Satisfying Second Choice

Happy Wednesday! How’s everyone doing this morning?

Last Night’s Dinner

So because I shared my Ode to Buckwheat Bowls with you all last night, I never got a chance to share last night’s dinner. It wasn’t anything fancy, but ohmygosh it was so good.

The first part of dinner was crab salad: I used up the rest of the package of faux crab meat from Monday and put together a simple crab salad on top of some romaine and tomatoes.


To make the crab salad, all I used was a big spoonful of plain Greek yogurt, ~1 tsp light mayo, salt, pepper, and dill weed. Honestly, it was the dill weed that made this salad awesome. I need to use that spice more often.

On the side I had the rest of the crab salad (because my other pile was getting to large) and a cheese quesadilla which I heated up in the toaster oven just until the cheese got melty.


Mmmmm. Smile


Simple and delicious…and probably done and ready in about 15 minutes.



You’d think that after all the talk on buckwheat bowls last night that I’d be craving it this morning. Well, I was…at lot. But sadly, I’m all out and am currently waiting for my iHerb order to come in. (Hopefully SOON!)

Luckily, this morning’s second choice was just as satisfying.


More fresh peaches sprinkled with cinnamon – loooove them.


And a lightly toasted Thomas’ Health-Full 10 Grain English Muffin (<—with 6g of fiber & 6g of protein) topped with some Raisin’ the Roof peanut butter and more cinnamon-sprinkled peach slices.


Coffee was also consumed, which is a given, and I should probably just stop taking the time to remind you all. Winking smile



Once breakfast settles, it’ll be workout time…but I really have no idea what I feel like doing today. I’m taking BodyPump tomorrow morning, so I don’t want to do much strength training. Any ideas for me??

Questions for the Morning:


  • For a whole month, do only cardio workouts –OR- only strength training workouts?
  • For a full year, not be able to taste anything –OR- not be able to hear anything?
  • Do the cooking –OR- do the cleaning?


  1. says

    That breakfast looks yummy!!
    I would rather do only cardio for a month even though I love strength training!
    Not be able to hear anything definitely!! It would be awful not to be able to taste!
    Cooking- I like cooking way better than cleaning!
    Meg recently posted..Pesto Rice!

    • Courtney says

      Oh no…still?!? I wish I had some advice to give you!
      Maybe there’s someone else out there who can help? Any scared kitty experts out there?!? :)

      • says

        When we inherited my sisters kitty, she hid in a kichen cabinet and would not come out. We had to pull her out and she peed all over us because she had been in there all day. I’m sure it was very traumatic to see us coming to get her in her “safe place” but we had to. Wish I had a better answer, I guess she just got used to us! Good Luck Lindsay!
        Emmarie @ Bananas and Beer recently posted..Decadent Breakfast

  2. says

    I love dill, it and cilantro are my two favorite herbs!
    Only cardio – what can I say I am a cardio junkie 😉
    Hear anything – there is always sign language! And I love food way too much not to taste it!
    Cooking :) That’s the deal in our house, I cook, my husband cleans up.
    Lindsey recently posted..I Love Birthdays

  3. says

    Everyone’s has peach fever!

    I am definitely going to pick up some that ‘crab’ meat next time I go shopping. I bet its relatively low in calories, and it looks scrumptious! Happy Wednesday!
    Jodi recently posted..Playing with Guns

  4. Arimey says

    This REALLY makes me want peaches!

    I’d rather only strength train. I just can’t get into running! Any suggestions to help with that are more than welcome :)
    Defintely not be able to taste. As much as I LOVE food, I’d probably die without music and social interaction.
    Do the cooking! Dishes are the worst and I find cooking relaxing.

  5. says

    What about one of your OnDemand workouts? Yoga would be nice!

    And the raisin peanut butter looks out of this world delicious!

    Definitely do only cardio workouts – I’ll always be a cardio queen at heart :)
    Not be able to hear anything – I wouldn’t stand not being able to taste food for even just a day!
    Definitely the cleaning – hubby is the cook in this household 😉

  6. says

    I would be sad to not be able to do zumba or cardio dance party for a year but I think I would choose to only do strength training for a year! I feel so much better after a weights workout! And I really need to try peaches on my morning toast!
    Ruthie Hart recently posted..A Stolen Life

  7. says

    Your breakfast looks delish! I am so going to miss peaches when they go out of season.

    When I run out of ideas for a workout, I just do some random HIIT treadmill workout. It goes by fast since you’re constantly changing speeds and you can switch it up to make it as challenging or easy as you want, which I like!
    Mallory @ It’s Only Life recently posted..My Job

  8. says

    Oh wow about dinz and 6g protein in an English muffin! I feel like the spelling police so tell me if it’s annoying….I think you meant GreeK yogurt, not GreeN (unless of course this is something new I need to try ;))!

    *For a whole month, do only cardio workouts –OR- only strength training workouts? Cardio for sure

    *For a full year, not be able to taste anything –OR- not be able to hear anything? haha the foodie in me is going to go with not be able to hear anything for a full year!

    *Do the cooking –OR- do the cleaning? Cooking!
    Khushboo recently posted..Dropping the F-Bomb

  9. says

    Ooo tough WYR’s:

    For a whole month, do only cardio workouts –OR- only strength training workouts? Cardio — I like weights, but

    For a full year, not be able to taste anything –OR- not be able to hear anything? This is TOUGH I’m actually going with not tasting anything — maybe I could lose a few pounds..haha

    Do the cooking –OR- do the cleaning? I love cooking! That one’s easy 😉
    Shanna, Like Banana recently posted..WIAW–Mixing it up

  10. says

    Ah, no way you could be Crabby after that dinner (polite but quiet laughter from the back.)

