I Like It

I think that today was probably the first time I’ve worked out past noon in over four months. This reminded me of one major thing…I don’t miss it one bit!

Due to my late night last night, I decided to forego my morning workout and pushed it back to when I got home from work. I went back and forth with this decision last night before going to bed because I really love getting my workouts done first thing. It sets a great tone for the day and I just love knowing that it’s done. However, sometimes life gets in the way and schedules need to be rearranged; luckily, I’m still pretty psyched about all of the workouts in the new challenge, so my motivation was still raring to go by the time I got home.

Today’s workout brought me to Day 12 of the challenge, which consisted of the Total Body workout + Core Recovery workout. Both of them were great, and slightly more challenging, thanks to my use of the new “heavy-duty” dumbbells. I’ll be interested to see how I feel tomorrow!


After showering up, I snuggled into my cozies and Jay and I just cracked open a couple of beverages. I let him have my last pumpkin beer while I am thoroughly enjoying one of my other all-time favorites.


CHEERS to relaxing Friday nights at home…and some exciting new news! Don’t worry, I’ll share that with you guys soon. Winking smile


We also realized that we had a coupon for half off at one of our favorite local pizza spots


So it looks like tonight is going to be a pizza and beer kinda night.

And I like it. Smile


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    I like the feeling of getting a workout done first thing, but I honestly have more energy as the day goes on, so working out in the afternoon works for me! I guess it just depends on the person 😀

    Um, that pizza looks amazing. If I were you I would LOVE it, not like it 😉
    Mallory @ It’s Only Life recently posted..Pancakes + Perspective


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