The Whole Crew Gets Together

Yesterday’s barbecue was such a blast!

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It’s always a great time when I get together with the girls, but it’s not very often that we’re able to coordinate schedules to get both the girls AND the guys together on the same day. I think the last time that happened was either the Halloween Party or Joelle and Kyle’s wedding…?

Either way, it had been way too long and we were all looking forward to getting the whole crew together!

We had a variety of snacks to snack on for the evening, which us girls did a pretty good job on once the boys decided to go out and start playing Kan Jam.

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I had never heard of such a game before…has anyone else? All I know is that the guys were loving it and spent a good couple hours playing it.

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So while us girls continued to snack and chat away, I also enjoyed a couple Blueberry Ales. Loooove them.

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We also had a good time with Joelle’s pug, Forrest. I know I’m always talking cats up in here, so I figured all of you dog lovers out there would appreciate this little big guy.

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He’s a funny character, I’ll tell ya!

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Eventually the grill was fired up and we started to get things ready for dinner.

IMG_7395 (640x480)

IMG_7393 (640x480)

IMG_7396 (640x480)

IMG_7398 (640x480)

I had a cheeseburger, veggie kabob, and some pasta and macaroni salads. Everything was delicious.

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A little while later, dessert was brought out and I snagged a couple of my brownies. You guys were definitely right…those things are INCREDIBLE. I made sure to give away all but about five of them because if they were all left in my house, that would have T-R-O-U-B-L-E written allll over it.

A few more hours of chatting later and we all decided to call it a night before Irene started to show her ugly face. Things are definitely messy around here this morning, but luckily there hasn’t been anything too crazy yet. (*crosses fingers*)

Time to go make some breakfast…I think pancakes may be in order today! Smile

Question for the Morning:

What are your favorite barbecue foods?


  1. says

    kabobs are my favorite!!! or grilled corn.
    glad to see everything is going alright there. not so bad here either but in other areas of philly it is worse.!
    Hannah recently posted..5-4-3-2-1

  2. Megan says

    I love KanJam! Started playing it in college….I thought it was so dumb at first, but it becomes addictive and fun fast!!

  3. Brianne says

    Irene just left MD but we didn’t lose power so I baked last night. I made your chocolate peanut butter cupcakes and they were delicious! Stay safe up where you are!

  4. says

    i love veggie kabobs, and grilled corn on the cob in the husk. oh my. reminds me of indiana. i didnt think i would miss much in indiana when i moved to arizona, but all the fairs that had the grilled corn on the cob… corn just isnt the same out here.

    looks like you had a great time <3

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