It Helps Pay the Bills

Today was an interesting day.

I actually spent the day back in the working world, and I ended up somewhere that I did not anticipate being back in. For the past couple of months, I’ve been trying to find (and am still actively looking for) a part time job that can help cover the costs of our inevitable bills. Boy I’ll tell ya, no matter how hard I try, they just don’t seem to disappear.


Since my attempts at finding said part time job have been pretty unsuccessful thus far, I knew that it was time to bite the bullet and go to the one other option that I have. So today, I spent the day working…in a classroom.

You see, the good thing about having a teaching degree (even if I am no longer going to be using) is that I can still put it to good use being a substitute teacher. I’ve hesitated for a while now on whether or not to go back into substitute teaching, seeing as I’ve decided that the world of teaching just is not for me anymore.

Unfortunately, sometimes real life gets in the way and we’re forced to be adults; and while I may not have been 100% on board for going back to the classroom, it was the responsible thing to do.

But here’s what’s nice about substitute teaching: you go in for the day, get to spend time with the kids (even if they are bouncing off the walls and giving their best attempts to try to take advantage of you), and then you leave. No paperwork, no meetings, no phone calls. You go, you do your thing, and you leave.

Plus, I’m actually going to be substitute teaching in the same school that my mom works at (not the school I used to work at), so I’ll be getting a little extra face time with mi madre!


The other good news is that I did not have one single regret about my career change after today. I was curious to see how I’d feel being back in the classroom, and I can happily say that I was 110% satisfied with the decisions that I’ve made.

So I won’t be working every day (just when they call and I’m available), but it will definitely be nice to have a little extra money to help pay the bills until I end up getting that much-anticipated Personal Trainer certification. Open-mouthed smile


Seeing as though I wasn’t going to be home today for lunch, I actually had to pack one last night; I almost forgot what that was like.

I put together a mixed veggie salad topped with some leftover shredded chicken, a big ‘ol glob of goat cheese, and some pineapple salsa.


I also made sure to pack some snacks: a Stonyfield Organic Activia yogurt (got for free with my HLS coupons) and a Cascadian Farms Dark Chocolate Almond granola sample(also from HLS).


Around 3pm, I snacked on this Fiber One 90 Calorie Chocolate Peanut Butter bar that was sent to me to sample yesterday. I really liked the flavors of the bar, but you could definitely tell it was only 90 calories.


It was super light and airy, and didn’t do much to cure my hunger. That being said, I guess I’m 50-50 on it.


Dinner is still up in the air tonight, and probably won’t be anything too exciting. I’m heading out later this evening to meet up with the lovely Heather, so we can do a run-through of our webinar that we have scheduled for next week. It’s sure to be a fun evening!

Question for the Evening:

When was the last time you had to make the responsible decision over the comfortable one?


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    i feel like i have the opposite problem where i tend to make the responsible decision when sometimes it’s good to just go with what life throws at you and have fun with it. without thinking too hard about the consequences, of course. 😉
    suki recently posted..Wine and Love #15

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    Aw you and your mama are so cute. You look just like her. I understand what you mean when you say that you weren’t sure whether or not teaching would be what you wanted to do with the rest of your life. I’m struggling now to find out how I want to use my PR degree and psychology degree.
    nicole @ simply Nicole recently posted..Favorite Fall Fragrance

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    I’m really glad that you did not regret your career change after being back in the school! That is awesome :). I think I’m in the midst of making a responsible decision vs. the comfortable one. I think I’m going to have to give my new kitten back to the adoption company :(. He is still hiding under the bed and he’s scared of everything. I tried to hold him earlier and show him the window and he scratched me so he could run away and then hissed at me. The comfortable decision would be to keep him, but realistically I know that I don’t want a cat for x number of years that is always scared of me and everything else. I also know that he would be better off in a home that has a more patient person to work with him and perhaps other kittens he could play with. It just makes me SO sad and breaks my heart!

    Wow, sorry for that long ramble…I’ve just been really upset today!
    Lindsay@ In Sweetness and In Health recently posted..New Strength Training Plan

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    I’m glad your re-entry into the classroom reinforced your decision for you! I can see how that would happen once you have some distance for a while and then try something again. You just gotta do what makes you happy! And I can definitely see how subbing takes some of the pressure off. If you have a bad day at school, that’s it! No worrying about the long term.

    I feel similarly about the 90 calorie F1 bars…just too small and nothing-y.
    Emma @ Microcosm of Life recently posted..The Great Xanthan Gum Adventure! And Other Tales.

