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Happy Monday! Time to get back to the grind after what turned out to be a pretty great and low-key weekend. Just catching up? Here’s what you may have missed…

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So here’s a fun fact for ya…I was on the radio this morning! Ok, let me explain…

On my way home from the gym, I was listening to one of our local radio stations, Fly Morning Rush, and happened to catch a segment they were doing called “Fly Factor” where they’re trying to choose a new night host.

Well, one of the contestants happens to be a guy that I’ve known since kindergarten, and after listening to him, I somehow felt compelled to call into the show- not to be on the air, but just to share my two cents and let Dave know he has my vote.

Well, it turns out that part of my conversation with Brian (the radio DJ) was played on the air right after, and do you want to know what I talked about…?


I talked about friggin’ boogers.

Brian asked me whether or not I had any memories of Dave, and I said how I remembered back when we were in kindergarten and during naptime, him and his friend would sit on their blankets and pick their noses. Thankfully, Dave is such a cool guy and totally took the mini segment in stride…but honestly, boogers? Sheesh. Anyways, if you’re reading Dave…GOOD LUCK!


So now, post-workout (which was a BodyCombat class + 15 minutes of abs) and post-radio embarrassment, it was time to dig into some breakfast.


And a festive one, at that. Smile


I was having wicked cravings for some of yesterday’s banana raisin pumpkin bread, but I knew that just scarfing down a couple of slices wouldn’t be nearly satisfying enough after a workout. SO, I got my fix by slicing off one piece and crumbling it on top of a buckwheat bowl.


I also added a little drizzle of light maple syrup, which made for an absolutely incredible breakfast.


Along with some nice, warm coffee.


I think I’m now ready to tackle today!

Questions for the Morning:

Have you ever been on the radio or TV?

Do you ever call in for radio contests?

What was the last embarrassing moment that you had?


  1. says

    I am on the radio a lot for work – doing interviews and promoting events, but I am never a fan of listening to myself after!
    I don’t think I have ever called in for a radio contest but have been tempted!
    On holidays last week we were walking down Las Vegas Blvd and I failed to step high onto the sidewalk and biffed it right onto my face… haha. Since I only escaped with a scraped elbow I can laugh now 😉
    Lindsey recently posted..The End of Holidays

  2. says

    I was actually on Fly92! I grew up in western Mass. and when we were in middle school a bunch of my friends and I called in to request a song and got . We were basically just screaming and I think the dj made fun of us. I’m always trying to call and win concert tickets now but never any luck.

  3. says

    I was on National Public Radio (NPR) once talking about the Feb. 14th incident at my university a few years back. I was shocked when my mom called me and let me know that I sounded really informed and intelligent on-air! (Maybe a future career? hehe).

    I sometimes will call in for radio contests. Another time they actually “answered” I was like 8 years old and called in during breakfast because my mom and dad always had the radio on. They picked up and I was just like, “uhm hellooo?” How funny.

    My most embarrassing moment TO DATE was when I was in 7th grade. We were all playing “ghost in the graveyard” outside. We had THOUGHT all of the boys had gone home…because they were supposed to…but they were hiding in the bushes. I was out running around with the girls and said, “OOPSIE I JUST FARTED!” All of the guys heard me and didn’t let me live that one down until senior year of highschool haha.
    Claire recently posted..A Weekend-end

  4. says

    That’s hilarious. I’ve called into my favorite morning show here a few times and been out for their events. I actually won a contest of theirs and got a pair of 1/4 ct diamond stud earrings. This also allowed me to hang out during a show and now I’m one of their “girls” on their site (nothing you wouldn’t see on the beach). It was a lot of fun! 😉

    Last embarrassing moment would have to be when I was walking with my two bosses and pretty much ran into a pillar in our building. Smooth.
    Krissie J recently posted..Rise and Run

  5. says

    When 3 Doors Down first came on the radio, way back in the Kryptonite days, what was that like 1999-2000? The DJ was giving away tickets if you could sing part of the song on the radio – I did and I won. I”m pretty sure it was awful, but I got to go to the show!

