One Final Task (Giveaway!)


Back while I was at the Healthy Living Summit, I mentioned to you all how I had been approached by Champion USA to be a part of their ‘Shape Your Life’ Blogger Ambassador Program, where I would be able to test out some of the latest products from their line.

I was given three outfits that were hand-picked for me by a Champion stylist, based on my personality, lifestyle, and workout routines. (In case you missed any of the outfits, you can check them out here, here, and here.)

In addition to reviewing the various pieces of clothing that were sent to me and sharing them all with you, there is one final task with my participation in the program that I must do…and I’m pretty sure you guys are gonna like it. (keep reading…) Winking smile


After testing out all three outfits that were sent to me to review, my favorite (hands down) was the very first outfit that I wore at the Healthy Living Summit:

Top: Shape Smoothing Long Top

Bottoms: Shape Fitted Smoothing Knee Pants

IMG_7170 (640x480)

I loved everything about both of these pieces: the comfortable fit, the smoothing material (goodbye, belly pooch!), the colors, the lack of tags…just all of it!

IMG_7179 (480x640)

Well, the nice folks at Champion have given me the opportunity to share the wealth a bit by doing a little giveaway, SO…


Yep! One lucky reader will win a Shape Smoothing Long Top and Shape Fitted Smoothing Knee Pants of her very own.

IMG_7178 (640x480)

Do you want a chance (or a few) to get in on the action? Here’s what to do…


How To Enter:

  1. (Mandatory) Leave a comment on this post about anything you want! Just promise to be nice. Smile
  2. (Extra) Head on over and “Like” the Champion Facebook Page (and leave a separate comment letting me know you did).
  3. (Extra) Share the giveaway via Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, etc. ( and leave a separate comment letting me know where you did).
    • For Twitter, something like “@SweetToothCourt is giving away her favorite @ChampionUSA gear! –”
    • For Facebook, feel free to just share the link to the post! (

I’ll be choosing the lucky winner on Friday, September 16th. Good luck, and, as always, thanks so much for reading. You guys rock!


  1. Emily says

    I have been lurking around your blog for a while and have yet to leave a comment, but this isn’t an opportunity to be missed! :) So, this is officially my first post! On any blog for that matter.

    And I made the banana pumpkin raisin bread this weekend! So tasty.

  2. Kait says

    Happy Comment #1: Bought buckwheat last night, and just had it for breakfast. It was amazing. I loved it. I might convert from oatmeal.

    Happy comment #2: Champion work out gear is a-mazing!

  3. Kristin says

    Been reading your blog for a while but never left a comment before so thought I would just let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog :)

    Love the champion outfit too!!

  4. Sherri says

    I think a new workout outfit (that isn’t pink) will motivate me to get up and get going once again. Have given up running for a few months because I can’t seem to get my mind cleared enough to enjoy running. I am a mother of a Sailor that is currently in bootcamp and I’m counting down the days till I see him again (9 days to be exact). After graduation I think I’ll be able to “free my mind”.

  5. Samantha Miller says

    Courtney, I think you’re awesome…I think your blog is awesome and I also think these workout clothes look awesome! =) I am a relatively new reader/follower/advocate of yours and you have really helped me in my everyday lifestyle and fitness attitude!! I was backpacking & hiking last Saturday with my boyfriend in Zaleski, Ohio which was a challenging course in itself – let alone the fact that we backtracked and got kinda lost! =0 I had a great attitude the entire time up until this point, noticed that my attitude was changing a bit due to wanting to get to our site, take off my heavy backpack/equipment, build a fire, set up camp and finally relax! Couldn’t quite get out of that funky state of mind until I thought of you, your inspirational blogs, and your never-giving-up mentality that reinforced my attitude and kicked my butt into high gear 😉 This little story I wanted to share with you because I love how you’ve changed my overall outlook on everything and on that day made me appreciate being healthy and athletically inclined enough of a person to be able to move on and finish even though we were lost! So what I’m trying to say is thank you so much, and I appreciate everything you do to the fullest!

