They Knew It Too

Not only has today included some delicious food, but it’s also been productive yet lazy, AND Irene turned out to be just what I expected…a whole lot of nothing. I’ll get to all of that eventually but first, let’s talk breakfast.

IMG_7405 (640x480)

First we have omelets yesterday, and now pancakes today? Seriously, I love weekend breakfasts and wish we took the time to do them more often.

Since Jay cooked yesterday, I volunteered to make us a batch of my favorite fluffy pancakes. He’s pretty easy to please with them just plain, but I decided to go a little crazy and ended up making some caramelized bananas and almonds to put on top.

IMG_7407 (640x480)

Call me crazy, but I’m tempted to say that these were even better than those amazing ones I got while in Vegas last year. YUM!

Once breakfast was finished and cleaned up, Jay and I got to work on a few things around the house. We hadn’t planned to leave the house at all today due to all the hype from Irene.

IMG_7438 (640x480)

Fortunately for us, all she did around here was throw a few leaves around the yard and make a few of our plants look ugly.

IMG_7440 (640x480)

It’s a good thing she knew not to mess with my lilies…we would have had words that Irene and I. Winking smile

IMG_7439 (640x480)

Considering we were going to be stuck in the house all day, I figured today would be a perfect day to try out a couple more pieces of my new Champion USA gear. With the way I fell head over heels for the first outfit that I wore while in Philly, I couldn’t wait to try out something else new.

Now, you guys already know that I love my cozies, and as it turns out, the awesome folks at Champion knew it too.

IMG_7421 (490x640)

Top: Champion Eco Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie Jacket in Confetti Blue

The sweatshirt is super soft and cozy, and is made with up to 5% recycled polyester fibers. The fit of the sweatshirt is great; slightly form-fitting with sleeves long enough for me to pull over my hands, which is a totally awesome because this has been both a habit and a requirement of sweatshirts for me forever. I’m also loving the splash of color…it sure stands out amongst the rest of my grey sweatshirt collection.

Bottoms: Champion Favorite Cotton Jersey Women’s Capris in Granite Heather

IMG_7412 (480x640)IMG_7413 (640x480)

Looks-wise, these capris really aren’t super flattering, but I’m definitely guilty of wearing a whole lot worse. Then again, I don’t know if cotton capris are really meant to be super flattering, are they?

IMG_7417 (640x466)

To me, the sign of a good, comfy capri pant is one that fits just right at the waist, preferably with a waistband that can be folded over. These Champion capris deliver just that, along with a tag-free, rib-knit waist.

They’re pretty awesome for lazy Sundays. Smile

IMG_7411 (640x480)

And again, let me assure you- if I was provided with a product that I didn’t totally love, I would tell you about it. Like I said before, I would never want to steer you guys in the wrong direction!


With all of the running around being lazy we were doing this afternoon, I ended up doing a whole lot of snacking and not a whole lot of lunching. So by the time 4:30 rolled around, I was more than ready to to put together a real meal in the form of dinner.…

IMG_7424 (640x480)

A beast of all salad beasts, filled up with:

  • romaine lettuce
  • cucumbers
  • tomatoes
  • baby carrots
  • corn
  • goat cheese
  • guacamole
  • MorningStar Farms veggie burger, crumbled
  • salsa
  • a couple crumbled tortilla chips

IMG_7428 (640x480)

I think that this may have been one of the hardest meals I’ve had to photograph in a long time because it looked so gosh darn delicious and my tummy was screamin’ for some food.

IMG_7433 (640x480)

Obviously, I hated it.

IMG_7436 (640x480)

I seriously don’t know which was better…the pancakes or the salad? Winking smile

Now, since dinner was finished early, I’m planning on spending the rest of the evening watching some Jersey Shore and the VMA’s, along with a nice warm mug of hot chocolate. (**FYI fellow Jersey Shore fans – tonight is a NEW episode!!)

Hope everyone else is having a great weekend and that wherever you are, Irene hasn’t had too much of an effect on you.

Questions for the Evening:

What do your “cozies” look like? Are they bright and cute, or tattered and totally worn in like most of mine?

What’s the best meal you’ve eaten this weekend?


Disclaimer Time: This post is sponsored by Champion and I received monetary compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own. I only ever participate in programs that I see naturally fit my blog and that allow for honest feedback.


