mood for the treadmill, and I wasn’t in the mood for yoga. So I ended up doing Jillian Michaels’ Boost Metabolism workout off of Exercise TV. I’ve long been a fan of Jillian’s workout DVD’s, and this 50-minute workout is no joke. I was huffin’ and puffin’ within about 20 minutes…WHEW! Disappointed smile

Once I showered up and finally caught my breath, it was time to make some lunch…err, should I say breakfast?


I was struck with an overwhelming urge for eggs today, so I rolled with it.


Two egg whites, spinach, tomatoes, and onions, topped with ketchup (of course).


I also made myself a simple blueberry protein smoothie:

  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1 scoop vanilla SunWarrior
  • ~2/3 cup blueberries
  • 4 ice cubes


Everything really hit the spot today!

Questions for the Afternoon:


  • Eat breakfast for lunch -OR- lunch for breakfast?
  • Eat the whole egg -OR- just the egg whites?
  • Be a recipe developer -OR- a recipe taster?


  1. says

    Great tips on recipe writing, thanks for sharing!
    I love Jillian’s workouts too :)
    Breakfast for lunch 100% Really breakfast anytime of the day!
    Whole egg, I love hard boiled the best.
    Recipe developer, I like being creative in the kitchen and sharing :)
    Lindsey recently posted..It’s A Hot One!

  2. says

    I was just thinking of going with eggs for lunch today too but for some reason a sweet potato came to me.

    Glad the recipe session was great! I would have liked to hear that one if I hadn’t been speaking at the same time. Too much good information and not enough time. :(
    Lauren recently posted..My (Brief) Reflection: HLS 2011

  3. says

    Thanks for the recipe tips!! I missed out on the event this year:( Because even though I’ve been blogging for a year I still feel as if I’m a rookie! Hopefully next year Ill be able to join you cute girls!
    I never put the prep/cooktime… Good to know!
    Breakfast for lunch fo. sure. heck, Ill even have it for dinner!
    I stick with egg whites, Ill throw in a yolk from time to time but mainly go for whites.
    developer or taster… mmmmm. taster! Then I don’t have the stress if the recipe doesn’t come out as explained.
    Candice recently posted..The final countdown

  4. says

    I thought she was super informative and it’s good to know the right etiquette for resposting other’s recipes too! I was always a bit unsure about that.

    As for WYR:

    Breakfast for lunch!
    No eggs at all (ick), but if I had to, eggwhites
    Recipe taster? Heck yes!
    Shanna, Like Banana recently posted..HLS Part 2–inspired!

    • Courtney says

      Oh man! I forgot all about that part…and that was probably the part I liked hearing the most! I’ll have to mention that next :)

  5. says

    Breakfast for all 3 meals pls! Thanks for sharing the recipe tips! Love the look of your lunch but I’m waiting for some moron to attack you for lack of carbs-GAH! As much as I do love me a runny yolk, im more if an egg-white girl!
    Khushboo recently posted..To my friends

  6. says

    I’m with you! I’d rather eat breakfast for lunch! And the whole egg please! I haven’t gotten into the egg white only thing yet. But I’m considering making the switch. It’s supposed to be healthier without the yolk right? Does it taste like a whole egg?

    And I’d much rather be a recipe taster! Although I’m not sure that would be beneficial to my waistline! I’d just have to exercise more I guess!!
    Sarah @ Simply Dove recently posted..Scenes from the Weekend

    • Courtney says

      Well, I’m not sure about healthier overall. The yolk does provide some extra fat which is good, but if eaten in excess, are higher in cholesterol. I think it’s just all about personal preference. I like to switch it up – sometimes the full egg, sometimes just the whites.
      Egg whites alone taste different from a whole egg; not quite as much flavor, so I like to add a little extra salt and pepper. :)

  7. says

    I love the tips everyone’s posted about writing recipes. I’m definitely guilty of a few of the no-nos!
    I have to eat breakfast foods before I consume anything else in the day no matter what time so definitely breakfast for lunch!
    Whole egg (not an egg white only fan) and recipe tester for sure!
    Gina @ Running to the Kitchen recently posted..Confessions

  8. says

    Oooh great recipe tips! Being a newer blogger that loves to share recipes, this is great for me! Thanks!

    Breakfast for lunch – I love breakfast food! I eat breakfast for all meals sometimes!

    Definitely the whole egg – I love over easy eggs, and dipping my toast into the yolk! YUMYUM!

    The last one’s tough – my creativity sometimes lacks in the recipe department, so I’d go with taster!
    Samantha @ Running and Cupcakes recently posted..When 18 Becomes 15 (Day 27)

  9. says

    I love JM’s Boost Metabolism workout. You’re right, it is a killer!

    I think breakfast is great any time of the day. The same cannot be said for the other meals, for me anyway. I could never have dinner for breakfast or lunch, or lunch for breakfast. But brinner (breakfast for dinner)? Yes, please.
    Rosa – Fitness, Food, Fulfilled recently posted..There’s A Kid In All of Us

  10. says

    1. Definitely eat breakfast for lunch…breakfast foods are my absolute fav!

    2. I’d rather eat the whole egg but do so moderately because I have high cholesterol, I have to be super careful with my diet because I’m so sensitive to it, it’s in our genes! :(

    3. Definitely a recipe taster – give me any excuse to eat all day, yes please!
    Shayla @ The Good Life recently posted..Sunday Traditions

  11. CJ @ Http:// says

    I Think I could eat breakfast food pretty much any meal of the day! I was really bummed I didn’t get to meet you this weekend since I very much enjoy reading your blog, and love the fashion element. Hopefully next years HLS I’ll get to come say hi!!!

    • Courtney says

      I know! I really wish we could have had a chance to talk. The weekend went by SO fast, didn’t it?
      Like you said…hopefully next year :)

  12. says

    These are really helpful tips! I always feel like I’m writing it bad.
    Breakfast for lunch. It’s my favorite meal I could honestly have breakfast ALL day and be happy.
    The whole egg probably. I usually like to mix whole eggs with the whites.
    Recipe tester! No need to think 😀

  13. says

    Breakfast for lunch … and dinner :)
    The whole egg, preferably poached
    A recipe developer – I enjoy my food so much more when I’ve made it myself! And it always feels good to make other tummies happy with something you created :)
    Kayla @ Sprouty Buns recently posted..Self Induced ADD

  14. says

    I would rather eat breakfast for lunch, 1 whole egg with the rest egg whites, and be a recipe taster. Sometimes I just get too frazzled when trying to come up with the right amounts for ingredients. lol.

  15. says

    Breakfast for lunch (I can’t eat that much for breakfast). Egg whites (healthier). Recipe taster! I’m not much one for creating recipes…I wouldn’t know where to begin!

    Going to add that Will Write for Food book to my list of books I want!
    Katie @ Plates and Paste recently posted..Soup du Jour

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