    Ps. Wanted to let you know I went on facebook to like the Champion Page, and left a comment there as well as on twitter! Have a great Wednesday! =)

  6. Brianne says

    I look forward to reading your blog every day! I also have worn Champion workout clothing for a while now and love it!!

  7. Lauren says

    I LOVE Champion! They are hands down my favorite brand…I literally have one of their empire waist workout tops in SEVEN different colors. Great giveaway!!

  8. says

    Hey Courtney! I’m a relatively new reader (lovin’ the blog so far) and a brand-spankin’-new commenter. :) I LOVE Champion workout clothes. I have several pieces by them — sports bras, running capris, running tights. They’re all the bomb! I’d love to win!
    Kayla recently posted..Review: “Moneyball”

  9. says

    LOVE champion! I’m usually good at finding tops on my own…but those fitted capris you are wearing are AWESOME! I would die to have a pair of my own! Thanks!

  10. Helen says

    I really want this outfit! I have been looking everywhere for workout pants like this and so far have not had any luck. I keep finding pants that flare at the bottom oppose to fit. I also retweeted about it on twitter :)

  11. says

    Love this giveaway!! I am in dire need of new workout gear, but they’re not so easy to obtain on a student budget.
    Also I forgot to comment about study habits the other day…since your studying fitness it might help to do some of the stuff your learning when your going through your flash cards. Writing everything out is a great technique but I find that combining that with something interactive (which would be simple with your course) is a great way to learn. It helps the mind to remember with all the repetition but then your body gets used to it as well.

  12. Jamie says

    I LOVE the champion gear!! After trying out tons of different target sports bras that didn’t offer enough support, I tried out a champion high support sports bra and instantly fell in love! Finally some good support! I’m sure these products would be amazing as well!

  13. Jessie says

    AHH! I’m so excited about this :) I need workout clothes soooo bad but my budget doesn’t allow it! This outfit you’re giving away is awesome, too!

  14. Iris says

    This is my first time on your blog, and I’m loving it so far! Your story is inspiring and just what I needed to brighten my day. Thanks so much for blogging, and I hope to read more soon!! :)

  15. says

    I love Champion workout clothing! the quality is great, the price is amazing. I hate spending tons of money on one piece of workout clothing. Champion makes great quality items that look just like the more expensive brands and the price is so much better.

  16. Joanna says

    I recently started reading healthy living blogs and yours is one of the first I started reading regularly. It is great inspiration and motivation for me and I can’t wait to try out some of these recipes! Oh…and giveaways area always fun!

  17. says

    Hey Courtney!!

    Sooo… I totally completed my version of your super schweaty treadmill routines and whenever I upped my speed and thought I couldn’t handle it, I thought “If Courtney can handle this, so can I!” hahahah! Thanks for being an inspiration AND for giving away some super cute clothes

    ps – I like the champion facebook page!
    Casey @ oatsandnanners recently posted..Sleep, Spin, & Salad

  18. Kari says

    Great outfit! I’m loving the blue! By the way, I made your Baked Pumpkin and Roasted Veggie and Chicken Pasta last night. I “forgot” to tell my boyfrind about the pumpkin 😉 he LOVED it — thanks!

  19. Michelle says

    I love Champion running gear and since I am addicted to buying workout clothes, it would be nice to win some and put my money towards Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes 😉

  20. HD#mom#to#three says

    My new favorite thing is capri-length workout pants for Zumba class ~ hoping I win a new pair to add to my collection!

  21. Sarah C says

    So not related to workout gear, I made your chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes for my 7 year old twins birthday last weekend and they got rave reviews! It was nice to serve a healthified version and still taste so good, thanks for sharing the recipe :-)

  22. Michelle says

    Just started reading your blog a little bit ago and love it! I just made the p.b. cupcakes and they are so delicious, my Reeses lovin’ hubby really liked them!

  23. Mindy says

    We have the same physical features (olive skin, brown hair) and I always get compliments when I wear any shade of blue! I love that top!