  1. says

    My cozies are pretty tatty looking, but it just means they’re well-loved! I definitely pick comfort over style so it’s not that they looked that great to begin with 😉

    That salad beast looks great! I love throwing a bunch of random veggies together for a satisfying meal.
    Kathryn @ Flopoodle recently posted..Pot o’ Porridge

  2. says

    My cozies are…well, embarrassingly tragic. They originally were yoga pants with draw-string ankles – hideous enough really but made worse by the fact that I never used them as yoga pants. Instead I would stick my feet inside and wrap the draw string around them to help keep them warm/insulated (I suffer from the common malady otherwise known as frozen feet syndrome.) This went on for some years until I wore the fabric so thin the drawstrings no longer existed…neither did the bottom 2 inches of the pant. One would think it might be time to retire a favorite cozie pant…but no, not I. They have been most notably used as 1) a tug-of-war toy by the dogs (dropped them out of the hamper after taking them out of the dryer one day. I think my husband secretly put the mutts up to it) and 2) as painter’s pants for various and colorful projects (can’t get any uglier can they). At last count they have 7 holes/rips (sizes range from fist to pinhole) and I just caught the latest on a cabinet knob in the kitchen while I was doing the dishes the other night.
    But despite it all, I can’t seem to get rid of them. Though they are close, I won’t part with my favorite cozies until they literally fall off my body. My husband threatens to make this a reality weekly but I promptly remind him of a favorite little pair of “work” shorts he owns. The discussion ends and I buy myself a little more time. Hahahaha :)
    Faith recently posted..Homemade Ice Cream (No Churning Needed)

  3. says

    I wanted pancakes today but then I realized I was out of mix. :( Yours make me crave them even more. Most Get Mix ASAP!

    Love huge amazing salads. I had one tonight as well and it certainly did not disappoint.
    Lauren recently posted..Sweet Summer Endings

  4. says

    I am in love with Victoria’s Secret PINK cozies. Pretty much all of my sweats and hoodies are from their collection–I’m addicted!

    I made fresh mango salsa for dinner tonight and it was killer! I also had a (kind of boring but) delicious green monster yesterday. I hadn’t had a lot of veggies this week because I was traveling, and it hit the spot!
    Melissa recently posted..Fresh Mango Salsa

  5. says

    first thing: you are adorable and somehow make those sweatpants look hot. i wear them and i look like the next candidate for what not to wear. lol and i had a salad beast tonight and was trying to figure out how to bulk it up and decided to crumble a veggie burger on it. here i thought i was so innovative. but i guess great minds think alike :)
    Alaina Johnson recently posted..Reality is Around the Corner

  6. says

    I have a pair of Capri sweatpants that I wear a lot…they’re starting to get really worn and my bf hates them but they’re SO comfy. I also mostly lounge around the house in a tank and boy shorts (the bf likes this better too haha). It’s hot in FL so the less clothes the better!
    Katie @ Plates and Paste recently posted..KitchenBar

  7. says

    Those cozies are super cute! My faves tend to be the ones most tattered up- I swear the cozy factor increases with time/wear! I ate a lot of good eats this weekend but the one I was most surprised with (because of how quick it came together and how easy it was) was last night’s dinner:

    I basically sauteed peppers and mushrooms, added in some canned kidney beans, chilli powder and salsa. Once warmed, I served it with some green beans, broccoli, roast potatoes- all topped with guac and Greek!
    Khushboo recently posted..When nature calls

  8. says

    In the summer, my comfy clothes come in the form of old college “cheerleading shorts”..and in the winter they are my Victoria Secret sweatpants that I accidentally bought two sizes too big (since I didn’t bother to try them on). Neither of them are super fashionable, but perfect for a lazy weekend!
    Emily @ Perfection Isn’t Happy recently posted..New Layout

  9. says

    Most of my “cozies” are worn in – I bought a couple pairs of wideleg sweats from Aeropostale outlet a couple years ago that I wear all the time. That and hoodies, my favorite one is totally falling apart, and I don’t care!

    The best meal I had all weekend was the omelet I made for myself after my 18 mile run on Saturday!

    You guys got lucky with Irene – here in RI it’s ugly. Our coast is battered, 300k+ people are without power, and LOTS of trees are down.
    Samantha @ Running and Cupcakes recently posted..I Really Needed that Run (Day 21)


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