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    Good for you in being proactive in making that decision and doing what you need to do…I actually think you have the best of both worlds right now in being able to work/study towards a career your passionate about, while being able to make money on the side doing what you used to do :)

    And glad to hear you felt you made the right decision, I’m sure that helped eased your mind a bit about it all…just that feeling of knowing you made the right decision feels so good and liberating!
    Shayla @ The Good Life recently posted..Front Row and Center

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    Sometimes being an adult is tough stuff but hey, it has it’s perks too! :) …I’m glad that you have no regrets. That must be a great feeling to know FOR SURE! ….Leaving at the end of the day must have felt amazing. That is the tough part about being a teacher; you leave but you take the job with you to the grocery store, the weekends get swamped with grading and lesson planning, and literally every second in between! Soooooo glad you’re happy with everything! YAY!
    Julie H. of Spinach and Sprinkles recently posted..How ‘MODERN’ are You?!

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    Hey Courtney!

    I just started a blog pretty recently and I am working on getting out there in the blog world and commenting on other peoples blogs that I follow, so I figured I would comment here because I follow yours everyday! It’s adorable and I love all the stories about your cat. :)

    What did you think about the Cascadian Farms dark chocolate granola? I’ve heard it’s delicious!

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    I kind of see what I do as substitute teaching. Since I’m usually in the classroom 2-3 times a week, it’s nice to be able to outlet that passion of teaching but not be committed to an actual teaching position. That is why I changed my degree. I knew I wanted to teach/present but I didn’t have the heart to give EVERYTHING I was into it. Glad you were reaffirmed in your career decision today but you still get to do the things you enjoy and were gifted with. :)
    Lauren recently posted..Blogging 101: My Take on The Purpose of a Blog

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    I love that you have figured out what you want to do with your life and went for it. I am really struggling right now figuring out exactly what I want, I just know I so badly want to be happy and enjoy what I do – and I know that is out there somewhere.
    Sara @ RunnerWife recently posted..Learning to Adapt

  10. Julie says

    Maybe you have already answered this in a previous post, (I’m a newer reader) but why the career change? I’m asking such a personal question because I’m considering one too. It’s definitely something that takes a lot of evaluating! Good luck with your studies!

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    Ah, work that feels like work totally sucks, doesn’t it?! It’s not easy to be an adult and do what needs to get done. The last time I had to make the responsible decision over the comfortable one? Umm, everyday. Having a part time job during the day then going to class all night is TOUGH and I’ve wanted to quit a million times. But I know it’s the best thing to do to get me to where I want to be. And that’s what you’re doing too! :)
    Colleen @ The Lunchbox Diaries recently posted..Half Marathon Training: Pros and Cons

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    It’s things like these where sometimes they’re not great WHILE we’re doing them, but because they are the right things to do, we end up feeling really good afterwards. I’m sure you come home knowing you did a good/the right thing for you right now. Good for you! :)
    Mallory @ It’s Only Life recently posted..The Unplanned 7 Miler

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    Subbing’s a good gig – fairly low stress, you can choose when to work, and the hours are good.

    As someone who also has a teaching degree but is choosing not to have my own classroom, I’ve thought about doing some subbing as an option. Whatever pays the bills!
    Lisa Fine recently posted..Feelin’ Like I’m Famous

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    My responsible decision is the opposite of yours. I work less. I used to travel a lot for work and my husband hated it. I’m back in school to become an RD…but I still need to help our bills. My mind says work and travel….but in the essence of building a strong marriage I don’t. I miss the excitement of my old job in tv, but the love of my husband is worth more.
    Carissa recently posted..Too Late to Apologize

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    Substitute teaching sounds like the best of both worlds- I’m glad you have no regrets :)! The last ‘responsible’ decision I made was switching jobs even though i wasn’t 100% sure! I reached a point where I was almost ‘too’ comfortable in my old job and wasn’t growing! Now that I look back, I am SO glad with my choice! Love my new job :)!

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    first comment! i used to teach, too! i taught for three years and got out of it. not the career for me. good for you for going in as a sub…nice to walk in and walk out.
    good luck as you pursue your next career!!
    also: i think it’s great that you left teaching if it wasn’t for you…so many people stay in careers because they think they *should* or because of all the schooling involved. life is too short! i now work at a running store and couldn’t be happier.

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    Congratulations on finding a pretty painless way to earn some extra dough! I have been looking for the same sort of part-time, not-too-committal thing, too. Too bad I don’t have my teaching degree!

    I think it’s so important that you realized you needed a career change, and then did something about it.
    Jodi recently posted..He’s the Man

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    I completely know how you feel with paying the bills. Sometimes being an adult sucks! I’m in the process of trying to get a part-time job myself. My full-time job decided that they were going away with overtime. It’s big somewhat of a noticable paycut. So I need to make up for it. I’m hoping I can find something fun to do. :)
    Hope recently posted..A Cracked View…

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    good for you – i think it’s so important to do what you LOVE versus what you think you should be doing. Sorry im a bit behind on your career story but i find it inspiring especially since the past couple of months have been pretty eye opening for me & my career (or lack there of) as well.
    e@thisnotedlife recently anyone?


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