    Just the other day I called a coworker by the wrong name. He walked by my office and said hi, and I never looked up and called him the wrong name. His voice and the person I confused him for sound the same. Whooooops.
    Samantha @ Because I Can recently posted..Ramblings of a Runner’s Mind

  6. says

    Haha! I’m sure Dave appreciated that memory! I’ve been on the radio a few times in high school just for calling in to request a song or something to that effect. I also called in once to win Guster tickets in high school. You had to be caller 95 and I was 94!!! So close!
    Gina @ Running to the Kitchen recently posted..Sunday fun day

  7. says

    Ha, your claim to radio fame: Kindergarten booger watch. Not too shabby, I’d say. While I’ve never called into radio contests, the beau just recently won one for knowing the most obscure football quarterback question known to mankind (which required him to rattle off 9 consecutive players from a 9 year span. Boys are flippin weird.)
    They delivered the prize to my office via their intern so now I’m the proud owner of a new cooler complete with 6 coozies and 6 party cups.

    Most embarrassing moment as of late? Hmmm dodged a bullet when I nearly took a full nosedive during Salutation Nation on Saturday, but have definitely had a few full body busts during a bodycombat class not too long ago. Booty to floor, that’s a move, right?
    Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers recently posted..Six Pack Sunday: The Calm Before the Storm

  8. says

    YUM! That breakfast looks awesome. And I would probably have done the same thing you did on the air- talk about boogers or something else ridiculous haha. I was on the radio in high school with my cheerleading squad, we were announcing the songs that evening bc one of the girls had a connection at the radio station.
    Lindsay@ In Sweetness and In Health recently posted..Is It Real Hunger?

  9. says

    I have called into two shows before to share funny stories! But I have never done a contest or anything… I never win contests anyways!!
    My most recent embarrassing moment was when my friend read my emo blog post OUTLOUD last night to the new bf….. awkward… even though its about him… I hate my words read back to me even if I am proud of them!
    My other most embarrassing moment was definitely when I had the bright idea to roller skate with ski poles and ate it about 4 times…. win
    Meg recently posted..Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginnings End

  10. says

    When I was in high school, I called into a radio station to request a song. I couldn’t remember the name, so I sang it (very off key) to the DJ and he ended up playing THAT on the radio! My best friend was shopping in the mall and heard me as she was in a store. It was mortifying, especially since I was requesting some cheesy old song and the radio station was an easy listening station that was very “uncool” for people my age to listen to. I love that you were on the radio talking about boogers. Next week, you should call in and talk about poop! :)
    Erin @ The Grass Skirt recently posted..Beer for dinner

  11. says

    that bowl looks like so many delicious fall flavors! yum!

    i have so many embarassing moments daily, that i tend to forget them (or maybe i’ve just gotten good at pushing them out of my head?)

    I walked into a meeting at work last week (it’s my 3rd week) thinking it was a different meeting that i was supposed to attend, but it turned out i was super early and it was a completely different one! I marched in like i was supposed to be there. Needless to say, I got some strange looks :) woops.
    Mallory @ It’s Only Life recently posted..No Holding Back

  12. Pamela says

    Hey Courtney! Can I request some more buckwheat breakfast recipes on your page? I have a bag coming in the mail, and I would love some recipe ideas. :) I’m an oats girl and never tried buckwheat! Also, do you make it on the stovetop or in the microwave? Tnx!!

    • Courtney says

      Hi Pamela! That’s a great idea…I’ll try to work on that ASAP!
      And I make mine on the stovetop just because I think it tastes better that way – but either will work :)

  13. says

    I’ve eaten it on the treadmill 3 times. If That isn’t embarrassing enough I don’t just fall I hold on and let my legs drag until I realize what is going on. I continue to go back to the gym but I’m know for it that’s for sure! Each of those are stories in it self. I’m an athlete but a klutz at the same time!!
    Sara recently posted..Hiatus

  14. says

    I’m a radio DJ, so I’m on the radio 6 days a week! I work at Cat Country 107.3 in Atlantic City, NJ. Even though I’ve been doing this for a long time, I’m still not used to hearing myself on the air. Next time you come to visit the Wildwoods, tune into Cat Country!!

  15. says

    I was on the Price Is Right in 2000, back when Bob Barker was still the host. I actually got called to “Come On Down”, but unfortunately I didn’t make good bids and didn’t get to play a game! I was $1 over in my last bid :( It was still fun though!!!
    Corey recently posted..More Peak Week Fun!

  16. says

    I’ve never been on the radio, but have been on TV…small shot on a news feature and in a commercial for work.

    I never call in for contests because they always do them during times I’m not in the car!

    I tend to take embarrassment in stride…there’s very little that actually embarrass me. Of course now that I say that something terrible will probably happen :)
    Katie @ Plates and Paste recently posted..German Food, Cigars and Boat Rides

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