Hello, Sunshine

I almost can’t believe it…after what seems like weeks of incessant rain and dreary weather, the sun is actually making an appearance today.


Yes, I am excited about fall, but I’m also more than excited to finally see some rays of sunshine making their way through my windows. They do a pretty nice job of highlighting my festive fall decorations…and my delicious mid-day smoothie bowl.


Today’s smoothie bowl is actually my Blueberry-Banana smoothie, which I made with a couple extra ice cubes and an extra pinch of xanthan gum to up the thickness.


Then, I topped it off with two of my favorites: Quaker Oatmeal Squares + Love Grown Foods Cocoa Goodness Granola.


Pure deliciousness.


A couple quick things:

  • <—You may or may not have noticed that I recently changed my Featured Recipes over to the left here. With the fall season approaching, I figured I’d highlight some of my favorite fall baked goods. Feel free to give one (or all!) of ‘em a whirl!
  • I have a new recipe up on Celebrations.comEerie and Easy Deviled Egg Eyeballs. Be sure to check those puppies out!
  • Jay and I are heading out to Happy Hour tonight, followed by an evening with friends (including the Newlyweds!)…it’s sure to be a great evening!

Hope everyone else is having a great day and is ready to enjoy the weekend!

Question for the Afternoon:

Any good plans for the weekend?


  1. says

    I’m pretty sure we hit our rain quota for wellllll into next year. It seemed like it was never ending!!!!!

    Anyway, love the blog! Glad I came across it!! =)

  2. says

    Okay so I’ve been wondering this since I began reading blogs earlier this year. I think it’s so funny how everyone eats smoothie bowls instead of just drinking smoothies. Is it kind of like eating gazpacho? I still haven’t tried it but I keep seeing these amazing combos and well, I’m definitely going to have to do it soon. Plus, I need to get me some xantham gum that you guys are always talking about! I’m guessing that’s just at nutrition stores…I’d never even heard of it till recently!
    Ericka Andersen recently posted..A Grand, Old, Beautiful Time

    • Courtney says

      I actually usually just drink the smoothie, but today I wanted to be able to put some cereal on top, so I went with the bowl.
      To me, it actually sort of reminds me of slightly melted ice cream, if that makes sense? I mean, anything that reminds me of ice cream is A-ok in my book! 😉

  3. says

    I definitely feel you about the sunshine- it’s exactly how I’m feeling after 3 months of solid rain in Mumbai (thankfully I escaped all of July)! Sunshine alone is such a mood-booster, I’m literally bouncing out of bed when there’s natural daylight!
    Khushboo recently posted..Brown paper bag: week 4

  4. says

    I’m off to a Diamondbacks game this weekend with my family! Looking forward to so good ballpark food. 😉
    Also, I’d be more than happy to share some of our constant sunshine here in Arizona if you share some of your rain. I can’t remember the last time we got a good downpour!
    Danielle recently posted..I Need A Little Change…

  5. says

    Love the twist on the smoothie bowl! Never thought of adding the oatmeal on top (I usually blend it all together!). Adding a crunchy cereal to it is an even better idea (Go Lean Crunch here I come!). All to say, it looks delish! Weekend plans include buying new running shoes and running in them. Makes sense…I think 😉
    Kierston recently posted..Snap. Crackle. Shoot!

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