Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Officially Obsessed

by Courtney on September 14, 2011


Holy guacamole! You guys are blowing me away with your entries for my Champion Workout Gear Giveaway (yes, I have read each and every one of them so far!). When I said you had to promise to leave a nice comment, it definitely didn’t have to be about me…but I’ll still take ‘em, and proudly […]


One Final Task (Giveaway!)

by Courtney on September 14, 2011

**THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ENTERED!** Back while I was at the Healthy Living Summit, I mentioned to you all how I had been approached by Champion USA to be a part of their ‘Shape Your Life’ Blogger Ambassador Program, where I would be able to test out some of […]


Satisfying Second Choice

by Courtney on September 14, 2011


Happy Wednesday! How’s everyone doing this morning? Last Night’s Dinner So because I shared my Ode to Buckwheat Bowls with you all last night, I never got a chance to share last night’s dinner. It wasn’t anything fancy, but ohmygosh it was so good. The first part of dinner was crab salad: I used up […]