Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Comes With The Territory

by Courtney on September 21, 2011


I really, really like getting packages in the mail. Especially when they come from one of my favorite companies! This afternoon, I actually ended up receiving quite the shipment of packages, to which Jay pronounced, “What?!? That is just not fair!” Aww, sorry hubs. It comes with the territory. But back to that first goodie […]


Voluminous At Its Finest

by Courtney on September 21, 2011


So I got a little wordy unexpectedly this morning and didn’t get a chance to share my amazing breakfast with you all. Hey, sometimes the words are just a-flowin’ and I can’t be stopped! But don’t worry, I’m filling you all in on the good stuff now. Yes, it was amazing, thanks to two huge […]


A New Challenge

by Courtney on September 21, 2011


You know how I always tell you all how I really enjoy not having a set workout schedule? How I love being “free as a bird,” able to come and go when I please, choosing whichever exercises I’m in the mood for. Well this is me…reneging on everything I’ve told you up to this point. […]