Fashion Friday: Rue La La

Happy Fashion Friday, friends!

Today’s Topic: Rue La La

I know I’ve already shared with you all my love for online shopping. I swear, it is a hobby all on its own. Well, while I was in Philadelphia for the Healthy Living Summit last month, I ended up having a conversation with Julie about one of her favorite online shopping sites, Rue La La.


I had heard of it before, since she refers to it quite a bit and loves it, but never really took the time to check it out…until recently.

According to the website, Rue La La is an exclusive, invitation-only online destination where Members discover premier-brand, private sale Boutiques, that are each open for a short amount of time. Membership is totally free, but as they say, it is invitation only.

Think you might be interested in becoming a member? You can join by clicking here!

One of the things that I am already loving about the site is that it is not just clothes.


In fact, they have boutiques that showcase clothing and accessories, items for the home,


and travel deals, too.


Plus, let’s not forget the “Everything You Need for a Wine Party” boutique that’s currently open. I mean, that has my name written allll over it.


Up until now, most of the sites I had previously checked out like this one only offered clothing and accessories, so I really like how Rue La La offers just a little bit more. I currently have my eye on a couple of items in a few of the boutiques, so we’ll see what happens…

But if you’re a fan of great deals, Premier-brands, and online shopping like I am, then definitely feel free to check it out. Happy Shopping! Winking smile

Question for the Evening:

What are your favorites things to purchase online?


  1. Amy says

    Oh boy do I love online shopping. I love to buy makeup and clothes. I love for clothes they have the best jeans and tops and boots too.

  2. Sarah says

    I love online “window” shopping. I am not that comfy with online clothes buying. I’m always so tense about how it will fit. You know that dress you bought for Christmas that will come in 6 weeks and you hope you’ll still be a size 5? That intimidates me. But i love getting ideas! Mostly i get books, accesories, home items and supplements ( give me a I-H-E-R-B!) Yeah, i know, not cool. Maybe one of these days i’ll try it. You never know if you like something till you try it. I hate that saying!

  3. says

    I LOVE ruelala! My favorite things to buy online are dresses and food! Dresses always seem to be so much cheaper online. Same goes with food. I also don’t have a lot of health food stores near me (most exotic grocery store is Kroger’s), so online shopping is a must.

  4. says

    Honestly, I really like to buy deals from Groupon. Not typically restaurant deals, but salon deals like waxings, facials, massages. Those are things that I love doing but never want to justify spending my very meager income on, so when I see a Groupon or LivingSocial deal, I generally jump on it. It gives me a good reason to go get pampered, I get to visit a new salon, and I can “review” (to myself) the places I go so I can frequent them in the future if I thought they did a good job. It’s a win-win-win!
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