  24. Sarah S says

    i am in the process of slowly but surely (aka- affordably!) revamping my workout wardrobe. i’ve finally decided i need to upgrade from all my very old, sweaty, and mostly freebie tshirts into real workout attire. winning this giveaway would be a great way to help bulk up my stash!!

  25. Courtney says

    Awesome giveaway! That is my favorite of the 3 outfits too, great minds think alike!! (oh, I also love your name haha!)

  26. says

    Hey Court! I love your givewaway that you are doing!! This outfit was my favorite of the 3 too :) I love your blog probably check it a minimum of 3 times a day lol. I’m not crazy I promise….I would love a chance to win this outfit, but even if I don’t I think I will still have to purchase it! Looks like the perfect workout outfit for me, not to mention I am in serious need of new workout clothes! Plus then I could do a review on my blog for my Tone it Up teammates we are always looking for new workout gear! Thanks for all that you do girl, Keep on rockin! :)

  27. Miriam says

    OMGGGGG !!! … I think I just have to say that the only working out clothes I have are oooold ones from wal mart … Don’t I NEED it 😛 ??
    Crossing my finger really hard 😉
    Have a nice day xxxx

  28. Heather M. says

    I haven’t been reading your blog for long but I love it!!!! I actually found it through stuff about the Healthy Living Summit.

  29. Juliene says

    This giveaway couldn’t be more perfect. I have been trying to avoid buying new workout clothes since giving birth 6 weeks ago! I look like a bum at the gym and need to invest in some new threads

  30. says

    I love the Champion Shape T-Back Sports Bra that you reviewed on your last post. I bought it a while back and it is my absolute favorite sports bra ever. I have a pair of Champion shorts that I like too…I’d love to win the top and pants to try out!

  31. Lindsay says

    I think clothing giveaways are the very best!! Well, food ones are a close second:-) I’m in desperate need of new comfy/workout clothes so pick me, pick me!

  32. Staci says

    EEE!! Love your blog and this giveaway! I would die to be sporting such cute workout clothes, I am always uncomfortable when I am running, either too short of a top, pants that are falling down, and so on. I need to get me some CUTE, well-fitting clothes :) Thanks for this opportunity, and keep bloggin like you do- love the reads! xo Staci

  33. Karen says

    I have some champion workout pants that I have had for YEARS and I love them! I always have good luck w champion brand clothes. :)

  34. says

    1. I just want to say how much I love your blog and your positivity! I read your blog everyday, multiple times a day–it’s one of the few blogs that I must read even during a hectic day! :)

  35. Maggie says

    I would love to win some new workout clothes… what better motivation to get to the gym EVERY morning, not just a few mornings :)

  36. kayleigh says

    i feel the need to start this comment by saying that there are so many entries already, i really have to be optimistic! but i love champion workout clothes and would really like to win this, i actually have no workout pants or a workout shirt! just no room in the budget for it! (:

  37. Stacey says

    Those clothes look super cute and functional! Also, I made your slow cooker bbq chicken last night and my husband said it tasted like it come from our favorite bbq restaurant!

  38. Carrie says

    I love reading your blog everyday! I’ve been meaning to leave a comment about Pumpkin spice lattes, they sell the flavoring at World Market if you have one close to you or they sell the Torani pumpkin spice flavoring online. I wake up every morning making my own, so good!

  39. Kellie says

    I have champion pants that I love. I have two pairs of the same ones so I can always have a clean pair. Love this outfit, it would be perfect for yoga!

  40. Tami says

    I NEED new workout clothes! I really don’t have any! I just wear old sweats and old t-shirts, something cute would be nice:)

  41. Kari says

    What better motivation to get back in shape after my first baby’s arrival in early November than a new workout outfit! I hope I win!

  42. Christina says

    I have just recently started reading your blog and it motivates me to be fit. I love the Champion line of athletic clothes beause it is fashionable and affordable.

  43. Kristin says

    Gotta love comfy workout clothes! Do you have any particular shoe you reccommend for exercise? My feet always hurt when I get off the treadmill.

