Crazy Dreams

Last night, I had some crazy dreams.

I don’t know what my brain was up to, but I was seriously all over the place. One of the dreams was so awful that I actually woke myself up because I was crying in my sleep (has that ever happened to anyone else?)

It was definitely one of those “thank god that was just a dream” moments, but that still didn’t stop me from texting my brother this morning just to be sure…

IMG_7256 (640x480)

Scary stuff!

I’ve always found dreams to be pretty fascinating. When I was in high school, I even bought this Book of Dreams to try and figure out what some of them meant.

IMG_7253 (480x640)

Unfortunately, the book is kind of wacky and I’ve never really gotten too much out of it, but it is still fun to look through once in a while.

IMG_7255 (640x480)

Thankfully, not all of last night’s dreams were bad…

I had another dream where I discovered that Cody was actually a twin and that there had been two of them living in our house this whole time, but only one of them would come out at a time.


It was such a realistic dream, but I think I’m happy having just one Cody around here…

IMG_4041 (640x445)

Especially with all of his shenanigans.

IMG_2322 (640x480)

But on the other hand, that would make for double the entertainment.

IMG_4329 (640x480)IMG_5448 (640x480)

IMG_4332 (640x480)

Oh, Cody. Smile


Not all that exciting, but still pretty tasty.

Iced coffee

IMG_7246 (640x480)

Oatmeal cooked in the micro, topped with half a slice of crumbled banana bread and raisins.

IMG_7247 (640x480)

IMG_7245 (640x480)

I’ve got a lot I need to get done today, since I got super side-tracked with yesterday’s blog issues. From what I can tell today, things seem to be a little better(?) so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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Questions for the Morning:

What was the last crazy dream you had that you can remember?

Have you ever been interested in learning more about the meaning of dreams?


  1. says

    I look up my dreams all the time, especially reoccurring ones. I don’t remember the last scary one I had but I seem to have a lot lately of being chased. Must look up that meaning :)
    Lindsey recently posted..Treat Day

  2. says

    I have crazy dreams all the time – I think due to the fact that I have a lot of trouble sleeping in the first place. If I take something to help that, it’s guaranteed to be totally whacked out dreams or night terrors. While I remember elements of my dreams, crazy dream nights are usually more than one dream and they all blend together by morning.

    I’ve only looked up or asked about a few that had reoccurring themes. Otherwise, I chalk it up to “wow, that was weird!”
    Cute~Ella recently posted..Sassy and Salty Chocolate Chip Cookies

  3. says

    Um, I have insanely crazy dreams all the time. The last crazy one I can remember was all over the place haha. First my bf proposed to me (which I would love for that to happen in real life), and then we were in a huge college classroom listening to a lecture and a bunch of the people I hated in hs were there. Suddenly we were being attacked? I’m not sure by who or what but everyone had to get out and hide. I chose the women’s bathroom. And then it turned into being at a school dance on the top of a parking garage haha. Seriously, no idea what any of that means.

  4. says

    I’ve had dreams like that and it freaks me out. When I wake up not knowing if the dream was real of just a dream, I have a hard time falling back to sleep. At least the Cody dream was a good one!

    When I have a bad or weird dream, I always look up the meaning in an online dream dictionary, but those things rarely make sense. My friend’s grandmother believes in the dream dictionary and is always calling her to tell her to watch out about things because she dreamt about them.
    Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life recently posted..First Day of School

  5. Linda says

    I had one of those dreams yesterday where I woke up crying. In my dream, my daughter was kidnapped and we couldn’t find her. It was so real and when I woke up, I jumped out of bed and ran to her bedroom to make sure she was there. Then I showered her with kisses. :)

  6. says

    I’m definitely guilty of having my fair share of intense dreams!

    I actually used to have this reoccurring dream that I was babysitting Abraham Lincoln’s baby! haha I’m serious, I would have it at least once a week for months and months at a time! I wonder if your book has any explanations for a cooky dream like THAT 😀
    Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance recently posted..Working On My Fitness

  7. says

    Haha I love dreams that make me wonder if it actually happened! The other day I dreamt I was hanging out with this girl who I haven’t seen in YEARS and we were chilling in a remote controlled car…ie we were both riding in the back and she was ‘driving’ the car via a control! I remembered it SO vividly…to the point that she was wearing black, sparkly open toe Tory Burch pumps!…dont ask!
    Khushboo recently posted..Best of all worlds

  8. Jessica McGee says

    I just had a dream yesterday when I was napping; I was crying in the dream and I woke up with tears in my eyes! It was the strangest feeling!

