I Have No Shame

Somebody out there please help me feel a little less sheepish…

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Please tell me I’m not the only one who has an extremely difficult time salting her own ear of corn. Honestly.

Sweet Tooth Courtney Fun Fact: I’m 99% positive that I continued to make my mom or dad salt my corn on the cob for me up until I moved out of their house. I moved out when I was 24.

And I have no shame. It’s just so darn tough to see the little salt granules blend in with those beautiful white and yellow kernels.

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Alright, you get the idea. But really…I’m not the only one, right? Eye rolling smile


Tonight’s corn on the cob was quite possibly the stand out of dinner. I just love eating the stuff. However, the roasted potatoes I cooked up weren’t half bad either. Heck, either were the canned beets that I whipped out last minute.

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Unfortunately, the main dish only turned out to be ho-hum. I had high hopes for the Skillet Pork Chop Sauté with Peaches recipe I came across while browsing through an old Cooking Light magazine this afternoon.

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I will say that the peaches and sauce were absolutely delicious; even the seasoning for the pork chops was great so I’m not blaming its lameness on the recipe. I either…

a) Need to learn how to cook pork chops in a skillet, or,

b) Had said pork chops in my freezer for way too long (as in, over a year…yikes)

I’ll blame it on the latter, seeing as though it can’t be that hard to cook some pork chops in a skillet, right? Well, whatever the reason, they were basically like little rocks and not very appealing to the eye OR the taste buds.

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Jay and I both ate about half of the chops but devoured the peaches. Luckily, there’s still a bunch of peaches leftover (I tossed the rest of the chops) that I think will go amazingly well in a salad tomorrow. MmmmmHMM!

Question for the Evening:

What fun facts about yourself do you have no shame for? Smile


  1. says

    Haha, I don’t seem to have a problem salting the corn, it’s eating it that I make a huge mess.

    Here is a tip: Lay down a piece of foil Spray the corn with EVOO spray, add salt (turn the corn as you salt on the foil), wrap it up and place it on the grill on oven. Best corn ever and doesn’t require salting on the plate. :)
    Lauren recently posted..The Downside in Doing What You Love

  2. Nadya says

    Usually I put a little bit of salt in my plate and I am dipping my corn :) but you can try to sprinkle some water onto the corn, so the little salty crystals can stick to :) 😛 Good luck

  3. says

    This little fun fact is something that causes my entire family to call me “Gerdie” for my nickname. Gerdie just sounds like an old-lady name and that is what I am when I sleep. In other words, I pile on ALL of the sweats I own in the winter time because I like to be really warm when I sleep. They always say I look like a little old lady tucked into bed. No shame here 😉
    Claire recently posted..Success & Stuckedness

  4. says

    thanks for sharing about the not so good chops! you made me feel normal that i’m not the only one who sometimes (use the word lightly here) doesn’t have everything turn out perfect. you don’t salt your own corn? who cares! i’ve no room in my life for perfect friends…they’re just WAY too much work!!!

    happy tuesday!!!
    colleen @ thegiftofmondays recently posted..i miss my dad

  5. Helen says

    I’m not really sure if you have had this before, but my boyfriend soaks his pork chops in italian dressing and grill’s them! They are definitely perfection!!!!


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