While I Was Chatting Away…

Hey, guess what? I can now say that I’ve officially got my first webinar under my belt!


Last night, I met up with Heather at the coffee shop a little earlier than our scheduled start time so that we could do some blog stuff and just spend some time catching up. I’m always game for getting a little extra face time with this lady!


Also, please take note of the attire for the evening…it was definitely an evening for the cozies.

Before getting things started, I made sure to get another delicious beverage. I had J make the same drink for me as last week, except this time it was warm…and it was just as amazing, if not more so.


In addition to my yummy drink, check out the spread of treats we had at our disposal. Talk about fuel for a webinar! Winking smile


Heather and I got a little sampling of pear and apple pies, homemade gingerbread, and toasted pumpkin seeds which were all fresh from the coffee shop.


We made sure to nibble on them throughout our session…


Oh yeah. You know I was definitely snacking while we were all chatting away!

But when we weren’t munching on fresh baked goodies, we were definitely hard at work, and I must say that I am really happy with the way the webinar went!


About 20 minutes into the discussion, we did have a slight technical malfunction (aka, the webinar crashed…) but we got back up and running in no time, and everything else went off without a hitch. Heather, Julie, and Brittany all did an amazing job, and I was so happy to be a part of such a wonderful group of ladies.

As I’ve mentioned before, the topic of negativity is something that I could talk about for days. There’s just so much to be said, and after last night’s discussion, it appears that I’m not the only one. There was a lot of good discussion happening, and some great questions were asked by everyone.

Now if only all four of us could have been together in the same room again to do this…

Now THAT would have been a good time. Winking smile

If you were one of the ones out there listening and participating, so THANK YOU so so much! I would love to hear any thoughts/comments/feedback that you might have about anything, so feel free to share here or shoot me an email. Hopefully I didn’t ramble *too* much and that my million “umm’s” didn’t get in the way of what I was trying to convey.

For those of you who weren’t able to attend the webinar, but are still interested in listening in on the discussion, I believe that it will actually be posted sometime soon on the Fitblog Chats website. I’ll be sure to give ya’ll a heads up when it is!


Since last night’s webinar didn’t get me home until almost 11:00pm, and I have to work again today, I decided that an early morning workout probably wouldn’t be the best idea. So for now, I’m enjoying another one of these for breakfast, and heading out to grab one of these…

Time to celebrate Coffee Friday!

*FYI: Make sure to head on over to Heather’s blog this morning. Cody is making a special guest appearance over there!

Questions for the Morning:

Have you ever participated in a webinar?

What are you celebrating on this Friday?


  1. says

    I am celebrating life this Friday–> haha how corny is that! I am in one those “I love life” moods! Lately I’ve been going to bed happy, waking up happy, life is great! Have a fabulous Friday, Courtney!

  2. says

    That sounds so neat! I’ll have to go listen at Fitblog Chats.
    I am jealous of your coziness and yummy treats. What a cool coffee shop that has pumpkin seeds and pie! Hot diggity dog.

  3. says

    I am so thankful to have such a great local friend. I went on for a good 30 minutes about how much I adore you and am grateful to have met you to Nicholas [and Benson!] last night. We should schedule a blogging date sometime soon. Or a double date? oh, dear. Now I must be serious about this boy 😉
    Heather recently posted..Dear Benson

    • Courtney says

      Yes, its mornings like today where I wish that caffeine actually had an effect on me! I could drink it all day long and it does nothing to wake me up…both a good and a bad thing!

  4. says

    I was on the webinar last night and thought you guys did a great job, especially having to bounce back from the crash. I loved hearing your voices live and the Q&A portion was really interesting.

    I’ve had to do numerous webinars for different work things and even presented in front of a group of 350 once. Intimidating, but it only takes a minute or two to feel comfortable.
    Rosa – Fitness, Food, Fulfilled recently posted..Strength Training Routine for Upper Body

  5. says

    What fun and awesome job to you all! I would love for you to give us a heads up when it’s posted as I’d love to hear it!

    And in regards to a couple posts back, I also request for a video tutorial on frosting your cupcakes…always wondered how you make ’em so pretty :)

    I’m celebrating Friday with fro yo this afternoon with one of my girlfriends!
    Shayla @ The Good Life recently posted..Friday (Fives) Lovin’


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