  9. Katherine says

    I had some nutso dreams last night too! I actually dreamed that I had the flu and I spent half of last night all achey and sore. I had some other stressful dreams too, but the flu one was definitely the most memorable. Hope tonight is a little more restful!

  10. Leslie says

    No joke, I’ve had some pretty awful dreams this past month where my husband has woken me because I have been crying in my sleep. It’s awful! I feel like my entire day goes into a funk because of the experience. You’re not alone!

  11. says

    That dream about Cody is too funny! How weird would that be?!

    I can’t remember the last crazy dream I had. I feel like I dream all the time, but I rarely remember them! At times when I have, I’ve definitely googled what the meaning could be, but I take that with a grain of salt!
    Erica @ For the Sake of Cake recently posted..Fish out of Water

  12. says

    I dreamed I ate a Pita topped with PB, Choco Chips, Popcorn and Caramel Sauce. I didn’t like it. It was a nightmare now that I think of it! 😉

    I’ve always been interested in dream interpretation! I have a few books. Some whacky, some not so bad. Though, the whacky ones are worth the read simply for the laughs :)

  13. Liza says

    Haha when I woke up this morning my roommate’s cat was playing inside an empty toilet paper wrapper just like Cody in the pic you posted this morning.

  14. says

    Omg I hate dreams like that! I’ve definitely have had ones like yours where I’ve been crying in my sleep, they’re awful, especially when they feel so real! Since I’ve got baby fever and we’re TTC, my dreams recently have been all about babies and one I just had was about me losing the baby and not being able to find it, one minute it was in it’s carrier, the next it was gone! Ugh it was awful! :(
    Shayla @ The Good Life recently posted..So thankful…

  15. Heather B says

    Those dreams are the worst…when you wake up crying. I’ve also woken up to find my hand extended because I was receiving money!! Kinda stinks it was just a dream! OR the worst is when I hop out of bed and yell for my husband to get out because “there are spiders EVERYWHERE!” that’s happened a few times, yuck!!

  16. says

    I love learning about dreams! But not in a Freud way – he’s just too weird for me, and that’s normally who we’d associate with dreams in my psych classes. I had a dream the other night and I woke up crying too! It was SO REAL. I was on edge for the rest of the day.

  17. says

    I bought the same book back in the day! I was fascinated! Never really put much stock in dreams being more than our brain’s entertainment, though.

    Last week, I had a dream I was on Jeopardy, with Gina (fitnessista) and she won with the answer – Jumanji!

    (ps: the next day, Jumanji was on the TV!)

  18. Grace says

    I had a dream once too when I woke up crying. But it was because I dreamt about my older brother whom I haven’t seen in over 14 years and I just missed him so much.

    The weirdest dream I’ve had recently was sort of apocalyptic and there were bunnies with machine guns. (If that’s not weird, I don’t what else is!) I have had a lot of dreams about tornadoes – so much so that I’ve developed a real phobia of them. I’ve always had pretty vivid dreams – I used to be really interested in dream interpretation when I was younger.

  19. says

    I have crazy and vivid dreams quite often. One of the scariest ones I’ve had was me driving down the road when my car decided to eat me… I woke up in a panic not wanting to get in my car ever again. The most recent weird dream was about me telling someone about my dreams and how real they are. Talking about dreams in a dream!

  20. says

    I had the craziest dream a couple weeks ago, but I think it was television related. I was watching the “Harper’s Island” series at the time. My dream involved a man shooting up a hospital! It was awful. People were cowering, running, hiding, and he was just shooting. It was so scary I bolted awake. But unfortunately it was one of those that I couldn’t stop, even after I woke up. I was never so happy to get out of bed in my life!
    Samantha @ Running and Cupcakes recently posted..With Every Failure Comes Success (Day 25)

