Ice Cream, For The Win

I think somebody was trying to play a mean trick on me tonight…

I was on my own for dinner since hubby had to work late. I already knew this from this morning and had planned on just winging it whenever hunger struck. Sandwiches for dinner are definitely not out of the norm for me during the summer, especially when I only have to worry about myself.

Well, at first, that’s all I was planning to do; but then I started looking through some of my dinner recipes and immediately my taste buds were all over the place.

First, I decided that I wanted Crab Quesadillas. This is perfect because, if you remember from the last time I made them, they are not Jay’s favorite.

Wouldn’t you know, we are fresh out of crab and tortillas.

Ok, no big deal. Moving on.

Then I was suddenly in the mood for a panini…especially after seeing the photo of this sandwich while cleaning through some old folders on my hard drive. But this was seriously no good for business, considering the fact that we have no turkey, fontina, OR ciabatta rolls in the house.


By this point I figured, okay, whatever; I’ll just portion out some of the leftover Minestrone Soup that I made last week and call it a night. However, that turned out to be problematic, since I totally forgot about that I just put it in the freezer yesterday to save for a different time.

Ohh goodness gracious.

So you know what I did? I made myself another fantastic PB&J, didn’t think about not grabbing my camera, and called it a night. I was dunzo.

But I DO have something else to share with you all. Because even though my dinner was not all that exciting, the dessert that followed certainly was.

IMG_7346 (640x480)

A couple of weeks ago, I received two coupons in the mail to try out Starbucks Ice Cream. Coupons + ice cream = a very happy Courtney. Ice cream, for the win! Smile

I love how the packaging totally resembles one of their regular drink cups. Hey, what can I say…I’ve always been a sucker for cute packaging.

IMG_7347 (640x480)

With my two free coupons, I opted to try a coffee and a coffee-free flavor. First up was the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. It was probably one of the creamiest vanilla ice creams I’ve had in a long time and had an amazingly strong vanilla bean flavor. I loved it, but Jay had already gotten into it earlier in the week and demolished a good portion of it.

IMG_7352 (640x480)

No big deal though. Because next up was the Caramel Macchiato which, if you’ve been reading for a while, you probably already know is one of my favorite Starbucks drinks ever.

IMG_7351 (640x480)

Dear Starbucks,

I think it’s only fair that since you make a “Skinny Caramel Macchiato” beverage, you should also make a “Skinny Caramel Macchiato” ice cream flavor so I don’t feel so bad about stuffing my face with it.”

Thanks a bunch.

Love, Sweet Tooth Courtney

Skinny or not, I dug right in and ate probably double triple what you see missing from that picture above there. Unfortunately though, I had to grab another spoon to finish up from there…

IMG_7355 (640x480)

…because my beloved coffee spoon just couldn’t handle it anymore. Who would have thought?

IMG_7353 (640x480)

This was a serious travesty, and had the ice cream not been so flippin’ fantastic, I probably would have been a lot more upset than I was. But to be perfectly honest? At the time, I was way more concerned with just grabbing another spoon and finishing my business.

Coffee ice cream has long been a favorite of mine, going way back to when I was just a little tyke and me and my dad would sit together and eat it by the bowlful.

dad (640x480)

This always amazed me because my dad hates coffee but loves coffee ice cream. Weird? Either way, it’s definitely a “memory food” for me. Smile

I don’t know about you guys but I’m starting to get excited…

It’s Jersey Shore night! Time to go get situated in my position on the couch: feet up, pillows propped, fist pumps in the air! WOOT!

Questions for the Evening:

What “memory foods” do you have?

Are there any foods that you like the flavor of but don’t like the actual food? (i.e., coffee, grape, etc…)

Disclaimer: “I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Starbucks and received coupons and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


  1. says

    Long before my mother allowed me to drink coffee, I would plow through bowls of Edy’s espresso chip ice cream at my grandparents’ house – it’s definitely one of my memory foods too! Anything Italian, peanut butter oatmeal or PB pancakes, and pasta salad with balsamic dressing are other memory foods of mine.