  44. Yolimar says

    One of my favorite blogs. So helpful, thanks for sharing all the info…. All my sport bra are Champion, have them in every color, I like to match them with my t-shirts. Of course I would like to win this outfit, looks just amazing…..
    Good Luck TO ME :-)

  45. Laura says

    I am a firm believer that one of the best motivators for a good run will always be new workout clothes! The first outfit you showed off happened to be my favorite of the three – probably because it includes two pieces I’m always looking for! I love how comfy and flattering each piece looks without being too bulky or too showy. Thanks so much for spreading the love about your new gear!

  46. Kristy says

    I would love to own the Shape Smoothing Long Top and Shape Fitted Smoothing Knee Pants, and hope one day I can look as good as you do in it!!

  47. Shannon says

    I love champion workout gear, everything just fits so well! I also am loving your blog and have used several of your workouts :)


  48. Erica says

    Best of luck Courtney on your new adventure towards becoming a personal trainer. I am also a former teacher who transitioned into another profession and I wish you nothing but the best on this next chapter…you will do awesome!

  49. Katie says

    Cute! Cute! I love workout clothes! It makes working out so much better. Champion workout clothes are nice and they are pretty cheap too! Yay!

  50. Tara says

    ah I love champion workout gear! I have several tops and bras, and can’t help but check out their new stuff each and every time I step foot in target:)

  51. Katie says

    I love the clothes and your blog. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for new healthy food ideas. I’ve tried a few of them and have loved them all.

  52. dee says

    I found myself manually typing in your url after I read (or SAW, since those cupcakes were what seriously caught and held my attention) your guest post on Une Vie Saine! The cupcakes were a total win for me, and the AWESOME recipes (and the format! I love pictures!!) make me come back DAILY..what an addictive personality, huh? Well, you’ve made it onto my bookmarks toolbar! :)

  53. says

    I just started Couch to 5K. I am having trouble with my ankles but really want to stick with it. Last year, I did the Susan G. Komen 3 day for the Cure. If I can walk 60 miles in just 3 days I should be able to run just 3.1. It is just eluding me. I could use some motivation and you do that every day. I think that winning would be awesome!

  54. Lisa says

    Hi! I am a new reader after being linked to your blog after reading others who went to HLS. I would love to try the champion clothes! I love love lululemon but I need to better budget my $$ since I am in the process of buying a houese. I have actually been eyeing the champion clothers over at target.
    I am also in a major workout funk and a new outfit is usually the best thing to get me motivated and back to the gym!

  55. Amy says

    These clothes look great! Made your honey cinnamon frosting the other day for my pumpkin cupcakes. Everyone who had one said they rocked!

  56. Elizabeth says

    I need actual workout clothes! I’ve been using my old navy shorts (that might be meant for sleeping in …) and old t-shirts for two years now. I need some new gear :)

  57. says


    I want to thank you for reminding me about Oatmeal Squares!! I used to eat it a long time ago and completely forgot home much I love it!! Now I have just polished off a new box and need to get some more!!! Also, I love the C9 line from Target so I would love to try the Champion outfit!!
    Corey recently posted..Who Needs the Lake?!

  58. Haley says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win something, especially for something that could be functional besides just cute! Love the blog!

  59. says

    I bought a Champion running skirt from Target a few months ago and I love it. The fit is great and the wicking = stellar. I’m also eyeing some long sleeves they have at Costco right now. Completely impressed by Champions workout gear!
    Juliet recently posted..Fall Link Love

  60. Tiffany S says

    I’m so excited fall is here. This looks like a super comfy outfit. I love Champion products. Thanks for this giveaway. I love to run in capris. I’m headed to facebook now.

  61. says

    Here’s my entry!
    I love your blog! Your recipes are always great, and I have used your workouts now and then to switch up my own routine. From your upbeat blog style, i know you’ll be a really wonderful personal trainer!
    Maeve recently posted..A Gorgeous Trip Home

  62. Nicole says

    I love the workout gear!!! Your blog is great, you really try to keep a positive attitude about everything and I admire that! Good Luck with the personal training!