  21. Kathryn says

    The last crazy dream that I had I don’t really remember. I had a cold, and had taken some nyquil (which explains why it was all crazy), and when I woke up, I immediately started looking for a knife because I was sure there was some one trying to hurt my family (hadn’t realized it was a dream at that point).
    However, I used to have this one reoccurring dream when I was younger…I was in a grocery store, being stalked by a 6 foot tall, young, green t-rex. When I got to the cereal isle, there was a conveyor belt and a couple of giant boxes. The t-rex told me (because of course it could talk) to put myself in one of the boxes on the conveyor belt so it could eat me. I managed to temporarily trick it by putting a stuffed animal in the box instead and running to the adjacent hospital, where I hid under the desk in someone’s office. Mama T-Rex ripped the ceiling off the office, grabbed the desk away, and would be coming back for me when I’d wake up.
    That one doesn’t really surprise me, though it certainly is weird. When Jurassic Park came out, I saw it and it scared me to death for about 3 years. Any time I’d watch it, I’d have horrible nightmares. This was just the one that happened at least once a month. Eventually they went away.
    There also was the one where Jason (you know, the guy with the hockey mask) was trying to kill me….with a spoon. Yeah…I know, lol.

  22. says

    Sounds like a stressful night! Your subconscious is working overtime!

    My dreams are always very vivid and I have several per night. I really enjoy the ones that you wake up from with a good feeling and last several hours afterwards.
    One of the scariest ones was that I dreamt I had a baby and as I took care of it throughout the day, it became smaller and smaller until it completely disappeared. I couldn’t find it anywhere and the sense of panic I woke up with was awful. Can you tell me what that means?
    Rosa – Fitness, Food, Fulfilled recently posted..Running While Feeling Yucky + Weigh-in Wednesday

  23. says

    I once had a dream both of my parents passed away. I was heartbroken and I was sobbing so hard in my dream that it woke me up. When I woke up I was crying!! There were actual tears running down my face, it was a weird sensation. I laughed then because I was so happy when I realized it was just a dream :) I also had a dream last night I could fly, it was pretty AWESOME. I wouldn’t mind having that kind of super hero power… :)
    sara @ the foodie diaries recently posted..Hacked + Giveaway Winner!

  24. says

    I also bought some Dream Books a while back…especially after I kept having the dream that my teeth were falling out! Eek! I realized I would have it when I was very stressed or had a big change in life…so strange how my brain interprets it in a dream!

    I love the Cody pics! He’s such a cute cat :)

  25. says

    ah! I Had a dreamers dictionary one time but I was too weirded out by it. I am like you, I wake up crying or scared or happy, whatever I was feeling in my dream. And my hubby never remembers his dreams!!!!!!
    Ruthie Hart recently posted..God has a plan

  26. says

    I’ve had that happen to me before too where I’ve woken up crying. It’s freaky! I actually took a psych class in college all about dreams and ended up having to write a 15 page paper on them. Honestly though, after an entire semester’s worth of learning about dreams, I’m convinced they mean nothing and are just random!
    Gina @ Running to the Kitchen recently posted..Hit the road Jack

  27. says

    my yoga teacher was saying that she notices she has really vivid dreams during the full moon! and I had to agree! seems like I”m dreaming all night! it’s crazy what your brain is doing while you’re asleep!
    alex recently posted..Apple and Peach Hand Pies

  28. says

    i used to have a dream book like that and would look stuff up all the time!

    my latest dreams have been disasters happening at my wedding. the most recent being i was locked out of the reception hall, only to realize i had gotten the date wrong and i invited everyone to my wedding on the wrong day!
    Erica recently posted..death of a ribbon bouquet…

  29. Lorin says

    I love looking up my dreams. Go to if you are ever curious, it actually seems pretty accurate too! One time I had a dream that my dad got paralyzed and I woke up crying. This was during middle school and even though I had woken up and gotten on the bus to go to school, I was still worried and actually called my dad to make sure he was okay! Haha, kinda like your text convo :)

  30. says

    I actually spent a bit of time with a therapist analyzing my dreams. Dreams are your brain processing your life and thoughts. We do NOT all become fortune tellers once we go to sleep. Our dreams or not predicting the future, but instead are about our past (processing our thoughts). Also when you wake up from a dream it is because your brain can’t deal with processing the thought any longer and/or can’t move past the thought.

  31. says

    I do have crazy dreams some nights, and I always think about and research what they mean the next day. I know there are many ways to interpret a dream so that is the part the frustrates me, but I usually know it is something that I am trying to deal with and my mind is thinking about it.
    Pure2raw twins recently posted..Avo-miso dressing

  32. Lin says

    A couple weeks ago I had a dream where I said something really funny and was laughing in the dream… and I woke myself up and was laughing hysterically in bed. My husband was like….uh, are you ok? He must’ve thought I was nuts!

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