  2. says

    last night was a quick dinner night for me and guess what i had?? yep. a cereal combo bowl! i told you last week i was addicted. it’s officially out of control.

    like your dad, i HATE coffee too, but even as much as i LOVE ice cream, i do not like the coffee flavor. at all. call me crazy (yeah, i hear you) but with coffee i only love the smell of it freshly ground. the taste…not so much. occasionally (and by occasionally i mean about every 10 years) i get the urge to dip my toast in coffee like i grew up seeing my dad do. it’s usually a quick dip…
    colleen laquay urbaniuk @ thegiftofmondays recently posted..enjoy today…it’s the only one you’ve got

  3. says

    Mmmm next time I’m getting ice cream I’m definitely picking up one of those…especially since it got your seal of approval 😉

    I absolutely love any and everything chocolate, but really do not like chocolate ice cream at all…weird huh?!

    My memory foods is my mom’s homemade meat sauce with spaghetti…insanely delish and whenever I smell that brewing in the kitchen it brings back so many childhood memories. Also my dad’s ice cream sundaes he would make for me – vanilla ice cream, with Hershey’s chocolate syrup, and cheerios :)
    Shayla @ The Good Life recently posted..Idiosyncrasies

  4. says

    omg. i’ve never tried the starbucks ice cream, but now i’m dying too!!!

    my fiance is like your dad, not a fan of coffee but loves coffee ice cream.
    i’m the opposite…with cherries. i like cherries, but i HATE cherry flavored stuff.
    Erica recently posted..planner talk…

  5. says

    I seriously don’t know why I don’t order coffee ice cream more often! I used to work at an ice cream shop in high school ( hello 5 lb weight gain!) and made coffee ice cream shakes during every single shift. It was so good!
    Paige recently posted..Flashy Ice

  6. says

    Mmm coffee ice cream. I adore ice cream, but coffee ice cream is easily my favorite. Memory foods-I have a lot of good memories of blueberry muffins and buttermilk biscuits at my grandmothers, jambalya and rainbow sherbert ice cream. We even have a song we sing when we make jambalya.

  7. says

    I need to find Starbucks ice cream! Yum!
    Memory foods for me – chicken noodle soup, my Mom always made it for me when I was sick.
    I love grapes but hate grape flavored things, and love tomatoes but do not like ketchup!
    Lindsey recently posted..It’s The Small Things

  8. says

    After seeing Starbucks ice cream on yours AND tina’s site, i need some in my life!- looks amazing! I used to love coffee ice cream but not the beverage….thanks to iced coffee, i’m a lover of both now!

    Starbucks- I second Courtney’s plea for skinny ice cream!
    Khushboo recently posted..Brown paper bag: week 2

  9. heather says

    i had a boyfriend when i was younger who *loved* root beer. he was a little old-fashioned and didnt kiss me until our third or fourth date and i remember smelling root beer on him…to this day i only drink it when i’m depressed and it makes me feel young and happy. cheers to that.

  10. says

    My best food memory was having rock n roll dinners with my Dad. Every month my mom would have girl’s night and my dad was in charge of me and my brother. So he would make a big pot of spaghetti and meatballs and crank rock n roll music. We would eat a few bites and then dance and sing and then eat a few more bites and dance and sing. It was so much fun. I am also willing to bet I was probably the only 6 year old who knew every word to Joan Jet’s “I love rock n roll”…heh!
    Kelly recently friday

  11. says

    I wish they made that ice cream in ‘skinny’ too..because I’ve been wanting to try it forever, but I can’t have real ice cream (b/c of the milk) & also I was hoping that they would come out with a lower fat version. I think the strawberry one looks delicious! I also love coffee ice cream- even as a kid I would always get coffee flavored. YUM! 😀 Memory foods: Mac & cheese (from the blue box ONLY), hotdogs & beans, and poptarts!
    Holly recently posted..Welcome to the NEW Page!

  12. Kathryn says

    It’s funny…I love coffee but cannot stand coffee ice cream! Of course, that may have changed recently. For the longest time, I couldn’t drink my coffee if it wasn’t steaming hot. However, when it gets to be 120 in the summer, hot coffee just isn’t an option, so I tried an iced caramel macchiato. Ever since, I’ve loved iced coffee (but strangely, only if I make it. Something about the coffee they use in coffee shops is just too strong a taste for me), so I guess I should give some coffee ice cream a shot.

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