    But really: onto the good stuff.
    -Hmm…. for a WHOLE month straight? I might wanna do strength training just to see how truly jacked I could get. I mean, let’s be honest, so far, it’s pretty jacked. But a month of solid strength, I’ll be looking like Stonecold Steve Austin (relevancy check? anyone?)
    -Hearing be damned, I’m trying to taste the foods I just spent hours cooking. And, as long as I can get the closed captioning for the important stuff (read: Jersey Shore and Say Yes to the Dress), I really don’t need to hear anything.
    -This is the kind of question where there is really only one answer for me: cooking. Cleaning, the bane of my existence, makes me contemplate buying the 3 room maid service groupons every time they come out, despite living in a 1 bedroom apartment, in hopes that they’ll just come back 3x.
    Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers recently posted..Live Tweeting: 30 Day Shred – Level 1

  11. says

    1. Do only cardio, because I can’t go without spinning!
    2. Not be able to taste anything.
    3. Cooking!

    *To answer the question you asked me about the muscles in Chapter 4 of NASM, you don’t need to memorize all of the scientific names, and the little details about each one. There are some questions on the test regarding which muscles are used in which exercises, so you probably want to know the general area of the muscles, but don’t slave away trying to remember them all in great detail! I passed the test without having them memorized. What proved to be the most valuable studying aid for me were the practice tests!

  12. Kait says

    PEACHES!!! The thought of these wonderful little fruits almost makes me change my gut reactions to your questions….i would have to say I’d rather not taste anything for 1 yr than not hear. Not being able to hear really freaks me out! Otherwise…. I would rather do cardio and cook for a year!! Now if I could only talk Keith into cleaning for a year, we’d be in business!!!

  13. says

    Peaches look gorgeous. I haven’t been able to find any nice ones down state for a while now :/

    Strength, for sure. I love feeling strong.
    Not be able to hear. I love eating delicious things so much :)
    Cooking! Always the cooking. I hate any cleaning beyond straightening the bed spread and throwing out stuff that shouldn’t be on the floor.
    Nicole @ PancakesandPilates recently posted..Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

  14. says

    1. Cardio for sure. I never strength train because I HATE it. (I know :/)
    2. I think I could not taste food for a year. I sometimes lose my appetite when I’m super stressed and nothing tastes good, but I still eat. It’s not that bad. Not hearing, however? Well, I’m waaaaaaaaaaay too neurotic to be locked inside my own head for that long!
    3. Cook! I always clean as I go, but I love it when someone else does the dishes afterward. And if I never had to clean a bathroom or dust again, I’d be one happy lady!
    Melissa recently posted..Wine & Running—In That Order

  15. says

    Considering I LOVE RUNNING and when I’m not running I love the arc trainer I would TOTALLY love doing only cardio for a month :) I pretty much already do…And for a full year I’d def do the not tasting anything, I can’t handle silence…

    As for cooking and cleaning, do only cooking screw cleaning!!
    Caitlin recently posted..yadda yadda yadda

  16. says

    Cardio (although that’s so hard because I get soooo BORED if I only do one or the other for too long!), taste (it would be hard to teach musical theatre if I couldn’t hear), and DEFINITELY cook. I would rather cook every single meal for the rest of my life than clean haha.

    That crab salad sounds delicious! I love imitation crab!
    Ari @ Ari’s Menu recently posted..Bikes and Bodyworks

  17. says

    i like to do yoga on my days off (i’m not a huge fan, but i know it’s good for me and i always feel great afterwards!). there are some good videos on youtube if you don’t have a dvd or class to go to :)

    and i’d definitely rather do cardio, not be able to taste anything (i’m a dancer so music is important!) and do the cooking. always!
    jordan @ thedancingdonut recently house.

  18. says

    If I were you I’d go for a run outside, since we know that the weather in the north is going to prevent that very very soon!!!!

    I would rather do cardio (obviously LOL)

    I would rather not hear – not being able to taste WOULD KILL ME!

    And I’d rather cook!
    Samantha @ Because I Can recently posted..Driven by Music

  19. says

    That peach looks amazing. I forgot mine this morning, thinking I’ll definitely use it in my dinner tonight.

    I would rather do cardio for a year for sure.. I grew up a swimmer so I am used to getting at least *some* strength training in my cardio.

    Run outside! I was finally able to somewhat enjoy my morning run (weather not in the 100s is a major plus).
    Ally recently posted..Time to panic

  20. kbrown says

    1. Cardio, b/c I feel I could make resistance different in order to build muscle or do different activities that would train different muscles.
    2. NO TASTE- ah no hearing, that would be insanity. Plus, when you have a cold, you don’t taste anything, and although it sucks… I’d much rather be able to hear loved ones, friends, the tv etc!
    3. COOK! :) withoutadoubt!

  21. says

    Yummy food! I have been loving peaches with oat bran or oatmeAl.
    Rather cook than clean, rather not hear and I lovecardio but I think u can see more change from a good weight workout
    Hannah recently posted..4 years

  22. says

    I would rather do cardio every day for a month. I’m not sure I could stay away from running for that long! Not being able to hear anything would be easier. Doing the cooking for sure. That one isn’t even hard! :)
    Abby @ Abz ‘n’ Oats recently posted..WIAW #7

  23. Amy says

    I must try the peaches with cinnamon that looks so good.
    I’d much rather do weights anyday than cardio. I’m not fond of cardio and I like the way weights transform your physique.
    I HATE cleaning but I love cooking!! Easy peasy!!

  24. says

    Depends on the cardio…If it’s running I’d rather lift weights all day long. but things like HIIT, rumba, etc I love.

    Not hear…can’t imagine not being able to taste!

    Cleaning…that’s how it works in our house…my guy cooks and I clean :)
    Katie @ Plates and Paste recently posted..Dinner for One

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